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Chapter 38: Day eight of being an untouchable flower


Gu Yan was not preparing to accept Shen Yan as a disciple. This entrance test was only to confirm his objective, other matters such as establishing a relationship could be done later.


He wanted to get the Vatican Lotus that was inside of the signet ring from Shen Yan, preferably through a mutually beneficial trade. Anyway, this thing did not have the slightest benefit to Shen Yan, bringing it by his side would only damage his physique. If he wanted to do a trade with Shen Yan, it was not impossible.


The small ball in his arms was unhappy, Gu Yan thought about it for a moment before grasping the reason With a subtle feeling, he left the tournament field.


Because of his expressionless face, the inner sect deacon who watched the youth leave could not tell what he was thinking.


Just now the youth’s eyes had lingered on Shen Yan for a while but then simply walked off the next moment. In the end, does he fancy this disciple or not?


Somehow, this matter was spread to the head of the peak and the result was, the very next day, Gu Yan heard that the head had sent him a record.


This was the record used to record the names of the newly recruited disciples. Now that they had sent it to him and according to the messenger, the head was actually letting him have the first choice on whichever disciple he wanted.


This was probably to compensate him for pushing Jiang Tan onto him at that time.  Gu Yan had just put the record on the table when the originally silent small ball in his arms moved. Jumping out of his arms, and onto the table, the small ball pressed its body against the book, looking up and staring at him silently.


Yesterday he had scratched the jaw of the small ball, coaxing “Qiuqiu, be good” until it was pacified.


This degree of jealousy … Compared to the last world, was really not inferior.


While the cub was still very small, in this one month, it had grown a little fatter. Lying on the book, it just covered the entire surface nicely.


The low and unhappy mew was familiar, familiar enough to let Gu Yan unable to resist teasing it. Reaching his hand towards the edge of the book under the small ball, he then lifted a finger and poked at the small paws.


The Taotie cub endured the continuous poking, mewing lowly as it refused to even move an inch.


Just like how in the last world he had teased that Heidis with the cat stick, although Gu Yan now knows that they were the same person, he was momentarily unable to resist teasing the cat.


In the previous world, the consequence of teasing the cat was the complete loss of his morals. He was completely ‘eaten’ by the Heidis and now in this world, Gu Yan had obviously not learned his lesson.


The more he poked, the more addicted he became. Especially when this small ball widened the pair of vertical pupils to look at him, it looked extremely easy to bully. Gu Yan simply cannot control himself.


And thus, his consequences came.


“Master. ” not click)


Chapter 38

It is not prepared to accept as a disciple. Gu Yan came to this entry-level trial only to confirm this target.

He wants to fetch the Vatican from the sinker, and it is best to have a mutually beneficial deal. Anyway, this thing does not have the slightest benefit to human beings. Bringing them around will only harm the physique, and it will not be unwilling to use it to make a transaction.

The young lumps in his hand are fried, and he thinks that he will grope for a reason. He left the trial field with a subtle feeling.

As always, the young people looked cold, and the deacons who watched each other’s leaving were simply unable to guess the intention of the youth.

Just now, the young people’s eyes stayed on Shen Bao for a while. Now it’s so simple. Is it fancy or not?

This incident did not know how to reach the head of the place. As a result, on the second day, Gu Yan received a volume that was sent by the chief.

This is used to record the young disciples and is now sent to him. According to the person who conveys it, the chief is saying to him that these disciples are meant to be chosen by him.

This is probably to compensate for what Jiang had said to him.

Gu Yangang put this volume on the table, and the young group he was holding was still moving. Jumped in and out of his arms, jumped to the table, and pressed his body on the volume, looking up at him with a muted gaze.

Yesterday he was scratching the “ball ball” while scratching the jaws of this young group.

This vinegar is … … compared with the previous world, it is really no less.

The cubs are small in size, but they have grown up a little bit this month. The crouching on the volume is just enough to hold them down.

This kind of muffled look was very familiar. He was so familiar that he couldn’t hold back and tease it. He reached up to the edge of the volume that was pressed by the young group, and lifted a finger to poke. The young group pressed the forepaw on the volume book.

This young cub would allow him to poke the poke, crouching and saying nothing unwilling to move.

Just as the last world took funny cats and teased that Hittis, and knew that it was the same person, Gu Yan was now teasing the cricket and was unable to stop.

The consequences of being overly funny in the previous world was that the parade had lost its light and was not even left by the Hittis’ “eat”. Even in this world, Gu Dawei apparently did not learn a lesson.

The poke became addictive, and especially the young group stared at him with a round pupil. This was a good bully, and Gu Daxian said that he could not hold it.

Then the consequences came.


Just poked on the soft flank of the cub’s cub, the next second, Gu Yanzhuo found that his sleeve was being licked by a child. The dark-haired child’s hand grabbing his sleeves wasn’t as hard as it could be, or dared not to use force. He lowered his eyebrows with his eyes, and the dark ink-like eyes were halfway under the eyes.

Jiang Tan didn’t want to watch the youth in front of him. On the contrary, the desire was very strong. But just being so funny about the youth, he is now just looking at the youth and there will be a kind of impulse to deceive him and put him under his body.

Still young, this cub certainly does not understand what kind of desire it is.

Respecting the teacher is the first rule taught by Sungmun. In the original storyline, Jiang Tan did not half-favor his own Master, but his basic respect was still there before he was so fierce. After blackening was a mess, he did not mention it.

And now it is not the same, the young people in front of him have some kind of indescribable strong attraction. Jiang talks even forgot about what the young people used to look like. I only remember that for more than a month, the young people were very indulgent to him and could even describe it with pet grooming…

Almost as long as he asks for something, young people will not refuse.

How could he have this idea of ​​inconsequential thinking, Jiang talked with himself with low eyebrows. There is no need to ponder over what to do after putting young people under their feet.

Although waiting a few years later to think back to today’s events, Jiang talked about some of his regrets why he had not thought about it.

If he thinks carefully, he can understand his own mind earlier and know what he thinks about his master.

It seems like it’s too funny…

Wait, why is it again? To the child in front of his eyes, he came back cold and when he got back to God, Gu Yan had already touched the head of the dark-haired child.

“King changed back.” Withdrawal of his hand, Gu Yan pretends to be a cold voice.

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