TDWCTDC Chapter 2

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Earlier, half of the two men’s rations were lost in the Wilderness and the rest was soon finished. Although there are many creatures in the swamp, many of them were poisonous and could not be eaten.

On the third day after finishing their rations, Asa laid weakly on the flying carpet, his belly grumbling. Meanwhile, Carter was extremely alert and vigilant towards his surroundings.

Asa: “I’m hungry… Going to die of hunger.”

Carter glanced at him and was about to speak when a large bird descended from the sky and dived towards Carter.

Asa roared: “Careful! I’ll protect you!”

Carter rushed forward to the monstrous Bird and waved his magic wand: “Petrification[1]!”

[1] 石化术 : Petrification magic.

The monstrous Bird suddenly turned into stone and fell heavily into the mire of swamps.

Asa gaped at the Stone bird and licked his lips: “Can you change it back from a stone?”

Carter: “Of course not.”

Asa almost cried out: “Such a large bird, it was enough for us to eat for several days, why did you turn it into stone?!”

Carter said coldly: “It attacked me and you didn’t help me.”

Asa waved his Tomahawk and shouted:” I am a melee attacker! I’m waiting for it to fly closer!”

Carter:” You can throw your axe and hit it.”

Asa wanted to collapse:” I am short-sighted! I can’t aim properly!”

Carter: “So I have to protect myself. By the time it comes down, my head would have already been gone.”

Asa: “Even so, you have fireballs! Frost Novas! Arcane missiles! So many spells, why did you have to use petrification!”

Carter shrugged: “The Petrification spell was the coolest.”

Asa: …

Carter ignored him. He took a piece of cloth from his magic backpack and laid it on the carpet, then one by one, he continued to take out a pot of coffee, steaming steak, fruit salad, cream soup, garlic bread, and shiny knives and forks …

Asa was shocked as if he had been petrified: “God, what are these?”

Carter told him: “Food.”

Asa’s stared at him until his eyes wanted to pop out: “Where did you get these from?!”

Carter pointed to his magic backpack: “I can use my power to open the backpack and take items from somewhere else. These foods are from our great Elf King’s table.”

Asa drew a cross in his heart: “You mage thief! So you’ve had food all these days, huh? No wonder you don’t look hungry at all!”

Carter squinted at him: “What are you unhappy about?”

Asa swallowed the saliva: “I’m not, give half of me.”

Carter: “Beg me.”

Asa: “I beg you, good Carter.”

Carter cut a piece of juicy beef: “Call me daddy.”

Asa struggled for a moment and cried: “Father!”

Carter shook his head: “not father, call daddy.”

Asa was so hungry that his eyes were suffused with a green light: “…Daddy.”

Carter sighed and pulled a steaming steak out of his magic backpack: “Asa, I’m disappointed in you.”

Asa burned with shame: “I know that I should not forsake dignity for food, but …”

Carter’s emerald eyes narrowed: “I treat you like a friend, but you see me as your daddy?”

Asa: …

Carter passed the steak: “Eat, my little baby, I’ve wanted to do this for a while.”

Asa gobbled the steak with indignation, eyes red. In his mind, he was already imagining Carter being pressed down on the ground until he cried for mercy.



Asa finally managed to have a full meal. However, by dinner time he was hungry again.

Asa rubbed his own  belly while complaining: “Too troublesome, eating, this kind of troublesome thing, actually have to be done three times a day!”

Carter calmly said: “No one is forcing you to eat three times, you can choose not to eat.”

Asa struggled to speak: ”… My point is, I’m hungry again.”

Carter: “So?”

Asa abandoned all his moral integrity: “Daddy, please open your magic backpack and give me some food.”

Carter shook his head: “I’m tired of hearing that already, I don’t feel any sense of accomplishment anymore.”

Asa jumped up in anger and almost fell off the carpet: “You’re tired of hearing it! Do you know how great the psychological barrier I’ve had to overcome! You’re tired of hearing it!”

Carter could not help laughing: “Calm down, Asa.”

Asa wanted to pull his hair out in irritation: “You bastard!”

Carter raised a finger and the magic carpet stopped. He jumped to the ground and walked to Asa’s side, saying, “If you kiss me, I’ll let you eat until you’re full tonight.”

Asa blushed, and stammered: “I, I … I don’t mind that.”

Carter tilted his head: “come on.”

Asa leaned over and trembled, kissing him lightly on his forehead: “Is this OK?”

Carter pointed to his lips and said, “here.”

Asa’s face turned redder, but he didn’t even hesitate and roughly lowered his head to kiss Carter’s lips.

At the end of the kiss, Carter touched his own lips, his leopard-like eyes staring at Asa fiercely: “You’re blushing, Asa.”

Asa was indignant: “you are also blushing, as red as a beetroot.”

Carter: “You look like Rotten Tomatoes.”

ASA: “You look like a baboon’s butt.”

Carter:” Do you still want to eat?”

ASA: “I said wrongly, I mean, I look like a baboon’s butt.”

Carter: “Clever boy.”


End of Chapter 2


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