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Chapter 50


He had promised not to do anything that would make his Master unhappy. In the beginning, the demons Jiang Tan sent out were only for them to put pressure on the cultivators. Later on, when he dealt with the Zhongxuan Sect, he spared the disciples who were innocent.


“It seems like the Lotus Core is in your body.” Jiang Tan’s voice was calm and emotionless. The special flame [1]had a great impact on cultivators and refiners. If one uses it properly, they can refine their body and improve their cultivation. The person who was kneeling in front of him had internalized the special flame and cultivated with it.

[1] Remember the flame that he sealed in the bottle but was taken away before he could give it to his master? That thing is also the ‘Lotus Core’.

This was supposed to be his Master’s.


The teeth that were tightly clenched was shivering, Li Rong’s pupils widened as the hand in front reached towards him. The pressure that he felt made him almost unable to breathe, much less speak.




When the demon attached to him, he had lost his senses. He helped the Demon race ambush and kill the elders in his own sect. Afterward, he even admitted that he was the one who had killed Ye Yuan…


He did not need to think to know that everyone in his sect must be currently cursing him. His reputation was completely shattered.


The hand that reached over penetrated his chest and the pain that was a hundred times more intense than breaking bones made Li Rong almost faint. However, a cultivator’s body was very strong, he could not faint. Instead, he could only experience the bone crushing pain.


In the end, this could not really be considered penetrating his flesh. Jiang Tan stared at him coldly, forcefully ripping the special flame that had almost fused with his soul out of his body.


It was complete, not a single spark wasted. During this length of time, Jiang Tan had the demon who was holding Li Rong block his mouth so that he did not need to hear the other person’s unpleasant scream.


Storing the flame in a spiritual sealing bottle, Jiang Tan scrunched his eyebrows. This gift had come late, he did not know if his master would like it or not…


Keeping the bottle in his hand, Jiang Tan then glanced at the cultivator who had a face full of pain. He specifically ordered his subordinates to send him back. He will certainly not let the other man die so easily.


The other person was now a Jindan stage cultivator. In the cultivation world, this level of talent could be considered a genius.


“No, you can’t…” Seeing the hand reach towards him, Li Rong shuddered and the fear made him shrink backward. However, the two demons were holding him, not allowing him to move the slightest.


Crushing his Jindan core, Jiang Tan did not spare a second glance to the person whose body was twitching like a dead fish. He calmly faced the two demons in front of him: “Take him away and take good care of him, but don’t let him die yet, or else you will join him.”


The meaning of the word ‘care’ was very clear. Even if he did not say the last part, the two demons who heard this would not dare to let this human cultivator die in their hands.


They did not dare to look into the ink-black pupils, the darkness in them was like a bottomless evil. They merely bowed their heads in response and quickly picked him up.


Knowing that the other person’s greatest pride was his own talent, Jiang Tan crushed his Jindan in order to let him experience despair. His body would have no problem living for another hundred years but the rest of his life would be painfully spent in the abyss.


Holding the spirit bottle in his hand, Jiang Tan walked towards the palace. After tyrannically placing a matrix on his Master, he was not worried that he would encounter any problem while cultivating.


Any malicious attack would be completely mitigated. The overbearing part is that even if it was not an attack, as long as anybody tries to touch him, they would be burnt by this matrix.


His spiritual force was recovering well and Gu Yan had already recovered most of his cultivation. The only difference was that in order to recover as soon as possible, he used all the time that he would usually spend resting to cultivate, such as now.


When cultivators are meditating, their vigilance will drop but not to the extent of becoming completely oblivious when somebody touches them.


Something soft in his lap pulled Gu Yan out of his semi-conscious state. Before he opened his eyes, Gu Yan already reached a hand out towards the weight on his leg.


If he noticed that his master was making a breakthrough, this Taotie beast would obediently stay one side and not climb onto his body.


Seeing that the beast in his lap was holding something in his mouth, Gu Yan could now react promptly and knew that this was something meant for him.

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Chapter 50

I said that I would not do things that make the youth unhappy. Jiang’s talk at the beginning of the demon is just to let them interfere with the line of sight and ban the acts of wanton slaughter. Later, for the heavy Xuan faction, he also let go of those ordinary disciples.

“Qing Lian Yan is on you.” Jiang talked quietly, and there was not much emotional ups and downs. Different fires have great gains on the quality of the refiner and alchemy. If you use it properly, you can temper your body and improve your cultivation. The person who is kneeling in front of him is to cultivate the fire in the body.

This is what he is worthy of.

Some of the teeth that were biting were trembled, and the pupil of the season continued to enlarge with the approach of one hand in front of him. The pressure of the feeling made him almost breathless, let alone speak.

Sense of fear.

When the demon was attached to him, he was confused and wise. He helped the Mozu sneak attack in the same door to kill the elders in the door. And he also admitted that he killed Ye Hao…

It is conceivable that the people of all the sects now think about him, and they must be reviled. He is completely fame and ruined.

The hand that stretched over penetrated into his chest, and the painful pain of being a hundred times more painful than the broken bone made the season fainting almost faint. However, the monk’s body experience is very strong, he can’t faint, and can only clearly experience the pain of this bone.

This is not really penetrating the flesh and blood, Jiang talks coldly, he forced the fire of almost the same with the other meridian tempering.

The complete, one-and-a-half did not leak. During this period, Jiang talked to the demon who was holding the predecessor and blocked the opponent’s mouth so that he did not need to hear the other party making an unpleasant call.

The sealed fire was sealed with a sealed bottle, and Jiang talked about dropping his eyebrows. This gift is sent late, I don’t know if the youth will like it…

Put the bottle in his hand, and Jiang talks and then removes his gaze to see the monk who is sore in front. Specifically, the subordinates must be sent back. It is certainly not the case that Jiang talks to make the other party die.

The other party is now a Jindan period monk. In today’s comprehension world, this talent can also be called a genius.

“No, you can’t…” To the hand who was close again, Ji Rong was shuddering, and the horror of emotion made him want to go backwards, but the two Mozus who held him could not move him.

Crushed in the conspicuous position of Jin Dan, did not go to see the person who twitched his body like a gray, Jiang talked back, his face calmly facing the two Mozu in front of him: “Come on, take care, don’t let people Dead, or you will end up as well.”

The people who listened to the word ‘care’ were very clear. Even without the latter part, the two demons who heard the meaning would not dare to let this human monk die in their hands.

I dare not look at the dark black eyes, the thick black image is a kind of deep and malicious, and bowed his head to respond, the two Mozu people put the people down.

Knowing that the other party will be self-satisfied with their own talents, Jiang Tan crushed Jin Dan is to let the other party experience the despair. It is not difficult to live a spiritually tempered body for more than a hundred years, and the rest of the life of the other party must be tortured and painfully spent in this abyss.

Holding the seal bottle on his hand, Jiang talked about the position of the palace, and under the banned prohibition of the young man, he was not worried about what the other party would encounter when he was meditating.

Any malicious attack will be completely countered. The overbearing is that even if it is not an attack, it will only be touched, and it will be burned by this ban.

The spirit is well repaired, and Gu Yan has resumed normal cultivation during this time. What is different from the past is that in order to recover as soon as possible, he used the time he used to rest normally for meditation practice, such as now.

The vigilance of the monks entering the meditation practice is not as high as usual, but they are all exposed to the body, and it is impossible to feel without feeling.

There was only a soft creature on the leg, and it was pulled away from the state of meditation. Before it was blinked, Gu Yan first raised his hand and touched the place where he felt the weight on his leg.

If you observe that the youth are in the advanced stage, this one must be squatting on the side and not going to the youth.

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