Target Chapter 33.1

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

The villain and the protagonist are a family (20)

Warning: NOT PG


Zhou Yue Ze fought to help the housekeeper pack up and a cage full of little chicks were also prepared to be taken along. However, Xiang Han disdained them and refused to let them onto the car, not even allowing them in the car boot. 


On the way back, Zhou Yue Ze would frequently steal glances at Xiang Han through the rearview mirror. A smile hung on his face and he nearly took the wrong route.


The housekeeper sitting beside him saw his expression and could not help shaking his head.


When they arrived back at the Jiang Family’s Villa, Zhou Yue Ze still felt as if he were in a dream. Upon entering, he busied himself for a long time, cleaning up Xiang Han’s room and even preparing his bath water.


Xiang Han told him somewhat unnaturally, “This is not your job. If you have nothing better to do, you can return to the company.”


“There’s nothing at the company,” Zhou Yue Ze instinctively replied, then quickly explained, “What I meant was… there’s nothing important now, having Assistant Zhao there is enough to manage things.”


Seeing Xiang Han remain silent, he tried to ask, “How about you take a look after having a rest?”


“We’ll see,” Xiang Han did not answer him and instead, hugged the little cat with him into the bathroom.


Zhou Yue Ze was elated and quickly followed him.


Xiang Han suddenly turned around and Zhou Yue Ze also stopped in his tracks, dumbly explaining, “I’ve already prepared your clothes, they’re over there.”

Saying this, he used his fingers to point at them, causing black lines to appear on Xiang Han’s face. Was the bathroom so big that he couldn’t see that?


Speaking of which, this child had changed too much. When he first saw him, the other person was clearly smart, beautiful and proud, but now… Ah, why did he resemble a big dog?


Could it be that Big A was really right, it was his education method that was wrong?


He faked his calmness and nodded his head. Seeing that Zhou Yue Ze still had not left, he asked again, “What is it?”


Zhou Yue Ze’s palms were sweating and he asked nervously, “Sir, since you are willing to come back, is it because… you’ve forgiven me?”


Xiang Han sunk into silence, then pretended to ponder deeply before speaking, “I’ve thought a lot about this lately. I feel that both of us shouldn’t have reached this stage, I’m already not young…”


Zhou Yue Ze hurriedly interrupted him, “You are only in your early 30s, it’s still very young. And appearance-wise, you look even younger.”


Xiang Han, “…”


“…Please continue.”


Xiang Han continued, “You’re still young, you will have many more opportunities, there’s no need to follow me…”


“But I only like you.” Zhou Yue Ze panicked.


Xiang Han was annoyed, “Can you let me finish?”


Zhou Yue Ze, “…”


“So I thought about it. If you insist, perhaps we can try it.” Xiang Han’s voice was cold but the tips of his ears were red.


He had already thought about it when he decided to return. Since it was the last time anyway, he would just go wild for a bit. That general won’t remember anything anyway. What did he have to fear? He could just treat them as two different people.


Zhou Yue Ze: ??? Happiness came too quickly, he was unable to catch it.


Xiang Han was stunned then grew annoyed. He touched his chin and asked, “You don’t want to?”


“Of course I want to,” Zhou Yue Ze instinctively nodded his head. When the realisation finally dawned on him, his eyes flashed with ecstasy and he quickly went forward to wrap him in a tight hug, extremely agitated. “S-Sir, are you serious? I didn’t mishear?”


“Me-ow!” The little kitten crushed between the two men instantly let out a pitiful shriek and struggled to free itself.


Zhou Yue Ze directly threw out the little thing that had spoiled their moment.


Xiang Han had just nodded his head and was instantly pulled into his embrace. Soon, there was a damp feeling against his neck, leaving him stunned. He slowly reached his hand up to hug the other person back.


After bathing, Zhou Yue Ze was still in his room. When he saw Xiang Han come out, he immediately broke out into a smile. He held a towel and wanted to help him dry his hair.


