Target Chapter 31.1

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

Editor: Dragon Reader 🙂

The villain and the protagonist are a family(16): The person I like also has a “Ze”

Warning: Some dub-con, feel free to skip


Zhou Yue Ze could not be bothered with Zhou Yue Qing, taking Xiang Han and leaving quickly. Xiang Han’s pitiful chauffeur waited outside the grand hall for nearly half a night.


When they returned to the villa, Xiang Han had already been tormented by his lust to the point of losing consciousness, moaning and squirming about in Zhou Yue Ze’s embrace.


Zhou Yue Ze was so nervous that both his hands were trembling. This was the first time the person that he liked was in his arms, and under such a situation, he only felt dizzy, as if he were floating.


The housekeeper saw them and was shocked, “W-What happened? The Master…”


Zhou Yue Ze finally regained his senses and subconsciously held onto Xiang Han even tighter, hastily answering, “It seems that… he has been drugged.”


Seems? Does it look like ‘it seems’? The Master’s face was already almost as red as a lobster’s!


The housekeeper was at a loss, watching as Zhou Yue Ze carried Xiang Han hurriedly up the stairs, he contemplated: Should he call for Doctor Zhong? What if by the time he called him, the young master already helped him solve the drug’s problem? But if he didn’t call, will the master be angry after he wakes up?


The housekeeper’s face was almost shrivelling up like a bitter gourd. After hesitating for a long time, he still decided to make the call. Who knows what sort of drug those daring people gave to his master, what if there were after-effects? It was better to let Doctor Zhong take a look just in case.


Zhou Yue Ze carried Xiang Han into the bathroom and quickly filled up the tub with cold water. But the other man’s erotic figure kept replaying in his mind, causing him to lose his rationality. He completely did not know what he should do.


Inside the bathroom, Xiang Han kept tearing away at his clothes. His collar opened slightly, revealing the delicate clavicle and the slightly reddish skin underneath. The usually cold and expressionless face was, at the moment, stained with lust. The tears leaking from the corners of his reddened eyes would let someone can’t help but want to push him down and overwhelm him completely.


Zhou Yue Ze’s throat felt dry and his body was extremely hot. He only felt that his family’s master, from top to bottom, there was not a single part of his body that was not seducing him.


He struggled to retain his rationality, bending forward and speaking with much difficulty, “Sir…”


Xiang Han felt a familiar burst of aura and instinctively opened his eyes. Then, his hands and feet wrapped around that person, crying pitifully, “Ah Ze, Ah Ze, It feels weird…”


A warmth breath sprayed against his ear. The usually cold voice was now sultry and full of temptation, calling out his name passionately.


Zhou Yue Ze’s last strand of rationality finally collapsed and he suddenly hugged the other person, kissing him fiercely. Through the assault, he continuously repeated the same vague words, “Sir, I like you. Do you like me? Do you like…”


“L-Like… Ah Ze, I feel so uncomfortable…”


Zhou Yue Ze abruptly pushed him down, like a starving tiger that had caught its prey. He panted heavily and roughly ripped off both their clothes. Yet, after embracing the other person, his actions became careful and endearing.


That part of Xiang Han that had stood up under the stimulation of the drug was tormented tragically. Zhou Yue Ze simply stroked it and with a few moves, felt a burst of warmth in his hand.


Xiang Han was curled up tightly in his arms. As if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning, he suddenly jerked and panted heavily, his expression carrying a mix of pain and pleasure.


After his short-lived rush of adrenaline, Zhou Yue Ze suddenly felt immense emptiness and kissed him passionately, not even letting his fingernails off. When the pain came, Xiang Han let out a soft cry but under the torment of the drug, he quickly fell into the waves of pleasure.


Zhou Yue Ze’s eyes became red, his movements were increasing in intensity. After releasing once, his mind suddenly went back to the time when they were practising martial arts. Caressing the soft and flexible waist under his palms, he became excited once again. They changed to a few difficult positions until Xiang Han could no longer bear it, crying and cursing, before Zhou Yue Ze finally stopped.


