The target always thinks that I like him! Chapter 1.01

Hey yall, so this is the new novel I’m going to translate from now on. I haven’t exactly figured out a schedule for this because TPWSTKMFFMI will still be my main priority. Nonetheless, enjoy~

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Chapter 1

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations
Editor: Sammy


The nth time after failing a blind date, Xiang Han received an interview notice.

To be honest, he didn’t want to go because he didn’t even have a resume. It was certainly not normal for a company to take the initiative to offer him a position. This couldn’t be a big company and the probability of fraud was high.

However, his father suddenly video called him, saying that he was currently aboard a flying ship and had forgotten the password to his bank account. The three thousand coins could not be transferred for a while, so he had to fend for himself for a few days.

At that time, Xiang Han had just finished the genetic matching. He had already run out of money and was feeling extremely hungry. Hearing this bad news, he was dumbfounded.

After looking at the interview notice on his terminal, he made a difficult decision.

Outside the interview office of Space Game Technology, Xiang Han sat with a nervous face. The two interviewers looked at the information he had handed over and closed it two seconds later.

Xiang Han’s heart skipped a beat. It looks like he had failed again this time.

Interviewer A, “Mr. Xiang, the person at the marriage agency said that you are honest and caring. Can I believe this?”

What? Were these just courtesy words? Moreover, what did the marriage agency have to do with this job interview? Was this not a gaming company?

Interviewer B, “Your successive blind date partners also said that you are a good person, very kind and helpful.”

Was this not a gentleman card? That’s not right, why was this also investigated? Xiang Han was a little stunned

Interviewer A, “Congratulations, you have successfully been accepted by the company. Please sign the contract. We look forward to working with you.”

Interviewer B, “You can start work today. You will definitely be treated well here – meals, lodging and even a partner is included.”

Wait, what just happened? What the hell is ‘partner included’?

With a face of confusion, he carefully asked, “Excuse me, my job scope is…?”

“Ah, it’s very simple, it’s actually space travelling[1].” Interviewer A and B responded at the same time, full of excitement.

Xiang Han coughed, he suddenly had a feeling a kin to boarding a pirate ship.

However, after visiting the company and eating a full meal in the restaurant, he gradually dropped his guard and signed the contract.

This was a game company with a military background. It was said that a new game had just been developed recently and was in urgent need of beta test players. The main task for Xiang Han was to enter the game, allow the development of the plot and save the target.

As for why he should save the target, Xiang Han did not care. He only knew that after completing this task, he would be paid 100 million RMB coins.

One hundred million coins, one could buy a villa in the Capital Star, plus a whole box of instant noodles. As for why there was such a great piece of pie falling out of the sky, Xiang Han, who was blinded silly, did not wonder why.

Before entering the cylindrical container filled with a strange liquid, Mr. A said, “The task of the first world is very simple, you basically don’t have to do anything. There will be a system that will follow you and provide help. Roy and I will also be paying attention to the situation inside to assist you at any time.”

“That’s me.” The interviewer Little B raised his hand and then introduced Big A, “He is called Dean Lambert.”

“Nice to meet you guys.” Xiang Han nodded, feeling that the names Big A and Little B were easier to pronounce.

Once he was completely immersed in the liquid, Xiang Han felt a sense of weightlessness as his vision darkened. He was a little nervous but fortunately, the system soon appeared.

[Nice to meet you Mr. Xiang, I am system 009 and I am very happy to serve you.]

Xiang Han nervously replied, “Oh oh, 009 is it? Can I call you little nine instead?”

System, [Of course you can, Mr. Xiang. ^_^]

Xiang Han’s nervousness suddenly lightened a lot and then a burst of light hit his eyes; everything became colourful once more.

Xiang Han felt a wave of dizziness and his body seemed to have no strength in it. Everything around him was chaotic.

Before arriving, he had already read through the story of the first world and understood that it was an alternate dimension. The time period was set in ancient Earth where there were no such things as spacecraft or flying ships.

