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Chapter 30: Open your eyes

The day before the end of the month, when the military first received the news that their commander was back, Evan was a little surprised.

He remembered that his commanding officer had applied for a leave of one month, even using up his next year’s leave quota just to accompany the black-haired youth to the place called ‘ Earth ‘ …

They actually returned early?

When he was getting the ship ready for his commanding officer, Evan had already entered the identity of the ship, and the ship did not need to be checked by the Aiser’s safety net.

However, as an aide, he should still go to greet him and report to work to his post at the same time.

The landing point of the ship was in the familiar private mansion. Stepping into the mansion, Evan went towards the broad platform dedicated to docking ships.

Just in time, the ship had just landed and the entrance of the door opened up. The next second, Evan saw the man coming out of the ship……


Swallowing the words that he had wanted to say back into his throat, the young lieutenant who had already held this position for many years looked at the ship and confirmed once more that there was still only the face of the cold and handsome silver officer. The youth was not there.

“Send out the troops to guard the Stargates leading to the Earth, anybody who gets close will be regarded as an enemy and be dealt with accordingly.”

“Understood.” Evan did not dare ask or even mention about the youth when he saw the pair of dark and icy pupils. In the pair of constricted pupils, he could not see a single trace of the previous warmth.

In the study, after finishing a recent report, Evan waited for the silver-haired officer seated to nod before leaving the mansion.

There was….a sort of feeling that was familiar yet at the same time, completely unfamiliar.

His commanding officer had no feelings, even as a relatively close aide, this was Evan’s true thoughts. That was until the accident that led them to have a chance meeting with the dark-haired youth of a weak race. Only then did he change his perception.

His commander was not without feelings, it was just that he only had feelings for a special person.

But now that person seemed to be gone.

Conveying his commander’s order was something Evan was extremely familiar with. Under the Royal guard’s execution, those planets that were connected to Earth were under strict surveillance, not allowing anybody to pass through to the Earth.

Evan was not sure what had happened to his commanding officer and the dark-haired youth on the blue planet outside the Stargate, but now it was definitely impossible to ask the only person who knows.

However, the next day he saw that the name which was originally at the top of the empire’s wanted list had been stricken off. The criminal’s status was recorded as having been ‘executed’ while the executor’s name was his none other than his commander’s. Putting two and two together, Evan could almost guess what happened.

Thinking of how the heads of the other regiments in the army were still interested in the … person who perhaps should not be named, Evan felt a headache and had to personally send each one of them a reminder, lest they ignorantly stepped on a landmine.

In less than a month after this incident, the Empire welcomed a major event that affected the entire military force–

The ascension of a new king. The Heidis Empire welcomed their new emperor. not click)

The day before the end of the month, when the first arrived in the military to receive the news of their own commanders back, Evan is actually a little surprised.

He remembers that his commanding officer was applying for a one-month annual leave, the second year’s vacation quota, to accompany the black-haired youth to the place called ‘ earth ‘ …

You’ll be back early? When the ship was ready for his commanding officer, Evan entered the identity on the ship, and the ship’s Aisers did not need to be checked by a safety net.

But as an aide, he should go to greet him, and report his work by the way.

The landing point of the ship was in the familiar private mansion, stepping into the mansion, and Evan went to the broad platform dedicated to the docking of ships.

The ship had just landed, and the entrance door happened to have just opened, and next second Evan saw the man coming out of the ship– ……

Only one person?

The original to say the words to the mouth to go back to the throat, the deputy has been a few years of young soldiers to the door to confirm the position of more than a look, still only the face of the cold and handsome silver officers, see the figure of youth peers. “The close guard guards the Stargate leading to the new Star field, and the nearest are treated as enemy forces.”

” “…… Is. “Evan did not dare to ask, even dared not mention, because he saw the pair of pupil is too deep and dark cold.”

The pupil is contracted and does not seem to be showing signs of abating for the time being.

In the study to finish the recent work report, waiting for the seat of the silver officer to nod, Evan left the mansion. Have……

I do not know whether to say familiar or unfamiliar feeling. Their commanding officer had no feelings, even as a relatively close aide, Evan used to think so.

It was not until the accident that the dark-haired young man of the small race had appeared, that he had changed that perception.

Their commander is not without feelings, but only for the specific person to leave a feeling.

But now that particular person seems to be out of it.
To convey an order this kind of thing Evan has always been very skilled, and then with the close guard’s execution, that access to the ‘ Earth ‘ Gate was guarded on the same day, not allow anyone to pass.

Evan is not sure what happened to his commanding officer and the dark-haired young man on the blue planet outside the Stargate, and now the only person who has not said it is impossible to ask. But the next day he saw the name on the empire’s wanted list that had been put first, and the result was that it had been executes and found the name of his commanding officer in the column where he was executed.

By connecting these things together, Evan is pretty much able to read it. Think of the other regiments of the army head of the …

People who may not be able to mention the name now are interested, and Evan can only have a headache to start a newsletter and avoid these colleagues stepping into the minefield without any sense of consciousness.

In less than one months, the Empire took on a major event that could affect the distribution of the various military forces Heir ascended the throne, and the Hetis ushered in their new emperor, His Majesty.

If it had been planned, the coronation would have been held only half a month later.

This time, heir ascended the throne in the Presbyterian house almost unanimously passed, which in the history of the empire can be said to be a unique thing.

Their new emperor, His Majesty, soon demonstrated his good will, and in only five years after his accession to the throne, the black Empire built by Hetis completed the unity of power over all neighboring stars.

Every war will fight in person, that from the appearance can even use beautiful to describe the Silver machine armor is like the battlefield of death.

The news of the Empire was never stingy with the story of their new emperor.

The army triumphant, the personnel did not suffer how many damage, in this troop’s most front-line leader position’s silver-haired officer’s face is cold and beautiful, the dark color vertical pupil does not have the slightest temperature.

Although the Hetis’s appearance is very handsome, and in the highest position, but also few people dared to approach. It’s too cold, it’s cold as cool and sensible.

Their Emperor’s Majesty has no feelings, which is almost unanimously recognized in the Empire. But……

Their emperor, His Majesty, has done something that makes them feel very strange.

In the process of unifying the neighboring galaxies, they discovered a new Stargate, on the other side of the Stargate, a blue planet still in a lower civilization.

The resources are so abundant that it is easy for the lower civilizations to take over, but when the sergeants are ready to fight, their Emperor’s Majesty’s orders to the army make them feel strange-

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