TPWSTKFFMI Chapter 48.2

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations 🙂

Chapter 48.2

“This Disciple doesn’t like anybody looking at Master this way.” It will make him very annoyed. After crushing the yuan souls of the lower level demons, Jiang Tan then softly explained to the youth next to him.

Usually, this degree of possessiveness was unacceptable to most people and might even cause some to have a feeling of wanting to escape. However, Gu Yan still reciprocated, raising his hand to the young man’s head and patting the soft black hair.

The touch on his head was very gentle, making Jiang Tan relaxhis eyebrows. Indulging him to this extent was only making it more difficult for him to control himself from doing anything more excessive.

“The Demon Palace is in the central region, aren’t we going to go?”

Stroking his hair and coaxing, Gu Yan changed the topic lest the other person continued to immerse himself in his emotions. He has already accepted the other person’s paranoia, of course, he could also accept his possessiveness.

Although this extent of possessiveness seems to be a little extreme…

Gu Yan also asked his own system, probably somewhere along the lines of ’00, isn’t that right?’, and only got silence in response.

The host’s emotional intelligence tend to fluctuate. Often, in the face of his lover, he would dig a pit for himself. 037 could not calculate whether to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, so it chose silence.

“En.” At the same time, Jiang Tan hugged the youth’s waist and directly used a teleportation spell. This was a skill he learned after his breakthrough. The downside was that it was unable to make a transfer between the two different dimensions and thus, they have to first go through the abyss of the Underworld.

It was not difficult to teleport to the general location in the central area. Upon reaching the largest building in the center, Jiang Tan extracted the demon from the Jade piece and let him lead the way.

This was also probably the last role that the demon can play for him.

So the Demon Palace ushered in a guest today, or perhaps, a new owner.

After the black matter brought them to their target, in front of the group of three high-level demons, Jiang Tan did not say anything. He merely pinched their Yuan souls in his hands and gave them the choice to surrender or let their Yuan Soul be destroyed.

Power was really a good thing. Jiang Tan narrowed his eyes and stared at the three souls in his hand.

In fact, he did not want to let his Master see this fierce and cruel side of him. When Jiang Tan was doing those things earlier, he would carefully observe the expression of the person next to him.

He had no other choice this time. In the future, he will make sure to do it discreetly in a place where his Master will not be able to see.

Gu Yan’s was very calm and only laughed a little when he discovered that his disciple would occasionally glance at his expression.

His disciple was worried about what he would think, but in reality, he did not have any opinions on this matter. He already knew that when the Taotie beast becomes really fierce, its existence was much more cruel and brutal than that, so the yuan souls pinched in between his fingers were really not a threat…

Once the Taotie beast gets furious, it will truly be like the unfinished ending he had written.

The three Yuan souls that are in Jiang Tan’s hands were coincidentally the top three powers of this abyss.

In front of this pure blooded adult Taotie beast, they were no better than the rest of the low-leveled demons, because the gap between their levels was really too great.

Ants will only be ants, regardless of their size. They were all the same in Jiang Tan’s eyes. Nowadays, there is only one existence among all the creatures who is an exception.

To be a demon elder, no matter how young they look, each one of them is actually at an age beyond imagination. Having finally obtained the height of immortality, who would choose to die? They would, of course, choose to surrender rather than let their Yuan soul be destroyed.

“Do you know the method for restoring my Master’s cultivation?” This result was within his expectations, Jiang Tan loosened his hold on the three souls in his hands. From the start, he did not intend to kill them all immediately. They were the top powers in the demon realm and these three demons were still useful to him…

The things that will dirty his own hands, it will not go wrong to hand it to these demons.

“In order to restore his cultivation, you must first start by reshaping his spiritual veins with a molding spiritual stone. This spiritual stone, this Mast … This servant has one that I will fetch for you later. Having called himself ‘this Master’ for over thousands of years, his speed of adaptation can still be considered relatively fast.

This was a Taotie beast in front of them. This realization made the three demons’ Yuan soul shudder. After living for such a long time, they knew exactly how terrible this existence was.

Although they could not understand why such a terrifying beast had a human being as his Master, they wouldn’t think of asking.

Satisfied, Jiang Tan hummed an affirmative tone. Without even looking, he caught the ball of black matter that was trying to escape. The ink-black eyes that seemed to hold endless darkness narrowed maliciously.

“You also took part in it. Why do you think I will let you go?” It had realized too late.

Jiang Tan slowly tightened his grip on the black matter, little by little… he wanted to let the other person clearly feel the process and the pain before finally crushing his yuan soul.

Watching this whole process, the three demons who had heard the piercing screams extremely treasured their lives and did not wish to experience such a painful ending.

At this moment, the three demons who were sitting at the peak of power in the abyss of the Underworld completely surrendered.

(end of chapter 48)


T/n: so Yuan Soul is something like their core/primary soul

Am currently mid event when i remembered I haven’t posted this so here ye go~ we’re approaching a new world and so farrr things are looking gooddd

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