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Chapter 3

“Qiuqiu, stop it…” Judging from the shape, it seemed to be the Heidis’ barbed tongue that was incessantly licking him. Moreover, he was extremely familiar with this kind of thing, causing the half-awake Gu Yan to sleepily say such a thing..

Seeing a faint red mark appear on the youth’s pale neck where it had been licking, the large cat finally stopped what it was doing. When it heard the youth’s voice, it began to rub its head close to his neck.

This was the food that he had caught. Although he was reluctant to eat it, the adult Heidis still instinctively wanted to leave his scent on him, as if marking its possessions.

Hence, only after a good while, the adult Heidis was finally satisfied.

The Heidis races did not require any sleep. They can rest simply by closing their eyes for ten seconds. That was why when the dark-haired youth was asleep, the adult Heidis in his bosom had opened its eyes to gaze at the youth face, quietly staying still.

Until the very next day when Gu Yan woke up, before his eyes could open, his consciousness had returned. At first, he only felt as though there was something wet on his finger… It seems as though it was being nibbled??

He finally reacted, his heart jumped up in shock as he opened his eyes.

He froze.

The big cat that had been in his arms before he fell asleep had disappeared. In its place was a pair of beautiful emerald green eyes.

This pair of eyes belonged to an extremely handsome face. However, his eyes were completely still and his pale thin lips showed no signs of smile. While expressionless, he was still a rare kind of beauty.

……However, this person did not seem have a single thread of cloth on his body.

Objectively, this kind of beauty could be described as perfect. The body was very symmetrical and it could be described as more muscular than thin. The smooth muscular lines on his body were extremely pretty especially when he tightened his muscles, it seemed full of strength and vigor.

Usually, Gu Yan would have been envious of this. After all, he who usually stayed at home to take care of his cat and rarely went out did not have a chance to develop his body to this kind of perfection.

However, his right hand was currently in the other party’s mouth – an extremely precarious situation. Gu Yan was stunned, all his hairs stood on its ends.

Who knows if it might be bitten off at the very next moment.

It was only the second day, yet this emergency food was already going to be eaten, he was truly pitiful. Gu Yan naturally knew that the man on top of him was in fact the big cat he had hugged in his arms last night,

The adult Heidis who had managed to recover from most of its serious injuries had finally returned to its human form. They did not seem to be much different from normal human beings on Earth apart from the fact that their eyes had vertical pupils. The only reason why he(Heidis) was holding himself up was because he remembered the youth’s words… “Very uncomfortable “.

There were no barbs on the Heidi’s tongue when it was in its human form and thus, it was easier for him to control his strength. Before the dark-haired youth woke up, the adult Heidis had used his tiny pointy teeth to lightly touch the soft skin of the youth fingertips, yet unwilling to break this layer of skin.

But the human spirit still holds a great temptation for Heidis after all. The adult Heidis’s handsome face fell slightly as he put the slender fingers a little deeper into his mouth. His used his teeth to lightly bite up to the second finger bone and found that the human under his body seemed to tremble.

The youth had woken up. Enchanted by the smell of the human, the adult Heidis realized that he actually hadn’t noticed.

He felt the human beneath him went stiff and stopped what he was doing. Loosening his teeth, he let go off the fingers and switched to licking instead.

Although the beautiful face was expressionless, albeit border lining on cold, but when he lowered his head, it actually seemed a little less hostile. Subconsciously, he felt that doing so would make the youth less afraid of him and perhaps even reach out to touch his head.

The docile Heidis indeed did not seem to pose a threat. However, the fingertips that were being lightly licked still made Gu Yan stunned because this sort of action was similar to when Qiuqiu was trying to gain his favor.

There seemed to be something wrong with this development…?

Previously, Gu Yan had felt that the adult Heidis in front of him had seemed sort of ignorant. Now that he was in his human form, this feeling became more intense.

Just like a piece of white paper without a single stain. Each and every movement was straightforward, without any motive. Looking into the pair of clear eyes, Gu Yan suddenly realized that its emotions were actually very easy to see.

In order to verify his discovery, Gu Yan quietly reached out to the adult Heidis’s tiny head that was currently lowered, touching the soft, supple hair. The light silvery mane was very cool to touch and seemed to be of top quality.

The adult Heidis seemed to have no resistance towards this. In fact under his touch, its eyes would even slightly narrow in pleasure. The cold and handsome face revealed his lazy and elegant demeanor.

Gu Yan finally managed to grasp at the most important point. As long as he followed the way he used to stroke his cat at home, he was able to make the Heidis in front of him submissive.

…… Towards him at least.

Stroking his hair, Gu Yan tried to get the Heidis off him. Regardless of whether he was straight or bent, the person that was pressing him down was beautiful enough to make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Things like morals and bottom lines, Gu Yan still had a little left.

“…Not squashing you.” The low voice was a tat bit cold and somewhat gloomy, as if it was trying to suppress something. After a few seconds, it continued to stare quietly at the youth face.

The youth had a scent that he liked very much. Especially at this close proximity, the attraction he felt was extremely strong. More than his smell, the Heidis actually preferred the touch of the youth. Just like before when he(GY) had lightly touched his head, he almost couldn’t refuse the youth’s request and actually needed a few seconds to collect himself.

But you’re naked! Black lines appeared on Gu Yan’s face. He momentarily forgot to wonder why he had managed to understand the other man’s words and even the fact that he had spoken out loud what was on his mind.

When Gu Yan looked back once again, the young man above him was already dressed in some sort of black uniform. It even had a beautiful design with neat buttons that gave off the impression of a reserved man.

Spiritual creation… The practice of making clothes appear out of thin air was simply too heaven-defying.

Regaining his senses, he realized that his hands had went down to the young man’s face and almost wanted to gently rub it. The moment his fingers made contact, it dropped down to the Heidi’s throat and could not stop in time as it continued to slide down.

Gu Yan: “…”

Wait, between stroking a cat and stroking a man, there seemed to be a difference…

Those vertical pupils once again constricted while the adult Heidis still wore an expressionless face. In the end, he still lowered his eyes and after awhile, got off the youth as per his wish.

This time, he had no way of refusing.

End of chapter 3

Translator’s Notes: I forgot to put this before but Qiuqiu directly translates to ball ball or little ball. So you can imagine how cute the cat is just like its name xD

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  1. Sooo, our MC is calling an ultra delux, super powerful being little ball… Excuse me while I go half die of laughter… this is too adorable for words people, especially when Mr Perfect acts like a spoiled cat in human form. Devastating effect here…Can’t wait to see the possessive, protective beast attitude, a ML speciality.

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  2. Already so posessive. what will MC do once ML figure out how to put those thoughts into action… probably curse himself and that adorable cuddlling he did to ML in the beginning. Too cute!

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    Thank you for the chapter!

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