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Chapter 37: Day seven of being an untouchable flower

Unknowingly, a month had passed and this Taotie cub was still delaying the change to its human form.

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In particular, it was clear that the youth these days, or since the day before started looking at him differently.


This sort of gaze made the cub want to seem a little more docile and a bit more obedient.


In the end, it even suppressed its gluttonous instincts and held back its strong thirst for violence, maintaining a docile and harmless facade. This was so the youth would continue to look at him.


“The taste of the Five elements spirit bead should be different?” Watching the little cub on his lap [Crunch. Crunch.], eating with great pleasure, Gu Yan revealed a slight smile. Hearing this voice, the cub raised its head and let the youth’s hand tease with its perky ears.


“Meow.” Purring loudly, the cub moved closer to the youth. This Taotie cub was shamelessly taking advantage of its own appearance without any hesitation or guilt. It no longer wanted to return to its human form. In its human form, it may not be able to get close to this person.


The system had already gone into hibernation. Before that, 037 had told him the results of the data comparison.


The cub on his leg still had a newborn’s ignorant appearance, Gu Yan was unaware that the other party had already regained his memories from the time when he was a human. Meeting the pair of wide and round light color vertical pupils, Gu Yan softly murmured: “Qiuqiu, be good …”


When his system recovers, he has to thank it for telling him such good news.


In an instant, the pair of pupil narrowed into slits. Hearing the young man say these words seemed to suddenly cause the Taotie beast to have a strong reaction. As if worried that the youth would not hear it, the cub miaowed loudly a few more times, the pair of vertical pupils firmly fixed on to the youth’s face.


Whether it was living or not, in the eyes of the Taotie beast cubs, they were all the same as dead things. After all, they never cared about what they ate. As long as they are able to gain the power to fill their endless desire to devour, these things all served the same purpose.


However, in the eyes of this particular little cub, there was something living, full of life, whose presence was within its reach.


It was willing to do anything for this person. At this moment, in the heart of the Taotie cub, it was extremely clear on this matter.


The cub’s mew was so soft that Gu Yan thought it was merely asking for something.


This cub was still very small, he did not know how long it would take for it to reach adulthood…


In the last world, the difference between an ordinary human’s physique and the Heidis race’s was too great, he was always under the Heidis care, especially in the winter.


“It’s OK not to grow up so fast.”


Lightly pinching the paws of the small ball on his leg, Gu Yan said this seriously.


He was very happy to raise the cub, especially after knowing that this was the same existence as the Heidis he met in the last world, Gu Yan unconsciously started to treat this small ball better and better.


As for what this unrestrained indulgence will bring to Gu Yan in the future, he could not bear to look but this was a story for another time.


The purring gradually died down and the small ball rubbed against the youth with more energy than usual. It unexpectedly did not want to listen to him.


It must grow up quickly in order to gain strength. When it grows up, it can give the youth all kinds of precious treasure and everything good.


Also, it will be able to protect this person.


Staring at the faint curve of the youth’s lips, the cub narrowed its pupil.


It would be better to grow up quickly.


Eleven days passed and it was time for the sect to recruit new inner sect disciples. Such events usually did not require the peak master’s presence but the cultivators today saw the cold and aloof youth appearing.


Could it be that he wanted to pick a good seedling and nurture him to become a direct disciple in the future?


The young man was not satisfied with his only disciple and none of the chief disciples was able to enter his eyes, it was not strange that his current actions will cause others to have this assumption.


Even Jiang Tan thought so.


Holding the small ball that was mewing lowly in his arms, it sounded a little unhappy and wronged. This made Gu Yan laugh. not click)

Chapter 37

Unconsciously, the time has passed a month, but this young cub is still delaying the delay in not wanting to change back to human form.

In particular, it clearly felt that young people had come to see their eyes and eyes for the past few days, or that they had changed from the day before yesterday…

When it got it to be watched by this gaze, it just wanted to make itself more awkward and more obedient.

For this reason, it can even suppress the fierce and devastating devour of the kneeling instinct and keep it gentle and harmless as long as the youth can continue to watch it.

“Is the taste of the five elements of Lingzhu not quite the same?” Look at the young siblings on the legs and eat them. Gu Yan bends his lips and lifts his head as he looks up at him. Hand to fiddle with the erected ears.

“Yeah.” While squatting near the young man, this young cub uses his advantage without psychological barriers. Do not want to change back to human form, in the form of people, it may not be like this close to this person.

The system attached to him entered a dormant state. Before entering sleep, 037 told him the results of the data check.

The cubs on the legs still look like they were ignorant. Gu Yan did not know when the other person had recovered the memory of the human form, and the pairs of brightly coloured vertical pupils looked round. Gu Yan’s voice was soft and subtle. Balls…”

When his system is restored, he must thank him for a good job. His system has told him such a good message.

In a flash, when the pupils were tightened and the young singers heard the three syllables, it was like entering into some sort of stress. As if he was worried that the young people could not hear it, it responded several times with low-spiritedness. The vertical pupil was firmly on the face of the youth.

Whether it is moving things or things that will not move, nothing is different from dead objects in a blind eye. After all, they never care about what they are swallowing. As long as they can gain strength and fill the bottomless desire to devour, the use of these things is the same for them.

But in the eyes of the young cub, who is still in its infancy, there is a living being, which is incomparably live, and is within easy reach of its eyes.

Willing to do anything for this person, at this moment, there is only this clear and strong idea that fills the heart of this young cub.

The sound made by the young cub was soft, so that it continued to whisper, so Gu Gu once thought it was asking for something.

This cub is still very young. I don’t know how long it will take to grow up…

In the previous world, the human constitution of ordinary human beings was totally inadequate compared with the alien race. He was always taken care of by that Hertis in the last world, especially in the winter.

“You can’t grow up so fast.” Gently pinching the claw pad of the young corps on his leg, Gu Yan said this sentence when the tone was quite serious.

He was happy to keep the cub, especially after knowing that the cub was the same as the psyche Hetis had met in the previous world, and Gu Yan couldn’t help the little cub any better. Better …

As for the consequences of this unrestrained pet cunning that caused Gu to see nothing, that is what happened.

Stopping the groan in the throat, the cub arches into the young man. It is rare that he does not want to do what the youth says.

It needs to grow up quickly to gain strength. When it grows up, it can take various treasures for the youth and send all those good things to the youth.

It also protects this person at that time.

Staring at the slight curvature of the young man’s lip, the cub squatted a vertical pupil.

It can be grown up quickly.

After another eleven days, it was on the day that Sinmun accepted the new disciple. The entry test did not require the arrival of a person at the peak level. However, the deacon who presided over the trial saw the desolated young monk on the court today.

Isn’t this Zun Shang trying to pick a good seed and accept it as a pro-disciple?

The young man is not satisfied with his only pro-disciple disciple, and he has not even looked at the chief disciple of Zongmen. It is not surprising that his current move will make other people think this way.

Even Jiang talked that way.

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