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Chapter 47

Sticky cat


Not wanting his Master to be affected by the destructive power released from the Black Vatican Lotus, Jiang Tan waited until he reached the underground chamber connected to the house before taking it out from his space bag.

His master said that this thing can complete his blood and Jiang Tan had never doubted his Master’s words.

The power of the same attribute was not so easy to swallow. If it were before his breakthrough, he would probably be unable to absorb the power of this Vatican Lotus and use it as his own.

The process of completing his bloodline was not an instantaneous process. After Jiang Tan swallowed the Black Vatican Lotus, his pupils uncontrollably shrank into vertical slits.

He could feel the changes happening in his body but the pain was even more distinct. The blood flowing through his body seemed to be extremely scorching and continuously burned his body.

The pain was very intense, Jiang Tan furrowed his eyebrows. When he looked up once more, his eyes had already returned to normal.

The pain lasted only a second, the process of completing his bloodline was similar to the time when he was breaking through into adulthood, his possessiveness for that person will become even more prominent.

When the insatiable greed of the Taotie beast is stimulated, he will want to do something even more extreme to the youth.

He must control himself. Enduring the pain, Jiang Tan stayed in this secret room for a day to regain his senses before walking out from the secret room.

“Why are you so hot……” Hugging the big cat who wanted to climb onto his thighs into his arms, Gu Yan felt like he was practically hugging a small heater.

Thinking about it, he could also figure out that this situation was probably due to the Vatican lotus it had swallowed. Gu Yan watched the big cat in his arms and when the latter let out a low mew, he stretched his hand out to smooth the fur on its back.

“Meow.” Waiting for Gu Yan to sit down, the large cat then pressed his hands under its belly.

The temperature on the Heavenly Peak in the evening can get very chilly and his current state was very suitable to keep the youth warm.

The body of a person who had cultivated before would have been tempered by spiritual power such that even if their cultivation is destroyed, the body that had been strengthened will still be much stronger than an ordinary person’s.

For example, their appearance will remain unchanged and the body that had already cultivated before will not lose this ability just because its cultivation is gone. However, when it comes to keeping out the cold, it is a lot worse than before. The Taotie Beast could feel that the temperature of the hands pressed under its belly was a bit cold.

The large cat crouching on his lap continuously rubbed its head against his body, occasionally letting out a low meow. Gu Yan took back his hands and after some thought, picked up the small heater and lowered his head to kiss its forehead.

This extent of acting spoilt was evident that he was not feeling well.

But at this moment, Gu Yan saw the large cat he had been hugging narrow its vertical pupils before the beast in his arms disappeared. He was suddenly hugged by the young man who had returned to his human form, strong arms wrapping around his waist.  

This wasn’t a small heater anymore, it is a big heater.

He did not resist the kisses and even when he was pushed onto the bed, knowing that the other person was uncomfortable, Gu Yan was somewhat tolerant of the other person’s requests.

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I don’t want the youth to be affected by the destructive power released from the black lotus. Jiang talked about the underground secret room connected to the house and took it out of the mustard.

His master said that this thing can complete his blood, and Jiang talked never doubted what the former said to him.

The power of the same attribute is not so easy to swallow. If it is advanced, he probably cannot take the power of this Vatican as his own.

The process of complete blood is not completed in one step. After Jiang talks about the black lotus, his eyes are not self-controlly transformed into erect.

I can feel the changes inside the body, but the clearer feeling is the pain. The blood flowing in the body seems to be extremely hot and continues to burn his body.

The pain was very intense. When Jiang talked about his eyebrows and raised his eyes, his eyes returned to normal human appearance.

Pain is only second, and the complete bloodline is as advanced as entering the adulthood, which will make his possessiveness to that person deeper.

The greed in the nature of blame is more motivated, and he will want to do something more excessive for the youth.

Must be properly controlled. Enduring the pain, stayed in this secret room for a day to adjust the state, Jiang talked out from the secret room.

“How is it so hot…” He held the big cat that wanted to climb his leg into his arms, and Gu Yan felt like he was holding a small heater.

But I also want to know that this abnormal state is the reason why the other side swallowed the Vatican. Gu Yan observed the big cat in his hand and stretched out his hand to smooth the back of the big cat when the other party made a low noise.

“Oh.” When Gu Yan sat down, the big cat pressed his hand under his belly.

The sky is very cold to the evening, and it is now just enough to warm the youth.

The cultivated body is tempered by spiritual power, and even if it is dismantled, the body that has been tempered is much stronger than ordinary people.

For example, if the appearance is unchanged, the body that has completed the quenching will not lose this ability because it is repaired. But when it comes to the ability to keep out the cold, it is a lot worse than before. This one can feel that the temperature of the hands that are pressed under the belly is a bit cold.

The big cat crouching on his lap kept his head squatting on him, and he whispered. When Gu Yan thought about it, he pulled his hands back, picked up the little stove, and bowed his head to kiss him.

It is uncomfortable to be spoiled to this extent.

But in this case, Gu Yan saw that the big cat he was holding picked up the erect, and then he was in his hands, and the whole man was turned back to the normal human form of the young man.

This is not a small heater, but a big heater.

Was kissed without rejection, was not pressed to the bed, did not refuse, knowing that the other party is uncomfortable, Gu Yan is somewhat a bit of a request for the other party’s request.

Ginger talks to the young man’s neck, so that he can make his master’s respect warm, and he can also dispel his possessive desires that are about to overflow. He will not do anything more than before.

Half a month’s time passed quickly. When Gu Yan observed that the dark red starburst hanging over the sky was already visible in the day, it was not long before the seal of the entrance of the human and the abyss channel suddenly failed. The news spread almost throughout the realm of comprehension.

Although there are occasional battles, it is always said that since the battle was made hundreds of years ago, the sects of the comprehension circles jointly returned the Mozu to the abyss of the imprison, sealed the entrance and exit of the passage, and the comprehension can be said to be relatively stable. Environmental status.

As for the Yaozu, scattered and not unified leaders, the threat is much lower than the Mozu. And the great demon who cultivated the wisdom is not cleverly revealing the figure. The chaos is a relatively weak monster, which is not difficult to solve for the monk.

The diligent and entrenched reinforcement of the channel seal for so many years is now suddenly said to be broken, it is impossible to say no surprise. Once this channel is opened, it means that everyone knows very well, and each sect has now entered a state of preparation.

Gu Yangang was taken to the main hall to discuss matters related to this.

“Master.” Around the waist of the youth, this half a month has passed, this growing up is getting more and more. For example, now, he not only puts his hand on the young waist, but also calls the title on the young shoulder.

It is a posture that is completely intimately fitted.

There is no defense against the person who is holding himself. Gu Yan walks away and does not even know when the other party is holding it.

The other person’s body temperature has been normal for a few days, and now he is so held, Gu Yan finally has no feeling that he is attached to a stove.

With a cry, Gu Yan did not move his body and let the other side hold it.

I want to tell the other person about the abyss of the prison, Gu Yan is still thinking about how to open, and suddenly he feels that the earlobe is warm and gentle.

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