New Novel translation

So hey there again~

To celebrate the end of arc 1 of the people who’re supposed to kill me fell for me instead, I’ve decided to pick up a second CN. Of course, my main priority will still be TPWSTKMFFMI.


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Author: dummytranslations

Translator at dummytranslations. Unprofessional cause I'm complete rubbish at Chi. 50% MTL 50% gibberish. Bringing joy to fujoshis(ME) and cat lovers(also Me). You're welcome. Feel free to contact me at for questions/discussion about cats/etc

3 thoughts on “New Novel translation”

  1. Being an Author is a High Risk Situation- though I have only read two chapters the synopsis was interesting and it has some good reviews by people who have read it all the way. Plus MC gets transmigrated into a demon cat. The original translation site dropped this one because they had to many novel to translate it is unknown whether they will pick it up again.


  2. If you’re looking for other options, wintertranslates has a pretty solid rec list if you’re interested 🙂


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