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Chapter 27: Getting closer


To say that the Heidis had not held back was not completely true, otherwise, he would not simply have fucked the youth on the couch until tears filled his eyes, but would make sure that the youth did not have the energy left to even lift a finger.

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According to the youth, the Heidis knows that they are going out tomorrow to carry out a very important task, so the Heidis had purposely left the youth his last bit of strength to go out.


The youth under his body had already passed out from fatigue while the expressionless silver-haired officer lowered his head to gently plant a kiss on his eyes where there were still some traces of wetness.


His * was still buried in the depths of the youth and he also did not want to withdraw for the time being.


Although he wanted to continue to move, the youth had already fallen asleep, looking very exhausted. If he moved …


“Ah …” A wave of pleasure suddenly coursed through him like an electric current. His tired eyelids slightly trembled as he unconsciously let out a soft cry. (Do not click this)

Very close, the big cat just a little lower head, can kiss at the corner of the mouth of the youth. This obviously flattering action let Gu Yume for a while, so by a big cat kiss please, hear that low ‘ grunt ‘ sound …

As a heavy cat control, gu always compromises very easily. Actually yesterday was not very tired …


Was tossing the most of the night, the last is basically tired to sleep over, but now wake up to be lying on the body of this only Hetis sticky rub a kiss, gu greatly instead of active in the heart to each other to excuse up. “Well … All right, good ball. “Gu Yu slightly overdo, by the way the big cat lying on his body for the time being first smoothed to the bed, sat up.”

To be licked again, this bed is estimated to be free.

The current city is an economically developed area, also do not have to open the computer to inquire online, in the previous to the bustling commercial Street, Gu Yu saw several jewelry stores. As usual, the cat-like Hetis holding in hand, gu greatly in the eyes of a jewelry store before the first lightly pinch a hug big cat claw pad: “Is this good?”

After all, this is to buy a wedding ring, he is of course to seek the advice of his partner. The skull still leans in the youth bosom, this only Hetis from the throat to emit the low ‘ Gollum ‘ sound, looks very good obedient.

It never rejects the demands of youth, except at a certain moment, when the voice of the young mute demands to stop or slow down or something.

In that kind of time, even if the youth say to it ‘ the ball is good ‘ These three words also not necessarily useful.

The voice is agreed, Gu Yu raised the soft fur of the cat’s back and walked into the shop door. It’s not uncommon for guests to take a cat into a jewelry store.

But the store does not prohibit the introduction of pets in the rules, is to the black-haired youth introduced the shop ring salesperson at the very heart of the idea turned a turn, still dutifully doing the marketing work. “Ball to pick one.”

“said Gu Yu on the hands of the big cat to a little closer to the counter, so that the other party can clearly see the ring style in the transparent glass.” This guest …

A little strange.

Just a little saliva to the young people to do the sales of the voice in the heart of this thought, which has a cat to pick the wedding ring-?? Since it is the choice of the ring, it must be to marry or to give a lover, it is such an important thing to let a cat decide …

Each other’s lovers, if they know, do not know how to feel. “Is that right?” “Looked at his hand holding the Hetis is the paw in the glass showcase which position, Gu greatly confirmed to ask a sentence, and so heard ‘ Gollum ‘ response sound, Gu Yu to look to the salesperson body:” This section.

” “The size of both rings is as good as mine.”

Last night Gu Yu also specially fumbled, his hand holds the Hetis finger size and he is similar.
Waiting for the shop assistant to the size of the ring, think about it, gu greatly bought a silver necklace.

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