However, Xiang Han evaded him from a distance and frowned, “Shower before you come any closer.”


“Ah.” Zhou Yue Ze lowered the towel in his hands sadly and asked, “Then, can I shower here?”


Xiang Han Han hesitated for a moment before nodding his head.


Zhou Yue Ze’s mood immediately improved, but after he came out, Xiang Han’s hair was mostly dry, leaving him extremely disappointed.


Seeing him appear, Xiang Han pointed at the sofa at the side and gestured for him to take a seat before he started listing out some rules. “In the future if you are with me, you must maintain a certain standard of cleanliness… to sum up, I have the final say in terms of our lifestyle, can you accept this?”


“I can,” Zhou Yue Ze nodded then quickly added, “All the decisions for the company will also be made by you.”


“Very good,” the corners of Xiang Han’s lips curved up before he forced himself to maintain his calm. “And now, I want you to strip and lie on the bed.”


“Oh…” Zhou Yue Ze froze. He instantly guessed what was happening and his eyes lit up like a hungry beast. He took off all his clothes in an instant, lying obediently on the bed with a face full of expectation.


Xiang Han inexplicably felt a chill, but thinking of the rules he had just set, his courage grew and he climbed onto the bed. He hooked up the other person’s chin and announced, “From today onwards, I’m on top and you’re on the bottom, understood?”


Zhou Yue Ze nodded like a woodpecker. So Jiang Han actually likes this position? Thinking of the other person taking the lead to sit on top and riding him, his cold and reserved face stained with lust, the thin waist dancing in his palms…


Zhou Yue Ze’s throat instantly felt painfully dry and he almost got a nosebleed. A certain part was also swelling painfully.


Xiang Han was satisfied and bent down to kiss the other person lightly. Ultimately, thinking of the saliva, he was still unable to put his tongue in, provoking Zhou Yue Ze’s desire to no end.


In the simulation space, the Marshal’s expression was one of hating iron for not becoming steel, “Why is he the one being pushed down?”


Little B: “Oh, Marshal, it’s time for us to turn on the censor already.”


The Marshal’s face reddened but he shook his head, “Wait a while more, I need to see who is the one on the bottom.”


Big A: “Cough, don’t worry, the General is definitely safe, because Mr. Xiang’s body… cannot do it. Also, if we don’t turn it off, once he knows…”


Xiang Han happily kissed him for a while before his hands slowly slid downwards. Zhou Yue Ze’s breathing also got rougher. Thinking of the sticky feeling, Xiang Han wrinkled his brows and directly ignored a certain part before heading for his rear.


Zhou Yue Ze had a bad feeling, this was a little different from the last time. But thinking of it, wasn’t his sir unable to get it up? The last time, they had relied on the drug in order to… unless he had recovered?


Zhou Yue Ze straightened his body and silently brought his hand to grip it, squeezing it firmly and gently massaging it. Xiang Han’s body went rigid and a moment later, there was no reaction.


Xiang Han’s face instantly reddened and he was roaring in his heart. How could he have forgotten that this body was impotent!


Zhou Yue Ze grasped his waist and pressed him downwards onto his own body, laughing, “Sir, it’s okay. You can still be on top this way.” His words were thick with hidden intentions.


Xiang Han had smashed his own foot with a rock, feeling regretful enough to die. He faked his calm and tried to pry away Zhou Yue Ze’s hands as he said, “We’ll stop here for today. I’m tired, you go out first.”


“Sir, but we haven’t done anything yet, how can you be tired?” Zhou Yue Ze asked innocently than grabbed the back of his head and firmly kissed him, as if he wanted to occupy every inch of him.


Xiang Han’s eyes grew wide, his mind was constantly thinking of the saliva. Breaking free with much difficulty, he wanted to go and brush his teeth but just before he could escape, he was pulled back.


Zhou Yue Ze sincerely told him, “Sir, mysophobia is a serious psychological illness, I’ll help you treat it.”

When he finished saying those words, he immediately went in for another kiss. Xiang Han whimpered and by the time he was released, his eyes had already turned red, looking extremely pitiful.


