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Chapter 33: Third day of being an untouchable flower


There was a tiny ball on his boots, in fact, this small ball was not fat. It was merely because of its small size, coupled with its current half fetus position, it looked extremely round …


No, that was not the point.


From the moment Gu Yan pushed the door open and saw the tiny ball in between the gap, he became completely stunned. Afterward, the small ball had pressed itself against his shoes and tilted its head up to look at him while making a soft meow. He was at a loss.


Where was the awakened Taotie beast bloodline?


Although its bloodline was less than a third, this small ball at his feet had no reason to look like a small kitten.


The sound the small ball had made was also similar to that of a cat. Earlier when the small ball had meowed lowly, Gu Yan was caught unprepared.


At that time when he had been writing this novel, Gu Yan did not specifically describe the villain boss’s original form. To see it now personally …




Meeting the gaze of the pair of vertical light color pupils, Gu Yan froze.




In the pair of vertical pupils, an image of the young cultivator dressed completely in white was reflected. The youth stretched out a hand towards him.


The young cultivator in front of him had a very familiar smell. When he had been in the darkroom earlier, this was the smell that made him eager to get closer.


Seeing the beautiful long and slender fingers moving closer towards him, the small ball instinctively leaned forward and gently licked it. After licking it, it moved its whole body onto the youth’s outstretched hand, meowing softly.


It was really a newly awakened beast, its mind had truly regressed to one of a child’s …


The silly expression of the furball that had put itself on his hand made Gu Yan almost lose control of his own facial expression. He unconsciously wanted to relax the creased eyebrows.


Very similar …


Whether it was in terms of appearance or the way it looked up at him while licking his fingers, it was all extremely similar.


Holding up the cub which seemed to have at least a little fat to keep it warm, Gu Yan used his sleeves to cover the small ball’s back, trying not to let the cold wind through.


It was a rather chilly winter and moreover, it was night time. With his cultivation, he was certainly not afraid of this low temperature but the small cub in his hands…


Just as he put his sleeves over the small ball’s back, Gu Yan heard a low purring from his arms.


Rubbing against the youth’s warm body, this cub instinctively showed a slight trembling appearance.


Although his mind had become that of a child’s and does not remember his own memories when he had been in his human form, his instincts tell him that doing so will allow the youth to care more for it. not click)

There is a young group on the boots. In fact, this young group is not fat. It is only because of its small size. With the current posture of half crouching, it seems to be a little round….

No, this is not the point.

From the moment when he saw the young corps get out of the crack in the door, Gu Yan shook it. Then the young corps pressed his body into his boots and said nothing but raised his head and yelled at him. Gu Gu now is a bit stunned.

Is it good to be awakening blood?

Although the blood lineage is less than one-third, the young batsman now in his boots can’t seem to be a little tit cat from any angle.

The cry is also the standard meow, and it was a bit low-pitched. Gu Gu was a little off guard.

At the time of writing this article, Gu Yan did not specifically describe the original form of the opponent’s boss.


And the pair of vertical pupils stared at each other, which gave Gu Yan a shy look.


In the scene reflected by the vertical pupils, the monk in the white moon robe faded his eyes and leaned over to reach out to him.

The young man in front of him has a very familiar smell. When he smells the smell from the house, he desperately wants to approach it.

At the moment when the slender, nice-looking fingers were near, the young instincts instinctively came close and softened. After they had finished, it moved the body and barked on the hand that the young man came up with, and the sound was low and low. A sound.

Sure enough, it was the awakening of the bloodstream that changed back to the original form of the cub, and the heart was becoming younger…

The ignorant look of this young corps with his body in his hands made Gu Yan feel his own expression, and wouldn’t be conscious of soft eyebrows.

It’s like…

The appearance is also good, like to look up at his fingers and look at him with that kind of focused gaze.

The cub that felt only a few flesh seemed to have picked up. Gu Yan covered his sleeves on the back of this small young group, trying not to let the cold wind penetrate.

It was a very cold winter, and now it is still night. His monk who had attained a spiritual age was certainly not afraid of this low temperature, but he was in this cub…

Having just put a sleeve on the back of the young corps, Gu Yan heard a low voice of “咕噜咕噜” sounding in his arms.

After arching into the young man, the cub relied on instinct and made a trembling look.

Although the mind becomes younger, the cub does not remember his own memory in the human form at the moment, but instinct tells it that doing so allows the youth to care more about it.

The reality is also true. The young group who found himself in her arms seemed to be trembling cold. Gu Da-yen was really unable to stand up to his expression. He couldn’t hold back raising his hand and obeyed the back of the young group. Appease: “Hey…”

Anyway, if the other party does not remember things now, he will have nothing even if the collapsed people are set up. Just install them in front of other people.

The technique is a good thing, but it is a pity that Gu Yan does not have time to explore the use of methods, otherwise he may be able to use the tactic to give the cubs he is holding to drive out the cold.

No longer thought about it, Gu Yan first came into the house with the youngster. This house looks very simple from the outside, the inside is the same, the space is not big, in a conspicuous position can find a wardrobe to put clothes.

After searching for the meeting from the closet, Gu Yancai barely found a piece of clothing that looked slightly warmer.

It was too tragic for this villain to flee when he was a child. Even before he was awakened, he couldn’t even build a foundation. His constitution was still ordinary, and of course it would be cold and hungry.

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