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New Release: Number One Zombie Wife

Some of you might have noticed my group and Allhail posting NOZW earlier, and after a (whole lot) of discussion, we have decided to merge together,, so now, Allhail will be translating NOZW as part of dummytranslations.


Click here to read the latest chapters: 34 – 37

My Other site

Heyall~ just wanted to let you guys know, the next chapter of the people is officially up on my other site, and in future, updates will also be on that site. Do follow if you want weekly reminders of updates.

This site will still be here for you guys to read earlier chapters so no worries^^


Link to my new site:

Also, new series is up!!! Check it out 😀

New novel (Number one zombie wife)

We heard you!

We’re planning to pick up number one zombie wife after the last translators dropped it and we’re currently in the midst of a discussion with the previous translators.

Updates will most likely come after we get a few chapters up and we’re also trying to get in contact with the author.

This will not be the only novel, so sit tight and await some good news ~

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