Chapter 7.2

After Chapter 7 the chapters get shorter so for the next few chapters I won’t be splitting them. And…. I’ve been translating far too slow now, barely enough time to edit. I’m already depleting all my stockpile TT.

Chapter 7.2 here <—- Read and comment. Enjoy!~

Author: dummytranslations

Translator at dummytranslations.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 7.2”

  1. For some reason, I can’t see a comment box on the chapter itself? I see what you mean by the author having a thing about cats. Thank you very much for the update translator-sama. This reader appreciates your hard work very much. Good luck in translating many cat specific verbs. I’m sure we readers won’t mind all the licking and purring and meowing being repeated. Thank you again 😘😘

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