Flower-god and Emperor Chapter 14-15 + Sidestory

Translator: Patience

Editor: Mimishijie

Proofreader: Vivi & Foreverhungry 🙂



  When the Flower God came back, Bai Shi was helping to water the flowers in the west garden, and Liu Zhenyun was looking for a steamed bun in the house.


  The Flower God thought that his son had hired a worker. He walked behind the worker and patted his back, “Hello?”


     When Bai Shi turned around and saw it was the Flower God, he smiled a little, “I haven’t seen you for a long time.”


  It turned out to be the Emperor! The Flower God’s head was a mess. The Emperor came to my house. Before his brain reacted, his bowed courteously, “Excuse me for not going out to meet you!”


  Bai Shi slightly rose up, “You are welcome.” He had heard Liu Zhenyun say that the old Flower God was very traditional, and now it seems that is…


  ”Why did the Emperor come?”


  Bai Shi didn’t know how to answer so he just sighed.


  The Flower God knew the Emperor’s character and said to him, “The last time I saw the Emperor was two thousand years ago, you came to my grandfather’s funeral. In the blink of an eye, it’s already been this long. My son is three hundred years old. The Emperor should have met him?”


  Bai Shi nodded his head and in his heart silently added: I’ve seen him quite thoroughly.


  Liu Zhenyun came out from the house and looked at his father. He threw his hoe down and rushed over to hug him, “Dad, you came back?”


  The Flower God touched his son’s head and was about to ask him why the Emperor was here when Liu Zhenyun pulled Bai Shi over, “This is the son-in-law that your son is giving you, are you satisfied?”


     Flower God: ???


     Flower God: …


  Flower God’s face cracked.



  ”What kind of scandal is this!!” The Flower God roared at Yue Lao, “He is the Emperor!”


  ”What about the Emperor? The Emperor isn’t some high Immortal. He has to eat and shit just like us.” The old man rubbed the gift the Emperor had given him for comfort. “The Emperor is your daughter-in-law, how good is that? He has a good reputation, plenty of money, and a high position of seniority.”


  ”But this is immoral. The Emperor is of the same generation as my grandparents!”


  ”What about that? He is handsome, young, and physically fit. What are you still tangled up about?”


  ”Last time you said that he had facial nerve paralysis….” The Flower God looked at him silently.


  ”He wants to marry Liu Zhenyun and doesn’t have facial nerve paralysis, rather he has discerning taste.” Yue Lao yelled at him. “You should agree quickly. Look at Liu Zhenyun’s eyes, how can he still look at others.” The point is to marry the Emperor, not to worry!!! The old man shouted at the bottom of his heart.


  The Flower God sighed, “If it’s going to be like this, then so be it.”


16 <Side story>


  The Northern Sea’s Princess heard that the Emperor was going to marry the little Flower God, so she showed up making trouble and crying for the Emperor to also marry her into the palace. However, he was still not willing.


  After hearing about it, Liu Zhenyun rushed over and gave her a bottle of eye drops, “Don’t cry, your eyes are swollen.”


  The gods lamented: He’s too gentle and pleasing, no wonder the Emperor likes him! Only Bai Shi knew, his lover had given the princess green pepper juice.


  The wedding invitations were sent out and the Heavenly Palace was abuzz.


  After thousands of years, to actually be able to receive a wedding invitation from the Emperor was a rare thing.


  Yue Lao was a happy person and he grinned when he saw Taibai Jinxing at the wedding as well. He took out his private “Tian Ting Yun” to share, “Old Bai, you can give me the elixirs directly from now on. The Emperor is now my goddaughter-in-law.”


  Taibai Jinxing criticised him three times for being shameless.



  The Emperor especially liked to eat plum cake while being wrapped around Liu Zhenyun and have the heat of the Flower God’s body transferred to him. Once, Liu Zhenyun got lazy and after the Emperor took a bite of the plum cake, he put it down. “This is no good.”


  ”How do you know?” Liu Zhenyun’s eyes widened.


  ”The taste is wrong.” The Emperor kissed him, “You don’t want to make it for me anymore?”


  ”No, I am too lazy to move today.” Liu Zhenyun sat on the Emperor’s lap and hugged his neck. “What’s wrong with the taste, isn’t it all just plum and flour?”


  Bai Shi thought about it, “Probably because I can’t taste any love in it.”


  Liu Zhenyun’s heart clenched. Turns out, Bai Shi also knew how to flirt.



The End


T/n: Hihi~ Thank you all for reading till the end, hope you guys enjoyed this short story^^

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38 thoughts on “Flower-god and Emperor Chapter 14-15 + Sidestory”

  1. Little flower God used Hook line and sinker method~!
    It’s super effective
    Emperor’s HP dropped to 5
    Little Flower God Threw a Pokeball (Constant Love)~!
    Emperor was caught. Give it a nickname?
    > Yes o No
    Old Bai__

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  2. Thank you for the translation. I love short stories like this that are sweet and just leave me feeling satisfied and happy. I need more of that in life! I appreciate your brightening of my day.

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  3. Waaaaaah!! So cuuuute~!
    Thank you for translating the story! Thanks to the Author for writing this!
    Take care~


  4. AHH such a ultra cute story. I love that the Emperor is the ‘daughter-in-law’ and he’s marrying into the Flower God family LMFAO; i guess he doesn’t have any in-laws on his side of the family, poor guy.


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