The little Flower God and the Emperor Chapter 1-3

New release!!

Hihi yall~

This is a new short story about the sweet love between the little flower god and the emperor. Hope you guys enjoy it. Click here for details or scroll down for chapter 1




Yue Lao was miserable. He felt like his pure imp-like soul had been tainted by the little Flower God, “You want to top the Emperor?”


“No,” the little Flower God corrected, “ I want to be topped by him.”


Yue Lao, “……Don’t call me godfather anymore. I need to calm down.”



Chapter 1-3


Author: dummytranslations

Translator at dummytranslations. Unprofessional cause I'm complete rubbish at Chi. 50% MTL 50% gibberish. Bringing joy to fujoshis(ME) and cat lovers(also Me). You're welcome. Feel free to contact me at for questions/discussion about cats/etc

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