Chapter 21

Special thanks to Kinki, readingdemon, Tinsunny, Pi, Fatkitty and anonymous for your donations!!!

Recently lightnovelgates and other novel hosting websites have become smarter at stealing translations because they probably found out that their automatic translation stealing machine had been pretty useless so I gotta think of more waays Hmmm




Here’s to what everybody has been waiting for, Eli and GY reunion.

Here’s Chapter 21 Enjoy~~

Feel free to point out any mistakes.

Author: dummytranslations

Translator at dummytranslations.

11 thoughts on “Chapter 21”

  1. I have seen several ways to avoid theft of translations, “Exiled Rebels Scanlations” places false translations and only those with a user can read the real translation, “Terrible Translations” gives you three redirection numbers and tells you which contains the real translation, others give you a password at the end of each chapter so you can read the next, among others. You could go through other pages of translation and browse


    1. I have actually seen those!! But you know i am the epitome of laziness Orz. I will continue to try somemore but if it continued to not work i might try those methods you have mentioned. Thanks for the suggestion!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha!!! quiet, you’re not the only one who has the laziness virus. Have not you thought about looking for a collaborator? This saves you work and helps the virus grow xD


          1. Um… you’re right, I guess the technique of passing your problems to others will not work. Do not worry, serving in the army is a good cure (I say it from TT-TT experience)


      2. This takes a lot of work, but I have seen someone input letters in between words that blend into the background. This is so that if you were to highlight the words, you would see a jumble of letters, making copying pretty useless.


          1. You can probably ask someone to do it. I’m sure someone will be willing if not I don’t mind (the reason im no offering straight away is cause i have exams around the corner right now x.x)


          2. If it gets too much for you I really don’t mind helping out and hopefully I’ll do well on my exams. Thank you for the encouragement


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