35 thoughts on “TPWSTKMAFFMI Chapter 4”

  1. Ah~!!!! So meng!! And when I looked it up 撒娇 (sa jiao) means to act in a spoiled manner, the synonyms for it could be coquettish, coy or spoiled. Basically, the comnotations is usually being adorable yet mischievous or flirty, teasing but in a lighter or more childish manner if that makes sense? Hope this helped, I love this novel!! Thank you~!

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  2. Whoot! Just found this story~
    Thank you so much for taking the time to translate it ❤
    Awww that territorial instinct is strong in him… definitely screams "MINE" XD

    And lol for the commander's image shattering in front of them.
    Cra-ck indeed

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  3. I keep forgetting that ML is a silver cat, I’m blaming this on K and Charcoal for being adorable black cats.

    Commander’s image has shattered but his possessiveness will get stronger

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  4. Thanks for the update!

    The ML is so cute! He’s like Xiu. Hahaha

    I’ve actually read the raw but only up until the free chapters. The ML is definitely possessive and cunning but he’s still cute. Lol

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  5. Thank you for your hard work. We really appreciate the effort.
    This combo of the adorable cuteness of a spoiled cat & deadly possessiveness…the MC might as well be wearing a sign that say property of. Great chapter in many ways lol. Can’t wait to see how they go about taking the human with them, all without angering the spoiled Commander who of course won’t be parted from his exclusive uhmm, how can I call him? We are so going to have fun reading the next chapters, buhahaha.
    Did ML really get his brain scrambled? That would explain this mix of innocence & pure instinct the MC was wandering about before.

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  6. It’s so cute that ML resists his instinct to kill and eat in favour wifing our little MC. Hopefully he’ll be able to protect him from all the other Heidis too

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  7. About 撒娇 – in addition to the Yun’s comment:
    In my Chinese-Russian dictionary there is also one more meaning for 撒娇 – ластиться. Now, how to say it in English… hmm… something like ‘to show with your body language and your behavior that you want to be caressed’

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  8. Now I get it. The author wrote that human’s smell are “tempting” to the heidis but because of the rules, it add another detail because the author didn’t wrote how it would be “tempting”, instead of being tempting because humans are their prey, the rules changed it so that human’s smells acts somewhat like an aphrodisiac. That’s why the heidis are “tempted” by Gu Zan’s smell. SKSKSKKK cleverrr


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