TDWCTDC Chapter 4

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Carter raised two fingers: “I have two questions. “First, how do we explain this to the Elf King?”

Lay thought for a moment, “Just say I was taken away by a dragon.”

Carter nodded: “OK, I will use my magic to create an illusion of a dragon taking you away from your bedroom. So the second question is, how are you going to help me get Asa?”

Lay patted Carter on the shoulder: “If I remember correctly, Asa won the trophy for the finest warrior in the kingdom this year.”

Carter’s face was full of pride: “Yes, that’s my man.”

Lay smiled craftily. “My father will probably send him to the Lost Continent to save me, then you can find an excuse to keep up. On this road you two will be together every day, there will bound to be some opportunities.”

Carter mused: “Indeed, this long journey will allow us to encounter all sorts of dangers, but I have the confidence to completely protect him.”

From his pocket, Lay took out a small and light bag and happily said: “From here to the Lost Continent, it will take at least three months. Thus, food and various daily supplies will definitely become a problem. I will lend you my exclusive magic bag, inside is a dimensional channel to the Elven Palace, you can take whatever you need.”

Carter bluntly took the bag, the corner of his lips raised: “If my baby wants to eat, he better be prepared to kiss me.”

Lay smiled approvingly: “Carter, you shameless bastard.”

Carter waved his wand and open the space door once more: “You are not any better, your Highness.”

Lay let out a quick roar and prepared to charge into the space door but was stopped by Carter once more.

Carter reluctantly said: “Is your highness planning to go straight in and make love to him?”

Lay: “How could I? I will first go to his garden to pick a bouquet of flowers for him, and then recite a love poem to him.”

Carter handed him a book: “You have no style. This way, you’re throwing away our Elves’ face. I suggest your highness read this before doing anything.”

Lay flipped through the book leisurely, “Oh, my God, it’s obscene,”

Carter tooted: “Learn a few more postures, how is it dirty?”

Lay: “You’re right, I can’t embarrass the elves.”

Carter blinked: “Come on, Your Highness, now is just the right time. This little dragon has just grown up and will be seeking a mate.”

Lay was evidently excited: “Wow, I really don’t know much about the Dragon clan, how long will they be in the heat?”

Carter: “Once a year, for a year each time.”

[T/n: So like always?]

Lay: “…”

Carter shrugged: “The Dragon race is almost always in the heat. Their race is born like this–full of lust, constantly seeking love … So your Highness have to carefully look after your little dragon, don’t let others have an opportunity to snatch him away.”

Lay stepped into the space door with an “OK” sign: “We will definitely be very happy together.”



Carter told the whole story to Asa, as if it didn’t concern him.

Golan stared at Lay in shock and looked at Carter: “Oh my God, you two are bastards.”

Lay kissed his hair gently: “What’s wrong with this? You are just looking for a mate and I miraculously appeared on your bed at this moment, it must be fate.”

Golan huffed and rolled his eyes: “But I haven’t seen other dragons yet. If I hadn’t met you, perhaps I could have chosen a strong and powerful black fire-breathing dragon. Then, I can produce a black and white striped dragon egg, but it’s impossible now…”

As his expression sank, Lay threw Golan over his shoulder and entered the castle: “I am also very strong and powerful.”

Golan started crying and gave Lay kick: “But you can’t breathe fire!”

Lay: “But I can get you to spray water.”

Golan’s face reddened: “Shut up! You shut up!”

Asa gaped at the situation in front of him. Carter considerately closed the door for the Prince and the Little Dragon and then raised his head to gaze at Asa: “Do you still have anything to say?”

Asa wanted to collapse: “Can I use my fist to speak?”

Carter: “No. Are you angry?”

Asa was at a loss: “Nonsense! Of course I’ll be angry! Why did you have to cause so much trouble?”

Carter grabbed Asa’s collar and pressed his nose to the tip of Asa’s nose: “Because I fucking have a crush on you since I was 10 years old! The whole Elven kingdom knows! Except you, you stupid fool!”

Asa sucked in a cold breath but refused to be outdone by Carter. Hence, he pulled Carter’s collar: “You are stupid! I’ve been crushing on you since I was nine years old! Compared to you, I’m longer by a year!”

Carter: “Not really a year.”

Asa said resolutely: “It’s one more year. I started when I was nine years old but you only started at 10.”

Carter looked at him sarcastically: “That’s because you’re younger than me by a year you retard.”

Asa blinked: “Oh, that’s right.”

Carter: “… I actually wanted to push you against the wall then kiss you, but I suddenly don’t feel like anymore.”

Asa swallowed his saliva nervously and pushed Carter’s shoulder gingerly: “Then I’ll push you.”

Carter suddenly pressed Asa against the wall and kissed him roughly: “Dream on.”

Halfway through the kiss, Asa suddenly pushed Carter away. It dawned on him: “No wonder in the porn book you lent me, the protagonists’ names were Carter and Asa. I still thought that the author had no naming sense.”

Carter was angered by his idiocy: “I used my magic to replace the original names, I can’t believe you didn’t realize it!”

Asa blushed: “I … I did have a small suspicion.”

Carter sighed sadly: “The kingdom’s smartest mage actually fell in love with an idiot.”


End of Chapter 4

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  1. Asa said resolutely: “It’s one more year. I started when I was nine years old but you only started at 10.”

    Carter looked at him sarcastically: “That’s because you’re younger than me by a year you retard.”

    This part 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  2. They fell in love at the same time and kept waiting for the other to notice! I wonder who wins the bet on those two?😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  3. [Carter: “Once a year, for a year each time.”]
    👀 okay, i’m sure Carter was bullshitting the prince, right? 😅 or was he trying to sweeten the deal for the elven prince more?
    I can imagine the elven prince bringing a bouquet and reciting a poem then directly pouncing on the little dragon 😂
    Poor dragon, wishing for your happiness 🙏
    Also, main CP is just 🤣


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