Note: Before everything else, I would like you guys to know that the Taotie beast can also be known as the gluttonous beast so as to avoid confusion in certain parts of this chapter and can also be used to explain the cub’s greediness(for food and maybe something else) in this chapter

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Chapter 36: Day six of being an untouchable flower


Gu Yan has always been extremely skilled at this kind of thing like raising a cat. In just half a month, he had already raised this little cub that liked to stick to him day in and day out to be… a little fatter.


In this period of time, Gu Yan had basically forgotten that this was not a real kitten but a Taotie cub who would in the future, exert great pressure on even cultivators in the Yuanying realm no matter where he stood.


Of course, right now the cub was lying on the youth’s lap, purring with pleasure as it allowed the youth to stroke its fur from its head to his tail. Slightly narrowing the pair of pupils, it looked rather happy.


Docile and harmless, well-behaved and obedient. In this half a month time, this small ball in front of youth had such an image.


The theft case which almost everybody knew of was suppressed Gu Yan and the disciples were barred from privately discussing it.


The inner sect Deacon had also in accordance to the youth’s orders, found out the truth of the matter. Gu Yan let the other person first hand over the evidence in his hand, thinking that when the small ball regains his human form, he will be able to return his disciple his innocence..


Thinking about this, Gu Yan took a while to realize that the [crunch] sounds of the little cub feeding had stopped.


Looking down, he saw that the two front paws of the small ball were still holding onto a piece of stone, which had been eaten less than a third but did not know why it had stopped eating. Looking at his two front paws, Jiang Tan was slightly stunned.


Although his bloodline allowed this taotie cub to know a lot of things, in the process of restoring his human form, he was unable to react immediately


Right now, he…


“Don’t like to eat this type of spirit stones?” Gu Yan stretched out a hand to touch the belly of this small ball on his leg, the latter also habitually turned over its small body in response. Lying on its back, the small ball revealed a soft belly.


This belly does not feel as fat as usual. It had been awhile since its last meal, so now that this small ball has only eaten so little, there was no way it was full.


If he remembered correctly, Taotie beasts could especially eat. [1]


The cub’s appetite was too small, this made Gu Yan worry about the development of the small ball.


Hearing the familiar yet unfamiliar voice, Jiang Tan who had been lying on his back saw the face of the person speaking and blanked for a moment.


In his memories, the young man in front of him had only always had an indifferent and cold expression. Moreover, they rarely had any actual interactions, mostly, he just saw the back of this person.


Jiang Tan never cared about being ignored by the other person because just like how the other person hated him, he also had no affection for his master.


But now, something was different …


Watching the gentle eyes of youth, Jiang Tan found himself unable to look away, he just wanted to keep looking.


He had never seen the youth with such an expression before, the pair of vertical pupils gazed at the youth’s face. The cub had a very serious expression as he stared as if wanting to greedily absorb every subtle change of his face. not click)

This kind of thing is very good for cats. However, for half a month or so, he puts on a young group that sticks to him all day and night… It feels better.

During this period, Gu Yan had basically forgotten that this was not a real cat, but a station where he grew up to go casually, and only the pressure could beat the monks under the age of the infant. Hey.

Of course, this young cub is now crouching on the lap of the youth, taking advantage of the young man’s ability to extend his hand to follow the top of his head and spine, and even squint up his vertical pupil. He looks rather happy.

Tender and harmless, well-behaved and obedient, this group of young people showed such an image in front of young people for more than half a month.

The incident of theft, which was previously known to be known to everyone in Zongmen, was suppressed by Gu Yan. The door disciple was prohibited from discussing the matter privately.

The internal deacons had already found out the truth according to what he had told him to do. Gu Yan asked the other person to pinch his evidence in his hand and think that when the young group he was raising could restore the human form, he would still face up to himself. Apprentice is innocent.

Thinking about things, Gu took a few slow beats to find that the babbling of the young corps on his legs had stopped.

Looking down, he saw that the two forepaws of the young corps were still pressed on the stone that ate less than one-third, but they did not know why they had stopped.

Looking at his two front paws, Jiang talked slightly. Although the inheritance of the blood has made this young cub understand many things, it will still not be able to adapt to it at one and a half.

He is now…

“Isn’t I like to eat this kind of spiritual stone?” Gu Yan stretched his hand to touch the belly of the young group on the leg. The latter also habitually flipped over when he touched the belly, and he was lying on his back. The soft belly was revealed.

This stomach did not feel like a micro drum. It was a long time since the last meal. Now that the young group only eats this, it is impossible to be full.

Do you remember that you should not be particularly able to eat?

The food intake of young cubs is too small, which has caused Gu Da-hsien to worry about the development of the young larvae.

Hearing that it was a familiar or unfamiliar voice, he saw the face of the person who spoke when he was lying on his back, and Jiang even stopped thinking about it.

Young people in memory are indifferent to his cold attitude, and there are few such positive situations. What he has seen most often is the back of this person.

Jiang talks never bothered to be ignored by the other party, because just as the other party dislikes him, he doesn’t like his own master.

But what’s different now?

Looking at the young gentle eyebrows, Jiang talked about not being able to move away from his eyes and just wanted to keep watching.

I have never seen young people look like this. Vertical pupils look at young people’s faces. This sly cub looks very seriously and nearly greedily catches every subtle expression change of the youth.

His master is very beautiful. Jiang talked about this for the first time in the face of youth.

From the perspective of Gu Da, the young corps in the leg was lying still, and the brightly colored vertical pupil was round. So he stared at him all the time and he didn’t look at the food he had let go.

“Yeah…” Gu Yan took this young group a little more, first took a few twists and pulled the other jaw’s jaw back to the other person’s attention, and then tried to put that stone to the mouth of the cub. Get closer.


“Erase, wipe…”

It didn’t seem like he didn’t like this food, but Gu Dawei meditated on it. Then the moist sensation from his fingers made him slightly bend his eyebrows, teased and scratched the lower jaw of the young group.

The curvature of the young eyebrows is very small, but in the eyes of Jiang Tan, this is a very clear and obvious smile.

After recollecting the memory of this half-a-half month, the image of the youth in front of the youth in this memory was indifferent to the coldness of the memory of the babbling cub. Instead, it is replaced by the present ……

It will appease the gentle backsliding of its back, and it will be anxious because it does not eat food, and it will be gentle to the face.

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