Chapter 2: Extremely delicious


Tired of stroking the beast’s fur, Gu Yan looked at it quietly. Its head was lowered such that it didn’t seem as aggressive as before and hence he tried to move his body.


“…… It’s very uncomfortable. “Being stared at by the pair of vertical pupils, Gu Yan forced himself to stay expressionless. There was no other way since he was extremely nervous. Usually, even when he runs into trouble, his facial expression would still remain calm. However, once he gets nervous, his expression becomes distorted.


His body was being pressed down by hundreds of kilograms, naturally it would be uncomfortable. Thankfully at the time when he had been designing the human race’s physique, it hadn’t been too bad, if not he might already have stopped breathing.


Although this was the case, Gu Yan hadn’t been expecting the beast to understand his words.


It actually understood?


The weight on his body lifted, Gu Yan was surprised and quickly sat up. Then he turned his head once more to look at the beast.


Its head was cocked to one side. He had seen his cat doing this before when asking for a reward. If he was not wrong, the beast in front of him was doing the same thing.


“Good boy…” reached out to pet its head. Feeling a sense of familiarity, Gu Yan inexplicably calmed down..


At the same time, Gu Yan felt a strange feeling because the villain boss in front of him and his original character settings were different.. At present, the huge beast even gave him a certain sense of innocence.


However, it was absolutely great that it was different from the original tragedy that the cannon fodder was supposed to face. Thinking of how he had written the final boss as a cold-blooded killing machine, Gu Yan’s eyes twitched incessantly.


Different was really great!


Free to move, Gu Yan took a look at the bleeding wounds on the beast. In addition to its abdomen, there were varying degrees of injuries on its body everywhere.


The Heidis race is the strongest race he has set in this novel. For an adult Heidis to be injured to this degree, if it were other races, they would definitely have already died on the spot.


Heidis can recover quickly by eating. Although the big cat currently did not seem to want to eat him, Gu Yan still had a feeling of being kept as emergency rations.


Gu Yan remembered at that time when he was writing this novel, in order to spice up the ending, he even decisively added in…


That mankind was the most delicious delicacy for Heidis.


Facing the adult Heidis as a human, Gu Yan wanted to scold himself upside down.


He decided to think of a way to help this beast treat its wounds. Firstly, it was to try to change its mindset of wanting to eat him and secondly…


Gu Yan once again looked into the pair of eyes and realized that it was actually really pretty. The beast silently watched him with utmost attention and tilted its head sideways.


Every move was similar to his own cat, it was almost exactly the same. In this completely unfamiliar world, it was hard for Gu Yan to not to have any feelings for this beast.


Gu Yan carefully examined what he had been carrying, looking for something that might come in handy. He did not specify the status of this cannon fodder but looking at this body carrying a variety of high-grade goods, he could tell that his identity was not low.


The silver ring on the right hand was a spacial dimension. Although the things in his space were a complete mess, Gu Yan could still see food with a single glance. Moreover, he seemed to have found some sort of healing device.


The things that he wrote about, he naturally knew how to use. With one hand, he held the healing device like a flashlight and looked into beast’s eye that was still staring at him before shaking the device.  Unconsciously, he used the tone that he usually used to coax his own cat: “Good boy, stay still a little. This will help to heal your injuries.”


It was a very gentle tone, extremely soothing. The Adult Heidis did not answer, but it still straightened its head.** Not sure when it happened, but the gleam in its eyes dimmed a little as it continued staring straight at him.


It seemed to like the dark-haired youth in front speaking to it in such a tone. This sort of feeling seemed to have been carved in his very soul, as if it could not resist the youth’s touch.


There was a round button at the bottom of the device and after pressing it, Gu Yan shined the light onto the beast’s wound. Because it was something portable, its scope of repair was limited and he had to continuously rotate it everywhere. The healing speed was also very slow; originally this kind of portable device was only used to deal with minor injuries.


“Stay still.” Gu Yan was so focused on analyzing its injuries that he forget the situation he was in and treated the adult Heidis as his own cat … Just like when qiuqiu was naughty, he would pat its head and use a low tone with a hint of severity..


Of course, after patting it, Gu Yan finally realized his mistake and froze.


Uh …


“Me-ow.” It let out a low sound and rubbed its head on the young man’s left shoulder.




The beast’s unexpected reaction caused Gu Yan to freeze once more for a long while. This kind of action, if he was not wrong was the beast’s way of … admitting its wrong and acting coy.