The original host – also known as Xiang Han – was a penniless child born from a poor family. He struggled hard and relied on his own merit to get into a prestigious school. Later on, because of a fated meeting on campus, he started to fall for a senior who was a year older than him from the same school; he went by the name of Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was born into a prestigious family. Since many generations ago, his ancestors had always been generals. When they reached his grandfather’s generation, they switched professions and became businessmen instead. Not only were they rich and handsome, they were also smart and excelled in their studies.

At his roommate’s birthday party, the original host had drunk too much and accidentally stumbled across Lu Ze on the way back to school. At that time, his head was light and dizzy. Coupled with the ambiguous mood at night, the original host who was drunk on wine stammered out his confession.

Lu Ze was shocked at that time but then considered it for a few seconds before he actually agreed. To tell the truth, even after the two people interacted for half a month, the original host still couldn’t believe it was true.

If they were the protagonists, the story would have ended here. Unfortunately, the original host was merely a cannon fodder in this story who chased after riches. After Lu Ze got found himself in a predicament, the original host quickly turned around and hooked up with another rich second generation. When Lu Ze’s business succeeded once more and he became rich, the original host who worshipped money wanted to get back together. As for Lu Ze, he also wasn’t the protagonist. He was merely a man who loved the protagonist.

After the original host and Lu Ze got together, they quickly encountered the world’s protagonist gong[2], Zhao Handong. Zhao Handong was Lu Ze’s childhood friend who never liked him. After learning that they were together, he immediately revealed the truth to the Lu Family. Lu Ze was unwilling to break up and was thus, driven out of the house. Ultimately, he decided to start his own business.

However, under Zhao Handong’s seduction, the original host who was already used to living a life of luxury, no longer wanted to squeeze together in the narrow rented room. He didn’t want to spend his days constantly penny-pinching. Although he had persisted for this love for some time, under Zhao Handong’s ploys, he finally decided to break up with Lu Ze and move into Zhao Handong’s arms.

But how would the original host know that in fact, Zhao Handong did not love him at all. This was purely for the sake of disgusting Lu Ze and making him uncomfortable. Afterwards, when Lu Ze fell in love with the main protagonist shou[3], Sun Shuya, the original host no longer held any value. Zhao Handong quickly shifted his target to Sun Shuya, breaking up with Xiang Han.

Sun Shuya was different from the original Xiang Han. He disliked Zhao Handong’s boring antics and the rich second generation’s way of using their power to bully the weak. He would treat him the same as everyone else. However, this only made Zhao Handong fall for him even more. The two broke up several times but after a deep romance, they finally walked on the path of a happy ending.

The original host wanted to get back together with Zhao Handong so he plotted against Sun Shuya many times. In the end, he was led by Zhao Handong into committing suicide.

When Xiang Han read through the information, his heart felt like f*cking a dog. In his opinion, Zhao Handong was extremely stupid. He had probably hated Lu Ze from a young age, causing his brain to become distorted. No matter what, he just wanted to go against Lu Ze.

But even if he wanted to suppress Lu Ze, couldn’t he at least do so with dignity? It seems like this person just wasn’t capable of doing so. Shamelessly, he would first attack the people by his side, how was this fitting of a protagonist?

Xiang Han had just been transferred over at the wrong time. Presently in the bar, the original host had drunk until he was dizzy and was being kissed by Zhao Handong. Just in time for him to be caught by Lu Ze. It must be said that this coincidence was just too fortunate.

The original body probably drank too much. When Xiang Han took over, he felt giddy and everything was extremely noisy.

Sensing someone walking towards him, he guessed it was Lu Ze. Although due to the backlighting, he was unable to see the other person’s face; the sense of oppression was real.

“This…what should I do now?” When Xiang Han stayed at home in Hanping, he rarely experienced social interactions with other people. Not to mention, he had just transferred over and was still feeling a little lost.

