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Chapter 51


The exchange of vows between Dao companions involved both parties. As the subject of the other person’s vows, Gu Yan immediately received his partner’s feelings.


How should he describe it …


It was like when you see a beast whose existence is extremely vicious and cruel in nature in front of you, carefully hiding its claws. It obediently snuggles up to you, striving to give you whatever you want and will even give his whole heart to you without hesitation.


It was too late to stop now. By the time Gu Yan realized this, the youth in front of him had already completed his vows.


A change in heart means the eradication of his soul. Even if he searched the entire cultivation world, it would be impossible to find a second person who would leave him with no back road like this.


“If not, this disciple is willing to dig out his crystal nucleus to give …” feeling a cool touch on his lips, the beautiful young man immediately stopped, his black eyes staring at the youth, full of paranoia but also obedience.


Stopping his disciple before he could do what he had just said, Gu Yan decisively chose to repeat the vow first.


The person in front of him was the type that will follow through with what he said, especially when it comes to him.


Saying he was even willing to dig out this own nucleus, Gu Yan helplessly let this Taotie beast revert back to his original form so that he could stroke his fur.


Stroking the beast until it rolled over to expose its belly, it let out a low purr and licked his fingers. Gu Yan did this so that he would not think of other things.


The crystal nucleus of a demon beast was like their lifeblood. Although the beast in front of him was a Taotie beast and not at the same hierarchical level as ordinary Demon Beasts, the crystal nucleus remained a vital thing.


The two sides made a vow with the Heavens as their witness. Jiang Tan quickly felt something was different.


It was like a kind of invisible connection had established between both of them, a vague attraction was pulling them together.

The increased intimacy between the two people made Jiang Tan narrow his pupils. Apart from the last time he had full possession of the youth, this was the second time that his insatiable greed that came from his Taotie beast nature had been satisfied.


“Will Master stay in the Abyss of the Underworld with disciple?” Beyond the paranoia, Jiang Tan stared into the youth’s eyes with only pure longing in his gaze.


Taotie beasts were very greedy. However, he only wanted one thing, this should not be considered too excessive, right?


If he could obtain his most precious treasure, he will not look at anything else. As long as he could guard his most precious treasure, he was satisfied.


“Okay.” Gu Yan said without hesitation. He did not even think, only nodded and agreed to his disciple’s request.


Apart from informing the Guan Lan Sect, there was nothing else to worry about.


Getting the answer he had hoped for with ease, this Taotie Beast squinted his vertical pupils with a hint of content: “Then, disciple will accompany Master on this trip back to Guan Lan Sect.”


He had also already taken this into account and Jiang Tan will certainly not let his Master leave alone, even if he had the matrix on him.


Compared with the human world, Jiang Tan was indeed more willing to stay on this side of the demon world. Apart from the beautiful scenery, the Abyss of the Underworld was better than the human world in every other aspect. At least it was, in Jiang Tan’s eyes.


The two people took the trip back to Guan Lan Sect as agreed and spent a whole day giving them a reasonable explanation.


Before returning to the abyss of the Underworld, they went to the Heavenly Sword peak and took care of everything that needed to be destroyed or taken away.


It was now early spring, the new leaves had just sprouted and were lush green in color. Underneath the tree laid many old and dried leaves.


“Disciple has nothing else that is important.”


When asked what needed to be taken away, Jiang Tan’s eyes lingered on the figure who had just asked him that question before he slowly answered in a low voice.


There was nothing else that was important, he already had his most important piece of treasure, there was no need for anything else.


Gu Yan evidently heard the hidden meaning in his words and raised his hand to the head of his disciple who was now already taller than him.


In the beginning, the round small ball was raised by him. He recalled the first time he saw the other person’s original appearance and raised his brow: “I remember when you first awakened your Taotie Beast blood, you were so small and round. When you came out from your room, you threw your whole body on my shoe …”


The handsome youth standing by the side suddenly looked somewhat unnatural and blinked his eye. He did not speak, his dark pupils quietly reflected the face of his Master.


At the time of his awakening, he was no different from an ordinary newborn cub and did not have any memory of his human form. At first, he did not know anything apart from his innate instincts.

Taotie beasts had an acute sense of smell that surpassed those of cultivators. At that time in the small room, it was in the moment he smelled a scent that he realized he had no way of restraining himself from wanting to get closer. When he came out from that room, his eyes and heart could only contain that person.


He wanted to be liked by this person, wanted to make this person happy … and a lot of ideas he was unable to understand at that time had appeared in the bottom of his heart. He instinctively chose to throw his body onto the other person’s shoes and look up at him.


Just looking at him gave him a sense of satisfaction. This was the only thing that could fill the void of greed in his heart.




At this time, the beast had noticed the slight arch in the youth’s eyebrows. The slight arch made his facial expression seem softer, a smile like spring.


