TDWCTDC Chapter 3

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Asa happily ate the dinner he used his charms to win over.

At last, the warrior and the mage made their way to the Dragon Castle at the end of the Lost Continent.

The Dragon Castle was located in a valley with clear streams and beautiful flowers. The Magnificent castle was built from large white stones that flashed brilliantly in the golden sunlight.

The two men stood at the castle gate.

Asa was overwhelmed and poked Carter: “Did you find the wrong one?”

Carter rolled his eyes: “I’m not you.”

Asa quietly kept his tomahawk: “This situation is not right. Originally I planned to use my axe to split the door open, but it’s a little embarrassing to do so now.”

Carter gave a cold humph.

Asa politely knocked on the door: “Hello, is the dragon at home?”

Carter looked at him like he was an idiot: “…”

Suddenly, the door of the castle opened. A fine and beautiful juvenile rushed into Asa’s arms, as if he had seen his savior, he shouted excitedly: “You are the Elven kingdom’s Warriors? Quick, save me!”

Asa gently took a step back and bowed:” Your Highness, please do not be alarmed, we will take you back to the Elven kingdom at once.”

Carter: “Are you an idiot, he’s not the prince.”

Asa rubbed his eyes: “He’s not? I also feel like he isn’t but I thought it was just my eyes that were bad.”

Carter turned to the naked boy: “Can you put your clothes on first?”

The young boy cried out tears of grievances: “He won’t let me wear.”

Asa said in indignation:” I understand. You were also captured by the Dragon, do not be afraid, we will bring down the dragon and rescue you and the prince.”

Young boy: “But, I am the dragon ah! Where am I evil, why do you want to attack me?”

Asa: “… Excuse me?”

Carter’s face was cold and did not show any surprise.

The young boy cried: “This dragon’s[1] heart is extremely bitter!”

[1] referring to himself

Asa turned to Carter: “Did he say he was the dragon?”

Carter: “en.”

Asa: “Why are you not surprise!”

Carter calmly said: “Wo-ow.”

The teenager suddenly threw another bomb: “Can you quickly take the Elf Prince away? He suddenly ran over to my castle and said that I kidnapped him!”

At this moment, a hand stretched out from behind and dragged the teenager into his bosom. The handsome face of the elf prince, Lay appeared from the shadows behind the door. He was somewhat annoyed as he wrapped a cloak around the juvenile’s body: “Golan, no one is allowed to see your body except me.”

Carter bowed to Lay, and said in a flat voice: “Your Highness, we have come to save you.”

“No need, go back,” Lay said.

Carter: “Okay.”

Lay: “Goodbye.”

Carter: “Goodbye, Your Highness.”

Lay was still holding the dragon boy as they walked back into the castle. Carter reached out his hand to help them close the door.

Golan was crying as he held onto Asa’s trousers and refused to let go: “Save me!”

Asa was holding his belt in case the trousers fell off and turned to Carter: “Just like this? Are you serious?”

Lay looked at Asa and turned back to Carter asking, “You two still aren’t together yet? So slow.”

Asa blushed: “What does he mean?”

Carter hooked up Asa’s chin: “Same thing, kiss me and I’ll tell you.”

Asa kissed Carter with well-practiced ease. This kiss was extremely familiar, obviously, something that had been practiced over time.

Carter patted Asa’s cheek with satisfaction: “Listen up, I’ll tell you what’s going on.”



Three months ago, the elf prince suddenly burst into the wizard tower, eyes sparkling: “Carter! I want to fall in love!”

Carter looked at him with disdain while quickly buttoning up his collar: “Sorry, my heart only has Asa.”

Lay also made a face of disgust: “I also do not have you in my heart, okay?”

Carter tried to push Lay out: “Alright, watch your step on the way out.”

Lay was holding the door frame tightly: “Wait! I want to borrow your mirror!”

Carter: “What’s in for me?”

“I’ll help you with Asa,” Lay narrowed his eyes with a sinister smile.

Carter nodded and ripped the black velvet cover off the mirror: “What does the Prince wish to know?”

There was a warm glow in Lay’s eyes: “What do you think?”

Carter stared at him with disdain for a moment then asked the Mirror: “Mirror, Mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful person in the world?”

“Not person, but man,” said Lay.

Carter: “Relax, this is a magic mirror. Even if you didn’t say anything, it can still detect your innermost desires.”

A silver dragon gradually appeared on the magic mirror. This little dragon was flying about a fine spring in the valley, playing very happily.

Carter was stunned: “Oh, my god, so this is the deepest desire of your Highness?”

Lay shook his head excitedly: “No no no, don’t look at me like that, in fact, I do not like the bestiality play, really do not like.”

Carter: “… Why do I feel that you actually really like it?”

Suddenly, the little dragon in the mirror transformed into a silver-haired young boy.

Carter breathed a sigh of relief: “So it’s like that.”

Lay’s inner wolf suddenly appeared: “Awuuwuuwuuwuu!”[2]

[2] 呜嗷嗷嗷嗷: whistling/cat-calling

Carter tried to stop him: “Your Highness, we elves are noble and graceful creatures, can you have a little self-control? You look like a werewolf now, and a balding one.”

Lay licked his lip: “hey, hey, fine.”

Carter sighed: “This is not any better.”

Lay’s surroundings suddenly turned rosy[3]: “I want him, I am madly in love with him!”

[3] like in anime The kind of background visual effect

Carter waved his wand. A space door appeared in front of the two people: “Your Highness, this space-time gate goes straight to the bedroom of the Dragon Castle.”

The prince, who has always been resolute immediately stepped one foot in: “OK, goodbye.”

Carter instantly removed the door: “Wait a minute, you can’t just go like this”

Lay rubbed his toes in pain: “Why did you have to close the door on my foot!”


End of Chapter 3

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  1. […we elves are noble and graceful creatures, can you have a little self-control? …]
    👀 says the person who eventually requested a striptease from Asa 👀 maybe that’s why the first time i read this i didn’t think Carter was an elf 😂


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