Zhou Yue Ze lightly touched the corners of his reddened eyes, brushing away the tears that had formed before bringing it to his lips. Seeing the man that he could only pine after every day, crying and begging under his body, he was feeling immensely tender and satisfied, wishing he could stick to the other person for all his life.


Xiang Han had already fainted. Zhou Yue Ze gently laid him down and went to the bathroom to prepare a warm bath to help him wash up.


The Master had mysophobia. If he were to suddenly wake up, he would definitely not be able to tolerate his sticky body stained with unknown fluids.


Zhou Yue Ze carried him to the bathroom and planted a kiss on his lips. A flash of helplessness crossed his face, but his expression was filled with extreme gentleness.


The housekeeper stood outside the door fearfully, with an ear against the door. After hearing no sounds, he then carefully knocked on the door.


Zhou Yue Ze had just changed the bedsheets and tucked Xiang Han in. Hearing the knock, he unconsciously frowned and went out after spreading the blanket properly.


The housekeeper stood bitterly outside the door. When Zhou Yue Ze appeared, his tone was extremely awkward, “I’m not sure what kind of drug the master took, so I called Doctor Zhong over. I’ll let you decide whether to let him take a look at the master, in case there are any after-effects…”


Zhou Yue Ze also thought of this and agreed, shifting to the side and said, “Please come in.”


After Doctor Zhong finished examining him, he said, “It’s just a normal aphrodisiac, the effects have already subsided. So there aren’t much problems. Mr. Jiang’s body is good, he just needs to rest for a few days, but…”


“But what?” Zhou Yue Ze tensed.


Doctor Zhong glanced at the housekeeper before bringing him outside and saying softly, “Young master Jiang, if Mr. Jiang’s body has that sort of problem, it’s not good to use such drugs.”


“Are there any lingering effects?” Zhou Yue Ze’s heart tightened.


“Don’t worry, that drug wasn’t a very strong, the effects would not be too much. But it’s better to be a little more restrained.”


“Ah, thank you for your warning,” Zhou Yue Ze’s expression turned extremely awkward.


When Xiang Han woke up and tried to move, his entire body was aching and a certain part was especially in indescribable pain.


Thereafter, last night’s memories rushed back to him and his face instantly turned green.


He did it with Zhou Yue Ze, and it wasn’t just once. He was even forced to engage in various positions with the other man and had been kissed until his body was covered in saliva. Most importantly, the other person had left that… inside of him.


Ah Ah Ah! He wanted to bathe, he wanted to clean himself from inside out, he wanted to bathe for the whole day!


But just as he stood up, his waist felt weak and he nearly fell down.


Xiang Han held on to the bed with trembling hands, his heart roaring non-stop: Bastard, unfilial child!


Zhou Yue Ze was standing outside and when he heard the noise, he quickly rushed in to support him, his face full of uneasiness, “Sir, where do you want to go, I’ll help you.”


“Shower,” Xiang Han didn’t want to talk to him, directly flinging his hands off.


Zhou Yue Ze’s face filled with disappointment, but after thinking about it, his eyes flashed with happiness. He quickly went downstairs to retrieve the bowl of porridge that had been kept warm before carefully bringing it up.


Xiang Han soaked in the bath until his skin wrinkled before finally getting out. He had finally regained some sense and when he remembered that he seemed to have been the one who mistook the other person first, his head started hurting.


“You, go out first.” He massaged his head, unsure of how to face him.


Although Xiang Han was at fault for mistaking him for someone else, Zhou Yue Ze shouldn’t have rushed to pounce on him, and even ate him a few times? Couldn’t he have restrained himself, turning around to call for Doctor Zhong?


And was this fellow born in the year of the dog? Biting everywhere! He had just seen himself in the bathroom mirror, his body was utterly too miserable to look at, and even his fingers were marked with bruises. There was no need to talk about a certain part.


Thinking of this, his face heated up and he grew angry again.


