TDWCTDC Chapter 1

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Something big has happened in the Elven kingdom.

The Elf Prince was abducted by the Dragon.

It was said that on the night of the incident, somebody saw a dark black dragon fly out from the Prince’s chamber, and lying in the dragon’s claws was the sleeping Prince.

This dragon lived in the Lost Continent of the Dragon Castle, together with the Elves kingdom between the countless mountains, rivers, and swamps. The angry Elf King sent the finest warrior of the kingdom, Asa, to save the prince.

Master Carter questioned the king’s decision: “Why did your Majesty send only one person?”

Elf King: “It is written in the history books that the finest warriors of the Kingdom defeated the Dragon with only a single man’s strength.”

Carter:  “But that fool Asa can’t even tell apart the North, South, East, and West.”

Asa was angry:  “Who did you say is a fool?!”

King of the Elves: “Can you tell apart North, South, East and West, Asa?”

Asa:  “I can’t tell.”

Elf King: …

Carter bowed gracefully, and asked, “Allow me to go with Asa, for I am the smartest mage in the kingdom. I can serve as Asa’s eyes, and when Asa is thirsty, I can draw a stream of spring with spells, and when Asa is cold, I will burn mana to keep him warm. When Asa is hungry, I can make bread and milk, and when Asa’s mounts are weary, I will take out my magic carpet to fly him, and I will be his most loyal companion and entourage.”

The Elf King was impatient: “Don’t talk nonsense, go quickly.”

So the Mage and the warrior set foot on the road to save the Prince and defeat the Dragon.



Asa and Carter each rode on a horse, galloping on the moorland.

Carter had a wand hanging from his waist, with bows and arrows on his saddle.

Every elf is born a natural marksman, even a weak and gentle mage knows how to kill an enemy with a bow and arrow, so every best warrior in the elves ‘ kingdom is at the same time the most powerful marksman.

Except Asa.

Carter, who manages the library tower, often lends the precious and limited porn books[1] he has in his possession to Asa, and Asa does not dare to read in the daytime. He can only wait until midnight to read, and over a long time, his myopia became more and more serious. He could no longer aim at his prey accurately and had no choice but to let the dwarf forging division help him tailor make two tomahawks, making him look extremely cool. Last year, in the Elves Kingdom Warrior tournament, all the Elves warriors either used bows and arrows or elegant swords. So when Asa swung around two of the dwarf’s tomahawk and rushed forward, everyone was stunned. Before, those that used battle axes were only targetting the clumsy, short dwarves. However, for Asa who is tall and agile, while using the tomahawk, it actually resulted in him getting the first place and the trophy for the kingdom’s strongest warrior.

[1] Little yellow book: Porn books

Hence Carter thinks that this is his own credit: “You see, if you did not read the small pornography book until you have myopia, how could you use the Tomahawk?”

Asa response to this was only two[2] word: “get lost.”

[2] was actually one word but yeah.

Carter: “Is the yellow book interesting?”

Asa: “Interesting, hehehe.”





In the wilderness, there are many gigantic and ferocious monster lizards.

The two men rode in the moorland for three days and three nights and were attacked by a large horde of thorny lizards as they were about to leave. The two men horses became food for the lizards. Asa only had enough time to rescue a portion of the dry food. Fortunately, the lizard group was busy devouring the horses’ meat and did not continue to chase the two people, allowing them to walk out of the wilderness, into the Witch Swamp.

While walking, Asa took the opportunity to boast to Carter about his heroic feat while he had fought against the monster in the wilderness

Asa: “if I hadn’t tried so hard to protect you, you would have become a monster’s shit by now.”

Carter shrugged: “maybe.”

Asa walked on the muddy and uneven ground of the witch’s swamp. Gritting his teeth, he looked at Carter who was leisurely and comfortably sitting on the magic carpet: “So this is how you repay your lifesaver?”

Carter remained expressionless: “It’s extremely regretful, but the flying carpet can only carry one person.”

Asa: “What did you say before to the His Majesty? When my mounts are tired, you will fly me on your magic carpet.”

Carter: “Your mount is not tired but dead.”

Asa shouted: “Are you playing word games with me? Sure enough, you wizards are a bunch of crafty liars!”

Carter pretended to be unhappy: “Forget it, in order to not to let you slander our innocent wizards’ name, I will give you a chance.”

Asa: “What?”

Carter: “I’ll give you a task. If you can fulfill it, I’ll give you my flying carpet.”

Asa was full of confidence: “Okay, tell me, what do you want me to do?”

The corner of Carter’s lips raised: “Dance for me.”

Asa: Excuse me???[3]

[3]In English.

Carter pretended to be unhappy: “striptease or pole dance, you can choose one. Don’t say I didn’t give you a choice.”

Asa roared: “Where do I find a pipe in the swamp?”

Carter’s face was still expressionless: “Oh, no.”

Asa: “So you want to see me strip?”

Carter raised his eyebrow: “Are you dancing or not? As soon as you dance, I’ll give my magic carpet to you right now, I swear.”

In reality, at this time Asa already did not care whether he got the magic carpet or not, but rather he would like to see Carter, that bastard walking on the muddy and slippery ground, awaiting his misfortune.



Hence, 10 minutes later.

Carter complained unhappily: “This is also called a striptease? You’re just taking your clothes off piece by piece.”

Asa’s face reddened and the sharp Elf’s ears were all red: I … I’ve been clapping my hands and shaking my hips a couple of times, can’t you see?

Carter waved his hand: “Forget it, I’m letting you off this time.”

Asa was taking great happiness in Carter’s misfortune, “Let me fly the carpet.”

Carter jumped off from the shabby carpet and took out a colorful new flying carpet from the magic backpack.

“ Light Carpet 2000, this year’s new model. According to the agreement, the old carpet I’ll give it to you.”

Asa was frozen for a moment before jumping up in anger: “… Wait a minute! Fuck you! Mages are all liars! Liars!”

End of chapter 1


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  1. Wahahahah 🤣
    I just checked this and i remember reading this before… still, you wizard, you! 😂

    Though that thing he told the King sounds closer to a request for hand in marriage, or is that just me 👀😊

    Thank you for translating 💕💕💕


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