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Chapter 41


The vicious monster could not help but shrink back into its cave. An irregular and faintly radiant jade laid exposed at the place which was originally occupied by the Beast. This was the treasure it was guarding.


Now that the beast had moved aside and did not seem to show any signs of coming closer, its shrinking figure in the corner of the cave seemed like a terrified rabbit.


In particular, when Gu Yan moves a little closer, he can see that what obviously was a fierce and incomparable monster now seemed to want to hide away a little longer.


In terms of appearance, Gu Yan thinks his physical appearance was still not bad. As for why the beast looked at him as though he was a ghost…


Although this was a good thing and saved him a lot of trouble, in the face of this strange situation, Gu Yan was still slightly speechless.


[The scent of the Taotie beast is really similar to seeing a ghost for normal beasts.] Perceiving the inner thoughts of its host, 037 responded as such.


“So this is the reason…” Gu Yan continued to move closer towards the spiritual quenching jade and quickly accepted this explanation.


He did not specifically write this setting, but from a theoretical point of view, this would indeed be the case.


Taotie beasts were ancient mythological creatures, it was normal for these ordinary beasts to feel the pressure from their difference in levels. Moreover the young cub at home stuck to him daily, it had most likely left its scent on him.


Even until Gu Yan touched the piece of jade, the leopard-like beast continued to remain motionless in the corner. It did not even dare to feel angry when he saw the youth touching the Jade it had been carefully guarding, the pair of dark red, beast-like pupils only watched as it waited for this terrifying existence to leave.


Gu Yan only came to hunt for treasures. If there were no conflicts, he did not want to kill the beast.


Successfully receiving the piece of spiritual quenching jade and storing it in his space, Gu Yan left the red stone forest. He did not forget that the main purpose of this trip was to search for a few kinds of special refining materials.


If he was able to refine it, he will not have to worry that his apprentice would attract unwanted attention because of his rapid rise in cultivation level.


Gu Yan’s side went smoothly. On the other side, in another place–


A distance away from where Gu Yan was, Jiang Tan was currently walking towards a lake far away.


The information acquired through the blood inheritance was originally very vague, but when he arrived at this place, Jiang Tan knew that the place it pointed to was here.


There was a cave under the water. <You must first dive until you reach a certain depth then swim through a narrow passage before you can enter a special structure without water.>


In the information he received from the blood inheritance, the moving thing was there. not click)


The sinister monsters do not live in the cave, and an irregular and faint jade is exposed from the original position of the monster. This is the treasure it guards.

But this monster has now left that position, and there is no move to get close, shrinking into the corner of the cave, it looks like a rabbit.

In particular, Gu Yan is a little closer to the front, and he can see that this monster, which is obviously fierce, is astonished and seems to want to hide a little further.

On the appearance of the appearance, Gu greatly admits that his own skin is still quite good, so that this monster can see him like a ghost…

Although this is a good thing, it saves hands, but in the face of this strange situation, Gu Yan is still a little aphasia.

“The sigh of breath for these ordinary monsters, smells really like a ghost.” Perceived the inner thoughts of his own host, 037 responded with such a sentence.

“It is for this reason…” Gu Yan continued to move closer to Quin Lingyu, but accepted it very quickly.

He did not specifically write this setting, but in theory, this statement is indeed plausible.

饕餮 is an ancient beast, it is normal for these ordinary monsters to have a level of pressure, and the cockroach that is raised by the family sticks to him every day. It is estimated that the singer is smelling that the young group left on him. Smell.

Until Gu Yan touched the jade on his hand, this monster with a shape resembling a leopard still moved to the corner and did not dare to have the wrath of the guarded object being touched. The dark red beast only observed this. When can terror be able to leave.

Gu Yan is only looking for treasures. If he can’t afford conflict, he doesn’t want to kill this monster.

After successfully passing the piece of quenching jade to the mustard space, Gu Yan left the red stone forest. He did not forget that the main purpose of his trip was to find the special materials for the refining instruments.

If you succumb to this thing, he will not have to worry that his apprentice will be eye-catching because of the rapid improvement of his realm.

Gu Da has a variety of air transport here, everything is going very smoothly, and on the other side –

In another area far away from Gu Yan’s location, Jiang Tanzheng leaned over to see a lake in the distance.

The information obtained through the bloody inheritance was originally only a vague concept, but when I arrived at this place, Jiang Tan knew that the place where the message refers is here.

There is a cave under the water. <You must first sneak into a very deep position and swim through a narrow passage before you can enter a special water-free area.

In the message of the blood heritage, the thing that is moving is here.

Jiang Tan wants to sneak into this water, but he doesn’t want two people to follow him.

That thing is what he wants to give to his master. Jiang talks that there is no idea of ​​dividing the income with others.

He wants to send a complete gift to the youth.

“Ye Shimei said that she was hungry. I just used the technique to hunt down a few flying birds, but now I have no tools to peel off the fur. Before I saw the younger brother, you are using a dagger. I wonder if I can borrow it?” Young man’s eyebrows Peace, this is the third time they have met in this mountain forest. After all, this mountain is not big, but neither side has the idea of ​​teaming up, only collaborating once when they meet.

After Jiang’s conversation was randomly transmitted, it was not long before he met the man and the woman in the vicinity. The style of the robes was a heavy disciple.

This area has been searched for almost the same, these two people have also found a lot of good things, Jiang talked about waiting for the two to leave the mountain, and then he dive to the bottom of the lake.

Did not respond to anything, Jiang talked to the decapitation and handed it over. It is not necessarily a good thing to meet the same door in this secret. For example, this person in front of him is alleged to be busy.

About the monk named Ye Hao in the Zongmen position is relatively high, from the conversation that was accidentally heard, Jiang talked to hear the other party said to take the few pieces that the two found. But obviously, in the process, the other side is only behind this young man, and there is no power at all.

“Thank you, my brother, I will come back after a while.”

The teenager, who is only about 12 years old, is very handsome from a single look, but the eyes that are dark and inky and the expression without expression make the child not even a good looking person. Like the type.

Ji Rong took over the dagger and did not mind the coldness of the child.

Jiang talked about taking back his hand and didn’t look at the young man again, waiting for the other person to go far.

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