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Chapter 43


The shapeless remnant soul could not speak, it was truly a case of dying without evidence. Anyway, the dead body was still in the Hidden Realm so even if the murderer did not do anything to destroy the body, the cultivator’s corpse would already have been eaten by the wild beasts, it’s impossible to extract any clues from the body.

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The next reopening of the Hidden Realm would be ten years later and the changes during this period of closure was completely unpredictable. When a decade has passed, how was it possible to find anything related to ten years ago?


Fragmenting a soul, this kind of thing has not been seen in the cultivation world for a long time. They were unable to obtain any useful information from interrogating Jiang Tan who was now said to be locked up in the sect’s dungeon.


When the people from the Zhong Xuan sect first took him away, Shen Wang quickly pulled the cold-faced youth that was beside him away, seeing that he looked ready to fight.


Honestly, when faced with such a case where there was no evidence for the cause of death, even if the material evidence was in front of them, they would not care. The identity of the person who died was extremely sensitive, if he were to retaliate, it would involve the entire sect.


Moreover, even though they were in the same sect, Shen Wang also did not believe that Jiang Tan was innocent. After all, the evidence was right in front of their eyes. His usual impression of him was a quiet child of few words with a cold expression all day long, just like his master. Basically, a kid with such a personality was really unpleasant.


Using the reason that it would affect the entire sect, Shen Wang just managed to hold the youth back from retaliating on the spot. Afterwards, he was unable to pull him back from going to Zhong Xuan Sect.


Worrying about what his junior disciple brother might do, Shen Wang could only follow the other person there.


In the past, he had thought that this disciple brother of his did not care about Jiang Tan but now, he strongly believes that his disciple brother just chose not to show it.


   “In consideration of our sect and the fact that you are here, even if they are unable to obtain anything useful from the interrogation, the Zhong Xuan sect will not take extreme measures against Jiang Tan…” Shen Wang said something that could hardly be considered a consolation. Convicting  and punishing him for a crime was one thing, they did not necessarily have to force a confession out of him.


The Splitting of a soul cannot be done by ordinary means. Tracing back its origins, this method was in fact, said to have been passed down from the Demon race. However, since hundreds of years ago, all the sects in the entire cultivation world had united together to fight against the Demon race for a whole year. Slaughtering and forcing those who entered the human world back to the abyss of the underworld, the cultivation world hadn’t seen a trace of them since.


The various entrances and exits of the abyss to the human world had been sealed up. The major sects in the cultivation realm would take turns to send people to reinforce these seals each year. These layer of seals have all the while been impregnable and showed no signs of loosening.


The wicked method of splitting the soul was uncommon and have been deemed taboo in the cultivation world. However, the method have still been circulated and he did not know when Jiang Tan had learnt about it… Perhaps it was the month where he had left the sect.


After he finished speaking, Shen Wang saw that the youth was still silent as he turned towards the sect in front of them.


“I will not do anything that will affect the sect.” Gu Yan’s words stopped whatever the person behind him was going to persuade him with and continued to walk towards the main hall.


“Little disciple brother …you … ah … ” Believing that the youth will uphold his words, Shen Wang no longer tried to persuade him.


If this younger brother was going to the main hall to plead with them, he was afraid that he will only be disappointed and return. Looking at the retreating figure, Shen Wang shook his head.


He also extremely doted upon his own disciple . However, if his disciple had done something wrong, no matter how much this Master loves him, he will also be unable to shield him. There will always be time when he will be unable to protect his own disciple, just like how his junior disciple brother is now.


However, the development of events still far exceeded Shen Wang’s expectation.


On the other side, in the dark and dreary dungeon, the dungeon was extremely cold. This environment had no effect on Jiang Tan, only the heat in the palm of his hand gave him a little warmth.

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The undead soul can’t speak words, and the real thing is death. The body of the dead person remains in the secret, so that even if the murderer did not do the destruction of the corpse, the body of the monk was swallowed up as a delicious dish by the monster, and it was impossible to find clues from the body.

The reopening of the secrets has to wait for ten years. The different space is unpredictable during the period of closure. When the past ten years have passed, it is possible to find something related to ten years ago.

“The splitting of a monk’s soul has not happened in the realm of comprehension for many years. They interrogated Jiang to talk about nothing. Now it is said to be shutting down people in the sect.”

At the beginning of the heavy Xuan faction to be taken away, Shen Yu first took the young man who was cold-eyed next to himself and seemed to be trying to stop.

It is really the case that such a person is dead and there is no evidence. The material evidence is not in front of them, and the identity of the dead person is too sensitive. This kind of action is related to the whole sect.

And although it is in the same sect, Shen Yan does not believe that Jiang Tan is innocent, after all, the crime is in front of you. And his usual impression of the child is silent, and he learns that his master is cold-faced all day long. A child is really unpleasant.

But telling the truth that will affect the Zongmen, Shen Yan only let the youth do not have a live action, and then can not pull people to this heavy Xuan faction.

Worried about what the younger brother will do, Shen Shen can only come here with the other party.

I used to see him, this younger brother didn’t care about Jiang. Now he insists on it. If he wants to come, he just cares about not showing it.

“At least on the facade of the sect, and the younger brother you are here, the interrogation can not be asked, the people of the heavy Xuan faction will not use lynching for Jiang…” Shen Yu said that it is not comforting comfort, to convict It’s one thing, there is no such thing as a confession.

The splitting of the soul can not be done by ordinary means. Looking back, this should actually be the method that has been passed from the Mozu. But since hundreds of years ago, the various sects of the entire comprehension community have united and fought for a year with the Mozu, and retreated the demon who came to the human world to the abyss of the meditation, and there is no magic in the human world. The figure of the family is gone.

The entrances and exits of the abyss and the abyss of the meditation are sealed. The major gates of the comprehension are taking turns. Every year, people are sent to reinforce the seals. This layer of seals has been fixed, and so far there has been no looseness.

The sinister means of splitting the soul is not common, and it is listed as a taboo in the realm of comprehension, but it does spread, and I don’t know where Jiang learned from where it came… perhaps more than a month before leaving the Zongmen.

After talking about a paragraph just now, Shen Yan saw that the young monk still said nothing, but turned and walked toward the main hall of the current Zongmen.

“I will not make things that affect Zongmen.” Gu Yan blocked the words that the people wanted to persuade and continued to go to the main hall.

“You brother…you…” I believe that the young people in front of us will say that they will do it, and they will not stop.

His younger brother is going to the main hall to ask for love, I am afraid that he will only be disappointed and return, looking at the back of the distant, Shen Yan shook his head.

He is also very precious to his own pro-disciples, but if the disciples do something wrong, when the master is to love this disciple again, he can’t protect it. There will always be times when you can’t keep it, just like his younger brother is now.

However, the development of follow-up events has greatly exceeded the expectations of indulging.

On the other side, in the cold dungeon of Mori, the dungeon is very cold. This kind of environment has no effect on Jiang Tan, but the temperature in the palm of his hand makes him feel a clear warmth.

The dark-eyed child’s eyes were darker and darker than the surrounding darkness. He clenched the seal bottle in the left-hand palm and wondered when the young man would come to see him.

In the case of complete death without a witness, the weapon was found on him, and the remnant of the dead person who was recruited followed him. Even if he argued that Ji Rong borrowed his dagger, the identity of the two was Ye Hao. Brother. Such an excuse is said to be a ridiculous sophistry in the eyes of others.

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