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Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Okay, here we go


THANKyou all so much FOR YOUR PaTIENCE it s been awhile :”D BUT I”M bACK!!! Love yall so much, you all have been nothing but encouraging :’) the only reason why I haven’t dropped this project from sheer laziness

Going to try to aim for regular updates but no idea if that’ll happen. ANYways enjoy this chapter. I tried to rush it out so do tell me if you spot any mistakes.


Chapter 14


Things are starting to get hectic on my side bcos it’s time to start thinking bout my future(JK School) plus work. I’ll still try my best to keep updating tho.

Anyway, Chapter 14 is finally up, I know some people have been erm… speculating on what’s going to happen. So think no more, here it is.

Enjoy~ and tell me if you spot any mistakes