Jiang Tan wasted no time in changing back to his original form, imitating the scene in his memory and leaned in nearer. This grown-up Taotie beast put its entire weight onto his shoe.


This change came very suddenly, but the weight on his shoe made Gu Yan react quickly. He bent down to pick up the silver tiger cat in his bosom and softly said: “Let’s go back.”


The big cat who was being stroked gave a low purr in response and then rubbed against him. The Demon race was under Jiang Tan’s control, they would not invade the human realm. In this case, the two realms maintained a delicate balance, this could be considered as well water that did not cross the river’s water[1].


“Disciple heard that Dao companions will usually dual cultivate together. Master has not dual cultivated with disciple yet.” Stepping into the palace, he faced the youth who was lying on the soft couch. He had just finished his meditation and was getting ready to have some rest. Jiang Tan suddenly said this sentence with a light in his dark eyes. Gu Yan was stunned but afterward, he asked: “How do you want to dual cultivate?”


The youth who said this was still lying on the couch, his gesture quite leisure and his brows were slightly raised. In Jiang Tans’s eyes, this lazy demeanor … was a gesture of indulgence that permitted him so much that he wanted to immediately push this youth under his body and commit blasphemy.

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The vows of a companion are mutual, and as the object of the other’s choice to exchange vows, Gu Yu almost immediately perceives the transfer of the idea.

How to describe it well …

A nature is a cruel and vicious existence of the face of your time carefully hid its minions, it obediently obedient to stick with you, and strive to complete each of your requirements, and unreservedly to your own heart to hold before you.

Was too late to stop, in the Gu Yu this side of the time, the young man in front of his pledge is already completed.

The at loose ends of the heart, even if the whole of the entire practice, I am afraid to find a second so do not give themselves a little retreat.

“Or the disciple can also dig out the nucleus, and …” Feel the lip was lightly rubbed touch, handsome beautiful young man immediately stopped the voice, deep black eyes staring at the young people, paranoid but very good shun.

Stop the other side as if the next second to put the said words to his view of the idea, Gu Yu decisive choice to respond to the pledge first.

The person in front is the type that can be made, especially in the face of him. Even to dig out the crystal nucleus such words are said out, Gu Yu helpless have a little want to let this gluttonous change back to the original form, then he can pull over-a meal of hair.

To the other side of the belly turned out, only a grunt rub him and lick his fingers, so that the other side will not be confused about this kind of thing.

The nucleus is the lifeblood of the Demon Beast, although in front of him is a gluttonous, and the ordinary Demon Beast is not at a hierarchical level, the crystal nucleus remains a vital thing.

The two sides made a pledge, will be witnessed by the heaven, Ginger talk quickly felt a different place.

Between the two people like to build up a kind of invisible connection, the faint traction of each other. There is a feeling of becoming more intimate with the youth, and this feeling makes ginger talk about narrowing the pupil.

Apart from the last full possession of the immediate youth, it was the second time that he had been filled with the insatiable greed that came from the gluttonous nature. “The Master and disciple stay in the abyss of the underworld?”

“Beyond bigotry, ginger talks of staring at the eyes of a young man with a pure longing for the only remaining pupil.”

Gluttonous is very greedy, but he only want the same thing, this should not be greedy, right?

If he could get the treasure which was most precious to him, he could look at it without looking at it, so long as he kept the most precious treasure, he would be satisfied. Good

“Gu Yu no hesitation, even did not think much, he only nodded nod, as the other side of the wish to a sound.”

He had to give a confession to the other side of the Guanlan. Easy to get the answer you want to be tolerated, this gluttonous squint of the vertical pupil like a hint of contentment means: “That disciple after the teacher to take a view of the LAN Zong.”

This is also taken into account, and ginger will certainly not let the young people leave the immediate youth, even if the supreme prohibition is set up. Compared with the human world, Ginger is indeed more willing to stay on this side of the Demon tribe, the abyss of Hades in addition to no one’s beautiful scenery, and everything else is better than the human world.

In the eyes of ginger talk is like this. Two people in accordance with the agreed to a trip to view the LAN Zong, cost a little time to do a reasonable confession.

Before returning to the abyss of Hades, they went to the peak of the day and took care of everything they needed to destroy or take away.

is now in early spring, the new leaves of the tree branches just grow out, are green color, the tree under the soil is still lying down many of the old leaves. “Disciple has no other important thing.

Asked what needs to be taken away by the youth, Jiang’s eyes have stopped at the moment he asked him to straighten the figure, the low voice slowly answered.

There is no other important thing, the only most important piece of treasure he has got, no need for the other.

Gu Yu is to hear the other side of this meaning, raised his hand to the eyes of a few younger men than he is above the head.

At the beginning of that round small group was raised by him, recalled the first time to see the original appearance of the other side, Gu Yu bent Brow: “You just awakening blood forced into the prototype of the time or is a round and small group, from the room drilled out of the whole body are pressed to the teacher’s boots …”

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