Target Chapter 15

Thanks for waiting~

Chapter 15 of target is up!

Remember to scroll to the bottom for link to actual chapter^^ enjoy

Author: dummytranslations

Translator at dummytranslations. Unprofessional cause I'm complete rubbish at Chi. 50% MTL 50% gibberish. Bringing joy to fujoshis(ME) and cat lovers(also Me). You're welcome. Feel free to contact me at for questions/discussion about cats/etc

2 thoughts on “Target Chapter 15”

  1. Thanks for translating this, I was planning to read this once more chapters are translated so I don’t end up with cliffhanger, but I did check out the raws & notice that the author wrote a sequel to this series, name is 戏精老攻不安分[快穿]. Thought you should know if you ever feel like translating the sequel after this would be great too.

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