“What sort of treatment is this?” Xiang Han held back his tears and complained.


“It’s a form of desensitisation therapy, Doctor Zhong recommended it.” Zhou Yue Ze did not give him time to react and immediately kissed the other person until he was dizzy and gasping for air. Taking advantage of when Xiang Han’s guard was down, that part of him rapidly expanded and he directly went in for the conquest.


Xiang Han cried out and fully experienced what it was like to be on top. But at this time, he did not have the energy to think about it, his entire mind was thinking, Zhou Yue Ze didn’t wear an umbrella(condom)!


“D-did you wash it properly? Next time you must scrub it, y-you’re not allowed to do it without a condom, not allowed…”


Zhou Yue Ze gritted his teeth, “At this time, Sir still has the energy to think about this. Looks like I haven’t been working hard enough!”


After saying this, his waist was like a violent thunderstorm, leaving Xiang Han panting for air and then gritting his teeth to prevent his cries from leaking out. After Zhou Yue Ze was satisfied, Xiang Han was still immersed in the unreal feelings, lying on the bed in a daze.


Afterwards, Zhou Yue Ze slid under the thin sheets and expanded a great deal of effort before making Xiang Han cry as he shot.


After Zhou Yue Ze emerged from under the sheets, he planted a kiss on the other person’s lips. Xiang Han had just recovered his senses and was immediately disgusted, “Isn’t it dirty?”


Saying this, he went to take a bath. Zhou Yue Ze was stunned before secretly thinking: You’re disdaining your own thing?


After failing this time, Xiang Han did not allow Zhou Yue Ze near his body, not even letting him into his room.


Zhou Yue Ze was very frustrated. They were clearly together and Xiang Han’s attitude was also not as cold as before, but why won’t he let him come closer? It must be noted that he showered many times in a day and even learnt many massaging techniques from Doctor Zhong…


Xiang Han and Zhou Yue Ze were together for the next half of their lives, but no resonance was established during this period of time.


Just before he was about to leave, Xiang Han was unsure if he was feeling disappointed or relieved. Touching Zhou Yue Ze’s no longer youthful face, he smiled, “In the future, you should forget about me. You definitely cannot remember me.”


Zhou Yue Ze shook his head slowly and softly said, “I will remember you forever.”


“It’s no use even if you remember…” Xiang Han said sadly then lowered his hands.


With a head full of white hair, Zhou Yue Ze froze momentarily before clumsily bringing him into his arms.


Before leaving the world, Xiang Han first went into the simulation space and the System also appeared, asking pitifully, “Mr. Xiang, you’re really leaving?”


Xiang Han hesitated a while before he nodded, “Yes.”


The System returned to its corner sadly. Big A watched and awkwardly said, “Mr. Xiang, you really won’t reconsider? We will definitely protect your identity and will not let you get caught up in the internal strife.”


The Marshal also looked at him hopefully. Xiang Han looked at them and hesitated, “It’s not entirely because of this. Forget it, I’m still going to give up.”


The Marshal could not conceal his disappointment but he still said, “That’s alright, we’ll think of something else. Child, it’s been really hard on you all this while.”


When he was leaving, Big A and Little B sent him off a distance.



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  1. I can’t wait for the next chapter! My guessing skills are wack, I can’t tell what’s going to make Xiang Han stay. I wonder if it’s his dad? His dad will force him, or something?
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  2. Hm…plot twist speculation, how fun it is. Maybe his dad will force him back because it’s a job and it will help find his significant other? Maybe Xiang Han will become a mysophobic in real life so he will want Big A, B and the Marshal to fix him. Or Xiang Han will miss tasting the real food in the simulations so he will want to come back. That is all I have for now… Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. In the end, it is just XH being shy and awkward after finding out Lu Ze is a real person, and also he had done it with that person – albeit virtually? 😂😂😂😂😂 let’s give XH a space first. He’ll come back, otherwise this story will end here 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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