System, [According to the original plot, you two should be breaking up now.]

Big A, [Repent, beg for forgiveness, start a business together and move towards happiness.]

Little B, [But this does not seem to fit with the original story? Mr. Xiang, you should act as you wish.]

Xiang Han, “…”

He finally realized that in this critical moment, none of these three guys could be relied on. Even though his brain currently felt like bean paste, he finally made a decision. Xiang Han would act according to the situation, first he would pretend to be okay.

When Zhao Handong saw Lu Ze coming over, he smiled awkwardly and said, “Oh, aren’t you Ah Ze? I haven’t seen you in a few days and you’ve already changed so much. I didn’t dare to rashly recognize you earlier on. How about we sit down and have a drink?”

“No.” Lu Ze faintly responded, his cold eyes didn’t look at Zhao Handong.

Xiang Han’s head felt dizzy. Against the light, he was trying to see Lu Ze’s appearance but despite the effort, he was unable to get a proper look.

However, in Lu Ze’s eyes, his eyes were narrowed and provocative, as if looking at him in disdain.

Xiang Han was very good looking. He possessed a set of enchanting eyebrows, a trait which Lu Ze had always noticed. When the other party confessed, he had agreed without hesitation despite not knowing the other person before. In that moment, under the bright light, he actually felt that the other person was more attractive than usual and seemed to look even better.

He had obviously been caught cheating but was acting nonchalant, as if he did not care at all. Did Xiang Han think he would really forgive him?

Lu Ze’s eyes sank as a storm brewed in them. “So, is this your choice?”

“Hmm?” Xiang Han did not hear properly and instinctively raised his head. It was just that his voice sounded lazy and in the ears of others, it became rather provocative.

In particular, Zhao Handong listened in delight. Raising his eyebrows, he provoked, “Ah Ze, this matter of breaking up must be carefully discussed. Since Xiao Han [4] has already decided to separate with you, it isn’t nice to keep pestering him, is it?”

Lu Ze glared at him coldly then looked back at Xiang Han. His eyes flashed as he resolutely said, “Well then, as you wish.”

After he finished, he turned away and left through the crowd that was watching the show.

Hearing this, Xiang Han was very surprised, “I haven’t even done anything yet and it’s already over?”

System, [……]

[It seems like Big A was right. The power of the plot is really great. I can actually complete the task without doing anything.]

Big A, [Who’s Big A?]

Xiang Han: [It’s… Mr. Dean…]

Big A, [… It seems that there is nothing important to do for the time being. You continue. We’re going to eat.]

Xiang Han, [Wait a minute, I also haven’t eaten yet.]

[Mr. Xiang, your body is still in the liquid.] The system kindly reminded him and then said, [Of course, you can use this body to eat now. There are many delicious foods in ancient Earth.]

[Really?] Xiang Han was pleasantly surprised.

When Zhao Handong saw Lu Ze leave, Xiang Han was still lost. Feeling extremely dissatisfied, he pulled Xiang Han closer and said, “Babe, let’s continue this somewhere else, eh?”

Eh what? He was still thinking about what to eat. Xiang Han frowned, feeling irritated.

[1] More like dimensional travelling since they’re going through different ‘games’

[2] gong: Top/Seme

[3] Shou: Bottom/Uke

[4]Xiao is used as a term of endearment

T/n: Hey yall~ Idk if anybody will be having any problems with the names in the future but there will be 4 main people in this arc so it might get a little confusing later on.

Xiang Han- MC, his name in this arc is the same as his original name

Lu Ze – ML

Zhao Handong – antagonist of this arc(gong)

Sun Shuya – antagonist of this arc(shou)

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Author: dummytranslations

Translator at dummytranslations.

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    1. I’ve done a character list but that’s only available from arc 2 onwards because there are more characters! Arc 1 should be fairly alright because the 4 main characters are as what I’ve already listed!


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