Zhou Yue Ze had a lot he wanted to say but seeing his infuriated expression, he decided not to become a punching bag. He would wait until Xiang Han’s anger subsided before speaking.


Speaking of which, he should investigate last night’s matters. In reality, there was no need to investigate, he could roughly guess who did it. Daring to taint his master, they must be truly tired of living.


A cold light flashed through his eyes, but when he looked at Xiang Han, it was filled with warmth. Placing the porridge down, he softly said, “Sir, you should eat a little, then rest later.”


After Zhou Yue Ze left, Xiang Han felt extremely annoyed. He had actually been f*cked by a bunch of data and was even ‘papapa-ed’ a few times. More importantly, he had always treated this string of data as his own child, what damned game was this? 


[Little Nine, what happened last night?]


After half a moment, the system carefully appeared, crying tearfully: [Mr. Xiang, I- I was censored.] Why was it that when it was time to take the blame, it had to be the one to appear?


[What about before the censoring?]


[Ah, the wine that you drank had been drugged. I’m sorry, I was careless and forgot to check.] The System explained pitifully.


Actually, this was the first time it was lying and acting pitifully to its host; it won’t be exposed, right? Ah, speaking of which, this was all Admiral Dean’s and Major General Roy’s teaching. It used to be a pure and innocent combat system.


[F-forget it, I drank too much yesterday. It’s normal that you didn’t realize it.] Seeing System’s guilt, Xiang Han was also unable to continue scolding it.


The System was feeling both guilty and touched, [Mr. Xiang, you are really such a magnanimous host, boohoo…]


Big A and Little B were as quiet as a chicken.


[Right, where are they?] Xiang Han asked


[Oh, they…]


[Say that we’re not here.] Big A sent a private chat.


[Mr. Dean said they’re not here.] System had a guilty conscience and in a moment of fright, spoke wrongly.


Little B: [Facepalm]


Big A: [You’re throwing all the combat systems’ face.]


Xiang Han: [Ah?]


[Ah, Mr. Dean said they had to leave for a while, so they’re not here.] System quickly tried to cover up.


[Really?] Xiang Han was suspicious


[Really.] System’s voice was a little sheepish.


Thankfully, Xiang Han was pondering over how to settle the matter between him and Zhou Yue Ze, so he didn’t pursue it.


After Zhou Yue Ze left the villa, he learnt that last night, after he brought Xiang Han and left, a group of reporters suddenly rushed into the room. When they only saw Zhou Yue Qing, they were immensely disappointed. Zhou Yue Qing’s mind was already in a mess and his clothes had disappeared while he touched himself non-stop. The reporters began to take photos crazily.


Afterwards, someone revealed that Mr. Jiang had originally been resting in the room but left halfway through. But before he left, the Zhou Corporation’s successor was already in the room. So the Jiang Family’s head had this sort of relationship with Zhou’s successor?


Originally, with Jiang Han’s background, there was not a single news station in City A that dared to report this sort of matter. But there were a few people who had clearly accepted bribes, taking the opportunity of the mess last night to write nonsense.


Zhou Yue Ze’s face was green and he immediately called a few media outlets that he had a relationship with. Zhou Yue Qing laid in the hospital gnashing his teeth, he had also suffered the effects of the media.


Therefore, the winds changed abruptly. One moment, it was that in order for the Zhou Family to hug the Jiang Family’s golden thigh, they sent their successor into Jiang Han’s bed; The next moment, it was that the Zhou family that had an internal conflict. Father Zhou had drugged his own son to ruin his reputation.


After Zhou Yue Ze returned to the office, he began to plan methodically, complete suppressing the Zhou Family’s business, not giving the other party a chance to catch his breath at all. In the midst of the busy period, he still had time to worry about Xiang Han.


Recently, Jiang Han had been feeling down, staying cooped up at home to grow plants and raise some birds. Occasionally, he would practice his calligraphy, but he rarely went out.


Nearly a week passed before he finally thought it through and arranged to meet Zhou Yue Ze at a tea house.

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