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Chapter 28: He is very good



Ever since the day he was brought out by the youth to get the pair of matching rings, the cat-like Heidis would from time to time, look down to gaze at the ring hanging from his neck then narrow his eyes as he stared at the other ring on the youth’s finger.

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His most important treasure was here, he must carefully protect it.




The Heidis originally in his lap suddenly found himself pushed to the side and issued a low and questioning mew.


“The fridge is empty, I have to go out and stock up more food.”


Gu Yan reached to rub his back before standing up.


The fridge was completely empty. If he still did not go out to buy anything, there would be no dinner tonight. In his original world, Gu Yan was already accustomed to providing for himself …and a cat every day.


Of course, cooking was a necessary skill.


His cooking skills can’t be said to be the best, but it was enough.




The Heidis looked at the youth and tilted his head slightly, he could see that the youth had no intention of bringing him along.


See this head-tilt, Gu Yan had to continue to stroke the head of the big cat. His finger scratched the big cat’s jaw: “Going out for a while, I’ll be back soon. Qiuqiu be good.”


It was inconvenient to pick the food while holding the cat.


His jaw was lightly scratched and the Heidis only resisted for a while before he let out a low purr,  agreeing to the youth’s request. This big cat was easier to appease than the one in his old world.


Looking into the eyes of this pair of beautiful light color vertical pupils, Gu Yan suddenly had an idea.


Every time the cat saw him go out, no matter how he tried to appease it, it would still not be willing to stay at home. It will directly attach itself onto his body, mewing pitifully until he agreed to bring it together …


As though it was afraid he won’t ever come back.


The Heidis in his cat form laid on the sofa and just before Gu Yan left, he heard the Heidis let out a low purr. Standing in the doorway, Gu Yan looked back and saw the pair of light color vertical pupil quietly gazing at him.


It looked extremely obedient, apart from using ‘docile’ there wasn’t a better description.


Looking at this scene, Gu Yan unconsciously sped up his footsteps. If he let this Heidis wait too long, next time it would not be so easy to coax.


They were going to stay on Earth for another week or so. He had bought half a month worth of supplies in three to four bags and had directly thrown them into the space in his ring.


If this was known to the people who know this machine, they would probably be in great pain


But there was no other way, after the original items in the ring had been transferred out, the space in it had been unused. Coincidentally, the space was large enough for him to make the best use of it.


Today’s dinner will be steamed fish as well. His cat liked to eat this and according to the settings, the Heidis would also …


He did not manage to further think about it when Gu Yan footsteps suddenly came to a halt. In front of him, less than two steps away, he saw a person that regardless of his appearance or clothing, stood out from the crowd. not click)

Since that day was held by the youth to buy a pair of ring, this only disguised as a domestic cat appearance of the Hetis nothing like the micro-head to stare at his neck hanging on the ring, and then slightly narrowed pupil gaze at the young left hand of the ring finger.

The most important treasure is here, it must be good to keep the line. “Meow?”

“Originally is lying on the youth leg, now suddenly be smoothed to the side, this only Hetis then issued a representative of the low sound of doubt.” “The fridge is empty and we have to go out and make up some stock.

Gu Yu reached for the soft fur on the back of the big cat and stood up.

is completely empty, do not go out to buy buy a lap, tonight’s dinner can be working demo. In the original world, Gu Yu very early accustomed to a person’s life day … Oh, there’s another cat.

Of course, cooking is a very important skill.

Cooking does not say how good, but certainly is a qualified level. “Meow.”

“The Hetis cat looks at the young man’s head slightly, it shows that the young people do not want to take it out of the meaning.” See this crooked head action, Gu Yu had to continue to this big cat shun Mao, finger scratch in the big cat’s jaw: “Go out for a while, the ball good.”

It’s a little inconvenient to pick the food and hold the cat.

The jaw was lightly scratched, this only Hetis to resist for a while, finally still can not help to send out the low “Gollum” sound, agreed to the youth’s argument. The big cat is better than the one he kept in the old world.

Looking at the eyes of this pair of beautiful light cui color vertical pupil, Gu Yu suddenly out of this idea.

Every time the cat saw him go out, no matter how much he would not be willing to stay at home, will be directly in his body, low-woo until he agreed to take it together with the door so far …

It’s like I’m afraid he won’t come back if he leaves.

The big cat looks like Hetis on the sofa, Gu Yu before going out to hear the other side of his low rang, standing in the doorway position looking back, that pair of light cui color vertical pupil very quietly gaze at him.

Looks very good, except docile obedient not to find other apt description.

Looking back at this scene, Gu greatly unconsciously speed up some footsteps, let this only Hetis wait too long, next time not so good coax. Also in the earth to stay a few more days, the half a month of food buy Qi is about three or four bags, Gu Yu is directly put them are temporarily thrown into the space Shanli of the installed armor.

If this is known to the people who know this machine, it is estimated to be painful again.

But there is no way, the original body of the space button in the transfer of useful things to the hands of this after the unused, just loader a space button space large enough to make the best use of much good.

Today’s dinner will be steamed fish well, their cat likes to eat things, according to the set, the Hetis also …
Did not continue to think about it, Gu Yu suddenly to live in the footsteps, in front of less than two steps away, he saw no matter what the appearance of clothes and people who are incompatible with the people.

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