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Chapter 16.2

Short chapter but things are getting interesting(?)

Rushed to post this part so tell me if you spot any mistakes yeh ^^

Chapter 16.2 here enjoy~



Chapter 14


Things are starting to get hectic on my side bcos it’s time to start thinking bout my future(JK School) plus work. I’ll still try my best to keep updating tho.

Anyway, Chapter 14 is finally up, I know some people have been erm… speculating on what’s going to happen. So think no more, here it is.

Enjoy~ and tell me if you spot any mistakes

Chapter 12: favorite thing is the ball

Chapter 12: Favorite thing is the ball

Clearly I do not celebrate valentine’s day(FA as a cat person :’)) so no special releases. However, I do celebrate Chinese New Year so heres an early chapter !!!


This gif accurately reminds me of Eli chasing after GY but… hehe(at least it rebounds back)

Happy CNY guys! I’m gonna be out the next few days so no idea when I’ll return to translating :’D

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