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Chapter 23.3: Teasing the cat


It looked similar to a pure American shorthair cat. The silver tabby’s hair color was very beautiful, but this was probably due to its owner’s meticulous care.


Taking the menu from the clerk, he noticed they still kept the same old traditional way of ordering. Gu Yan quickly ordered a cup of cappuccino and a chocolate muffin.


After the clerk had left, Gu Yan then gave a low cough, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curve slightly. With a small smile on his face, he whispered a few praises, “Qiuqiu is good.”


All of a sudden he saw many, at least more than 20 creatures that looked very much like him and the Heidis in his lap could not reacted in time.


The original forms of those of the Heidis race was different. Even if the Heidis in his lap wanted to, it was not easy to find those who had the same form as him.


In the first place, it was in the Heidis’s racial nature that they did not like to expose their original form.


In the eyes of all guests in this café, the good-looking dark-haired youth sitting near the railings with his head bowed seemed to be saying something to the cat in his lap. Afterward, the tail of the cat in his lap changed from a lightly swinging motion to a more eager one.


It looks like it was satisfied… Isn’t this too easy to coax?


All those people who had cats in their homes silently thought.


The silver tiger tabby cat on the young man’s lap was extremely adorable, all the guests sitting in the vicinity could not helped but be slightly distracted.


Then saw the big cat raise its head to look at him and licked the youth’s finger. If it was just like that, it was still alright, but afterwards…


After licking, it moved its body to rub against the youth. Those who were closer to them could even hear the cat was issuing a low purring sound.


Finally, someone could not helped but asked, why was it that such an obedient, easy to coax and sticky cat always somebody else’s cat-??


On this side, Gu Yan had just picked up a small knife to cut off a chunk of the muffin, ready to find some hidden angle to feed the Heidis on his leg.


The main reason was that in the eyes of the natives of the Earth, they were a pair of ordinary domestic cat and owner. If he were to feed the Heidis in front of these people, he would be treated as an irresponsible owner.


“Hello, that … may I pet your cat, please?


Gu Yan just heard this sentence when he turned around to see a young girl with an expression full of hope and expectation.


At that moment, a tail had already hooked around his wrist. Before the cat in his lap could do anything more, Gu Yan quickly replied apologetically, “Sorry, my cat is very shy.”

Hearing ‘my cat’ these words, the Heidis let out a few low purrs from its throat and arched into the youth’s bosom.


Shy, but very sticky to its master …




Those sitting nearby could hear their conversation. The more they heard, the more envious they became. In all aspects, this could be said to be their ideal cat’s personality.


“Meow.” A folded-ear cat that was not too far from the youth and not too closed either started to meow pitifully at him.


This distance was chosen because of the Heidis in the youth’s lap that made it not dare to get too close.


At this time, a clerk was just passing by while holding a plate and saw this scene. All their cats in this store were usually very quiet and obedient ah? He was momentarily stunned.


There was probably a daring person …Ah no, there was a cat who was daring enough, causing the other cats in the shop to follow after.


“Hello, that … Could you touch your cat, please?


Gu Ganggang side of the body to hear this sentence, side back to see is a cramped and look forward to the expression of young girls, should be still in school that age. For a moment, the wrist is more than a tail half hook there, in the legs of the big cat before the action, Gu Yishiang apologized back way: “Sorry, my cat is very shy.”

Hearing “My cat” four words, this Hetis from the throat of a low murmur, to the youth arch Arch. Shy, but very sticky master …


Sitting in a neighboring position to hear the words of the youth of the guests who think more and more envy, in all respects, this is an ideal character. “Meow.”

“A folding ear cat squatting in the youth position is not too close and not too far from the place, directed at the youth whispered a cry.”

This distance is chosen because the Hetis on the youth’s legs makes it dare not to get too close.

Just take the dinner plate passing this side of the seat of the clerk Leng, they shop cats are quiet not called AH? There is probably a person who dares to try …

Oh no, there is a cat who dares to try, and the other cats in the shop follow.

After a while, the clerk in the café looked at the cat in their shop and sat down in the direction of the dark-haired youth sitting near the railing, and the young man was not carrying cat food.

And usually the cat in their shop is not called, now unexpectedly surround in the youth’s legs whispered up.

The human self walks the cat mint?

In the face of this situation, the shop assistants do not know whether it is time to bring back the cat in the store, or let go of it.

No way, the guests did not do anything to violate the rules of the café, the cat is their shop in the past.

Gu Yu know that he has always been very animal edge, just came in this café so long not been surrounded by cats, he thought that his animal edge in the world after a change is gone.

Now it seems to be preserved.

So many cats around their legs, but also whispered to himself, Gu is very want to get started to touch the head, but …

A bow to see lying on his lap of the Hetis is muffled silent stare at him, Gu Yu immediately abandoned that what to touch the head of the idea.

Put both hands into the other side lying on the position, Gu Yu Touch This Hetis soft belly belly. “The ball is well-behaved.

“The big cat in his lap stared at it with such eyes, and Gu Yu dared to touch other cats …

If you do, you’re not going to blow your own hair.

It was the first time I saw jealous can have such a large cat, in the vicinity of the whole process of the guests of the guest are invariably thinking.

But still good envy ah, let their cat jealous is a bad taste and feel happy things. Can not tease other cats, then he amused himself this row.

Holding the idea, gu greatly in the final payment to leave this cat café, also can’t help but with bought a tease cat stick.

Although it is back to Earth, Gu Yu also did not rush to all places to visit the idea, is going to live in the current city for one months or so, and then he held his hands with the Hetis back to the empire.

is to stay in this place for one months, Gu Yu simply also rented a house, space size by two people live is more than sufficient.

Buy back the teasing cat stick on the bedside table, Gu Yu just came out from the bathroom, the first thing to see is the pillow on the side of the big cat quietly lying down.

On this side of the Earth is much warmer than Aisers, in the Aisers Gu Yu basically wrapped himself into Zongzi, to the Earth, a shirt will be solved.

The buttons on the youth’s shirt were not buttoned up, and from the white neck they could see a slightly revealing, beautifully shaped clavicle.

The Hetis on the side of the pillow stared at the spot for a moment, then narrowed the pupil.

The big cat who is quiet and lying down looks very docile and obedient, now looking up at him, Gu Yu look at this big cat, and then look at the teasing cat stick on the bedside table …

I can’t help it. “Meow?”

Looking at a fur ball reaching to his eyes, the Hetis failed to understand the youth’s intentions at first, but recalled what he had seen in that room today, the extremely excellent learning ability that tempted it to lift the front paws into the position of the fur ball. In fact, it is easy for a Hetis to pounce on a moving thing.

The Hetis, disguised as a domestic cat, is just a match, and wants to do something that will make the youth feel happy.

All kinds of this big cat in bed before shaking that root tease cats stick, gu big time indulge in teasing cat can’t extricate oneself …




Cold texture of the low voice in the ears sounded, still in the state of micro-Meng nodded, thought the other side is that the root tease the cat stick. I sprang to the Ahan.

Cold texture of the low voice at this time micro-belt on the hoarse, just heard this sentence, Gu Yu feel the neck more than a familiar slightly cool soft touch. He seems to be …

Teasing the cat?

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