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Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Mine

Hihi, its me again.

Here’s chapter 25, remember to scroll down to the bottom for the link to the actual chapter. Don’t bother reading the first half either although it looks legit but it was only after one round of editing.

Anyways, cat gifs on the actual chapter.

//Fighting bots one attempt at a time // :’3

Enjoy it here—> Chapter 25

Do let me know if you spot any errors(however small it might be~)

Chapter 23.3

Chapter 23.3: Teasing the cat


Read chapter 23.3 Here. Do tell me if you spot any mistakes we’ve missed.

For the actual full chapter, scroll down after you’ve clicked the chapter then click the link provided below.

Happy reading~

Chapter 23.2

Chapter 23.2: Funny cat stick

Hey guys after all that suggestions I still couldn’t really find a suitable word that describes this funncatstickthing.

I’m just gonna leave it as ‘Funny cat stick’ cus why not.

Enjoy~ Chapter 23.2

(Do let me know if you spot any mistakes that me or my editor may have missed)