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Chapter 26: Proposal

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The learning ability of the Heidis race was excellent in all aspects.

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Gu Yan had finished watching the film and left the cinema with an expressionless face. He was momentarily unable to fully comprehend the plot of the film.


The cat-like Heidis in the youth’s arms was also very quiet, its head was leaning against the youth’s chest but all the way home, the pair of vertical pupils were slightly narrowed.


In the evening, the youth came out of the bathroom and sat down on the couch, pressing the remote control. At this time, the cat-like Heidis jumped into his lap and soon, a gentle touch caressed its back.


On usual days, after this, it would be time for the Heidis to accompany the youth to watch the drama series…


But clearly, today was not one of those days.


The weight on his leg was originally quietly staying still. However, after a moment, Gu Yan gradually felt something soft continuously touching his left hand.


This feeling…


Before he even lowered his head to take a look, he accurately caught the paw of the Heidis that had been constantly touching the back of his hand. Following that, he lightly pinched the soft paw-pads.


Very soft, he particularly enjoyed this feeling.


Distracted by the softness, Gu Yan could not endure and pinched a few more times.


Even though his paws were being playfully pinched, the Heidis did not show any signs of anger and instead, mewed softly.


His purpose had been achieved, he had gotten the youth’s full attention.


“Was this what you wanted?”


This is the famous in the entire Empire of the machine armour, so that its original owner as a love for the lovers of the ‘ toy ‘.

If this is known in the Empire by the people who know this machine, I do not know how bitterly. “This is not a marriage ring.”

Gu Yu A bit funny to say, but still keep on wearing. Well……?

Hear this, the silver officer slightly biased head, do not understand, but anyway according to the youth said to do the right. “It’s a little late now, wait till tomorrow.”

Lying down on the couch, Gu hid his lips and yawned, and in the corner of his eye came a sense of transparent water, and he thought with half a squint– Tomorrow……

Buy a pair of wedding rings directly.

At the moment when the idea had just popped out, the young man who had been lying was crushed by the silvery-haired officer who was falling down into the soft sofa.

Lick the young man’s neck, from the young man wearing a ring when he began to restrain the patience of the Hetis is probably finally give up patience.

In this tightly fitting posture, Gu Yu can easily feel the body that is rubbing against itself, and occasionally dawdling, hard.

“Well …” was entered. Doing this on the couch is very different from the way you feel in bed.

Gu big some put not too open, so the voice of more depressed.

This repressed breathing sound in the top of the Hetis ear, like a switch for him to open a certain, vertical pupil of the more gradually shrink, the range of action also followed by a lot of increase.

It’s too soon …

In the too strong pleasure of some absence, Gu Yu temporarily can’t think of other things, only remember to suppress their own voice. Until the corner of the eye again diffuse a bit of the clear water trace of physiological, gu greatly just barely remember a thing.

The physiological tears were not caused by yawning, but because the Hetis that pressed on him did not stop for a moment.
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