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Chapter 35: Fifth day of being an untouchable flower

The cold-faced cultivator was holding a small kitten with great care in his bosom. There was no need to mention how shocked those disciples who saw this were.


Who in this sect did not know that this peak master was extremely cold and hated people getting close? If anybody dared to get anywhere as close as a meter to him, his whole body would exude an icy aura.


Were animals an exception to this?


The sight of the young man’s hand on the cub’s back that seemed to be soothing the cub could even be described as tender. The impression these disciples had of their peak master subtly changed after seeing this scene.


He suddenly did not seem as distant and unapproachable as before.


“Shifu, this disciple has not seen Jiang Tan Shidi in the Wen Yun Platform for the whole of this morning and feels extremely worried. Does Shifu knows if Shidi is unwell today?” The disciple in front of him who had just finished receiving some martial arts guidance lowly asked.


The young man in front of him was the shifu who he spoke of and because of this, it was only normal for him to ask this question out of concern.


However, the chief disciple clearly knows that the youth does not care about the person he was speaking of.


“Don’t know.”  Gu Yan replied shortly and coldly in order to not differ too much from the original personality of this body.




Gu Yan rubbed the seemingly round and soft little ball in his bosom a little, feeling like he had indeed raised this ball well.


This newborn ignorant state would probably last about a month or so. In this one month time, it was probably enough to fatten this it up.


Although its torso now looked a little round and felt meatier, in reality, it’s actually all just fluffiness. When it grows up, it will definitely not be as round anymore.


“This…” The chief disciple hesitated for a while and then continued: “Although Jiang Tan little brother had done something wrong, he is still young. As long as he is willing to repent, he should be forgiven. However, it seems like shidi is skipping classes now, isn’t this too much…”



In the end, his words grew fainter for the disciple suddenly perceived a cold gaze that landed on him. A pair of pupils that were fixed on him gave him the feeling of a prey being stalked. At any moment, he could be ripped to shreds.


Feeling the immense pressure, the chief disciple froze in terror and could only feel cold sweat dripping down his back.


This kind of fear could only be caused by who knows how much of a difference in their cultivation levels. The pressure disappeared too quickly and the disciple that had just experienced the feeling of being gripped by terror almost thought it was an illusion. not click)

Chapter 35

Indifferent deserted monks holding a milk cat in his hands, is still a kind of care carefully in his arms, this scene to see the eyes of the chief disciple on the head stage not to mention how strange.

Zongmen who do not know this respect has always been cold temperament, especially not close to people, someone close to one meter range must be cold atmosphere … …

Is this exception to animals?

Seeing the young man raising his hand and stroking him on the ridge of the cub, as if soothing, the action can even be described with gentleness. This scene makes these chief disciples have a subtle impression on the impression of their own lord. Variety.

Perhaps it is not so unapproachable and inaccessible.

“I didn’t see Jiang talk to her brother all over the morning today. The disciple was really worried. I don’t know if he is ill today.” Facing the young man, he was looking down on his face. The disciples asked in warm words.

The young man in front of him is the master of the object pointed to by him. If he only follows this relationship, it is normal for him to ask the youth about this issue.

However, this chief disciple clearly knew that the young man did not care about the person he spoke of.

“No,” Gu Yan said with a low voice and his sentence was short, so that he would not be too different from the original image.

What’s wrong with your body…

Gu Da-yin touched his belly, which was a little round and soft and warm, in his arms. He felt that he had maintained this young group well.

This state of primary ignorance probably lasts for about a month, and this month should be enough for him to raise some of the youngsters.

Now that this trunk part looks a bit round, it feels like it has two or more flesh. However, this is all puffiness. It will certainly be a round if the figure grows up.

“This…” The chief disciple was hesitant about the meeting. After he paused, he continued to say, “Although Jiang talked about his younger brother, he did something unruly. When he was young and young, as long as he was willing to change it, it must have been possible. Forgiveness, but the younger brother is now so neglected that it is not proper…”

This sentence is said to be silenced in the end because the disciple notices a cold and cold line of sight. There is a pair of vertical pupils staring at him like a prey, ready to pounce on him to bite him and tear his throat. The haze of the limbs.

Feeling the terror of the moment, the chief disciple froze his body and felt his handcuffed upside down.

This terrible coercion is a matter of how many different levels of repair may be caused by the difference, but it will disappear too quickly. After disciplining the cold, this disciple only thinks that he is an illusion.

After all, what is held by a young man in his arms is just a young and ignorant milk cat. What kind of coercion can there be?

And as other neighbors around the world look as usual, this disciple can only admit that he is the illusion of himself.

The man is in front of it and is saying bad things to people he likes. Even if the memory as a human form is not restored for the time being, this young cub can also be unaware of this.

“I assigned him a mission.” If a person does not have a month or so at least and every morning exercises are not present, it will certainly cause others to talk about it. Gu Yan also thought about this early.

After this sentence, Gu Yan went to the side slightly. The young group he was holding in his hands did not know why it was moving, and the sound it made was…

“Yeah.” The voice of the word was extremely low. Gu Yan’an touched the cub’s head and touched it. His fingers just touched the ear that was suddenly moving.

After a whisper for a moment, the cub squatted his vertical pupil and calmed down. It was meant to remember the person who dared to talk bad things about it, thinking that as it grew older, it would go and swallow that life.

This young cub has always been a must-have character, and it is a type of return. It’s as if someone is just saying bad things about it, waiting for the ability to one day, and letting this person use blood to pay back.

But the young man holding it just said “乖” to it and touched its head…

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