Chapter 5.2

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But this scene in front of him was real. Towards the youth, the adult Heidis lying quietly in his lap had a docile and harmless appearance, even its claws were retracted just so that the youth could play with the soft pads on it front paws.

Gu Yan quickly put on the bracelet. He had no problem with this request, but unexpectedly, the big cat lying in his lap moved.

The adult Heidis pressed his(GY) hands down and lowered his head slightly to sniff at the back of his hands.

The tempting scent that previously surrounded him had weakened. Even the smell he had left on him had almost disappeared.

“Eli?” Before Gu Yan could react, the big cat on his leg swiftly hopped onto his left shoulder and rubbed his head against his neck. Then he felt something moist touch his neck.

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He was being licked. There was no pain, just a little itchiness … probably because the big cat only used the tip of its tongue to lick him.

All the way until the youth was full of his smell once more did this Heidis finally stopped, its throat issuing a low grunt.

Everyone watching the scene unfold before their eyes were completely stunned. Evan quickly recovered himself and pushed his glasses up inconspicuously, saying in an even tone, “We need to carry out a basic medical examination for the commander, I hope your Excellency can aid us to let our commanders cooperate.”

When Evan said this, the subject of discussion was still climbing all over Gu Yan, lowering its head and sniffing wherever it went.

Just as the big cat was about to climb onto his head, Gu Yan lifted it back down. Originally, he had thought that the Heidis was only trying to confirm his scent to gain a sense of security. The cat that was brought down started to let out a low whine. Gu Yan rubbed its head and soon, the silver Tiger tabby cat quietened down once again.

“Let’s do what he says first …?” Looking into the light colored vertical pupils, Gu Yan tried to seek his consent. His hands very naturally went to stroke the fur along the big cat’s spine.

Hearing the warm and gentle voice, the adult Heidis lying on the youth lap immediately narrowed its pupils slightly. It simply adores the human’s warm hands gently rubbing it.

Not only was his voice pleasant to hear, his scent was also intoxicating.

The big cat that was currently lying on the youth’s lap, seemingly quiet and obedient was just doing so to make the youth less afraid. Of course, it was better if Gu Yan actively took the initiative to be intimate with it, just like now.

It also liked to show its obedience towards the youth. Just like now, he had used the part of its tongue where there were less barbs to lick the youth’s palms once more and then jumped to the ground, towards where the man named Evan, stood.

The Heidis had agreed to his request too quickly, Gu Yan could not respond in time. Thinking carefully… Gu Yan realized that this adult Heidis never seemed to refuse his requests.

What a good cat, Gu Yan can’t help but think of this in his heart.

When the big cat on his lap left his field of vision, Gu Yan suddenly felt all sorts of gazes on him, as though he was an animal in a zoo. There was even someone who started jotting down something in his notebook while watching him.

An unidentified species that smells very tasty, can be classified as food, and can be classified as a class D race…

This was the beginning of the first sentence.

After careful consideration, the person who recorded it added another sentence…

This unidentified creature, having touched the head of their commander, played with their commanding officer’s ear and pinched their commander’s paws, still miraculously survived.

Being watched for awhile, Gu Yan’s became somewhat numb to it already.

Now that the cat in his arms was gone, Gu Yan was bored and could only look out at the scenery through the glass windows. The ship had begun moving, not sure which galaxy it was heading towards, but it certainly will not be the Saran galaxy where the Black Empire was located.

The reason he was so sure was because looking out from the windows, Gu Yan only saw a sparse distribution of several stars and the meteorites here were quite dense. This does not correspond to his knowledge of the Saran Galaxy.

Thinking of this, he raised his hands and let out a yawn.

Now was noon time. As a regular person, Gu Yan belonged to the group of people that becomes sleepy at certain timings. The Heidis standing around saw this dark hair youth slowly and unexpectedly enter a state of defenselessness. His eyes were closed, seemingly having… fallen asleep.

Those people: “…”

For these Heidis who do not require sleep, they could not understand this youth’s behaviour. He was obviously weak to the point that he could simply be pinched to death, yet he was still able to let down his guard under this sort of situation.

…… What kind of strange race is this??

End of chapter 5


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I love the fact that the Heidis don’t even know what to do with Gu Yan. Falling asleep for a moment is understandable, but what about 6+ hours? They’re gonna be like (•ิ_•ิ)?

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