Therefore, the title of a cold-blooded killing machine was completely destroyed by it.


This destruction was good, in the heart Gu Yan silently added a sentence.


The most serious wound was at its abdomen while the rest of the minor injuries were almost healed. Gu Yan saw a very obedient beast lying motionlessly and quietly and rewardingly touched the other side of its head: “Now, lie down.” ”


Gu Yan was not sure whether it would follow his request. This Heidis beast was a prototype and was slightly different from the others. While each Heidis will have the same advantages and weaknesses, this villain boss prototype was created with a 50% similarity to his own cat and therefore one of its greatest weakness was – its belly.


That was why Gu Yan chose to treat the other wounds first, in order to allow the beast to lower its defenses further..


The adult Heidis stared at the moving hand while its throat continued to produce a low hum. Why did he stop patting its head.


The next second, Gu Yan saw the big cat in front of him tilt his head.


Gu Yan: “…”


Does this mean the beast wants to be patted before it can lie down…


Struggling for a moment, Gu Yan still stretched out his hand, his mood extremely complex as he touched the head of the big cat.


Having attained what it wanted, to be patted, the adult Heidi seemed extremely docile. If this scene was seen by his subordinates, he was sure they would suspect that there was something wrong with their own eyes.


The wound on its abdomen was extremely deep and there was even some festering already. Even though the healing device had already used its maximum ability, it was still unable to fully treat the wound. Thankfully, the Heidis race had powerful self-healing ability. Its wounds had already been treated to an extent that it was estimated that in another few days, it should be able to recover by itself.


Gu Yan took out a piece of meat from his space for the beast. He had a feeling that this amount of meat was barely enough to squeeze through the cracks of this beast’s teeth.


“For you.” He realized the beast had lowered its head to stare at the food. Immediately, it raised its head to look at him again causing Gu Yan to smile a little.


This black-haired youth was using the standard Heidis language. Although the shape of the beast looked a lot like a large cat, but this adult Heidis naturally was able to understand him.


It was indeed hungry. Hunger was a natural instinct, especially when a Heidis is injured, this instinct will become even stronger. But the curve of the young’s lips seemed to have had a fatal attraction that made it unable to take away its gaze.


An attraction that was even deeper than instincts.


While being watched by the beast, Gu Yan a took out a bottle from his space. One spray  and the results were immediate; all the filth were instantly gone.


After cleaning up the blood that had gotten onto his body, Gu Yan patted the beast’s head soothingly, assuring it as he sprayed it onto its soft fur. Without the bloodstains, the beautiful silver tiger spots on its fur could be seen..


This looks more and more like his cat at home, he unconsciously thought.


“If the body is a little smaller …” He murmured. Suddenly he regained his senses and he found himself in front of an adult Heidis that looked almost exactly like his cat.


This was cat was slightly bigger than a typical domestic cat. After fulfilling the youth’s wishes, the big cat tilted his head and quietly looking at the black-haired youth.  In its current body, it looked even more obedient.


“Qiuqiu… “In the end, Gu Yan could not resist calling out this name. He reached out his two hands to the big cat, wanting to hug it.


The youth was looking at it, so the ‘ qiuqiu ‘ was probably referring to it. The adult Heidis quickly came to this conclusion as it made a low sound and then arched itself into the youth’s bosom.


For a moment, Gu Yan’s mood relaxes a little. It wasn’t that it was out of the kindness of his heart, just that the difference in strength between them was too great. If the beast wanted to do anything to him, he had completely no way of resisting.


Moreover, holding the quiet cat, it seemed to be quite obedient…


Before he was forced to transmigrate into this novel, Gu Yan had already been lying in bed, getting ready to sleep. After taking a stroll outside hell’s gate, Gu Yan was utterly exhausted


The ground was very hard.  For Gu Yan who was accustomed to sleeping on a soft bed it was very hard to adapt. However, in this situation he had no choice but to calmly accept it. Hugging the big cat closer, Gu Yan laid down and instantly fell asleep. He was really too tired, be it physically or psychologically.


The cave was cold and the cat in his arms was the only source of heat. Hence, the sleeping Gu Yan hugged the big cat even more tightly.


The Heidis in his arms was still awake; its light colored pupils were focused on youth’s clean face.


Surrounded by a pleasant smell, there was a strong sense of temptation. The adult Heidis looked at youth’s pale white neck for a while, then gently licked the area of skin above the pale cyan blood vessels.


It was extremely delicious.

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