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Chapter 55 


The demon king’s pale fingers touched the face of the youth in his arms and especially lingered on the pair of pale lips that had nearly made him forget how to speak.


When the pale fingers touched his lips, his movements could almost be described as careful. The Abyss Demon King, feared by all demons in the Abyss was now holding a weak human. His dark purple irises that were nearly black quietly reflected the face of this human youth.


Not human, he did not have something like a heart. The people who created him did not give him a system that could mimic a human’s feelings. In theory, he had no feelings.




Where is Qiuqiu?…


Need to find my cute Qiuqiu.


He was here. Each time, it got stronger. When he heard the youth whispering the words ‘Qiuqiu’, the feeling of being called by that person made him desperately want to respond to the intense desire that could no longer be suppressed.


“Qiuqiu…is here.”


Carefully hugging his precious treasure in his arms, he carelessly threw his magic sword one side.


His voice was low and carried a bit of hoarseness. Although he was not a succubus, most high-level demons were usually born with devilish beauty. This kind of beauty not only took the form of physical appearance but also, in voice.


In terms of feelings–


Originally, he didn’t have any but now, he did. Facing the youth before him, his character settings had a few more things that did not exist before.


The duration of knock out was 60 seconds and his precious treasure in his arms was about to wake up. This made the cold and cruel Abyss Demon King appear at a loss.


The palace was very dark, everything was made from cold jade which caused the palace to look cold and depressing. When the youth wakes up and sees this, will he be scared?


Although high-level demons were beautiful, but for humans, they were still a symbol of power and terror.


Thinking for a while, the demon quickly came up with an idea and used a transformation spell.


After 60 seconds, the youth regained consciousness and gradually opened his eyes. The scene before his eyes was the same as what he saw before he lost consciousness except that it was now from a different angle. This made him feel some doubt in his heart.


He did not remember setting such a skill for the boss, being able to knock players unconscious… He did not know how long he had lost consciousness for.


The people in his team were missing and there was no trace of the boss. By right, it was not wrong to say that their team had been annihilated.


He was no longer in the party, yet, he was still in the dungeon.


Completely clueless about how he had managed to survive, Gu Yan wanted to raise his hands to rub his eyes. The moment he lifted his hand, his suddenly froze.


Wait a minute. He was currently sitting, sitting on—


the throne…?


His left arm was still resting on the armrest of the throne. Leaning against the cold demon throne, Gu Yan finally had a little reaction.


All the demons in the abyss had to kneel before the master of this throne but now, the demon king was missing and he was sitting on it instead?


Carefully thinking, there seemed to be a weight on his legs…


This was still the Abyss where evil spirits and ferocious monsters were everywhere. God knows what was the thing on his legs.


If worse comes to worst, he will simply be sent back to the rebirth point. Calmly coming to a decision, Gu Yan looked down.


“Meow.” A neither low nor high pitched meow. A small and round ball of furry creature was laying on the youth’s lap. Its eyes were a deep purple, almost black and its fur was a beautiful silver tabby color.


Apart from its ears, the little cat’s head still had the demon’s signature horns which made this seemingly harmless creature suddenly appear much more dangerous


Meeting its gaze, Gu Yan was stunned.


“Meow.” Faced with the stunned youth, this little cat with horns on its head leaned closer to the slender fingers of the youth and gently licked it until his fingers twitched. it stopped licking and instinctively half hooked its tail around the youth’s wrist.


This kind of action…


“Qiuqiu…” Confirming the other’s identity in a low voice, Gu Yan raised his hand and touched the two small horns of the little cat. In front of this furry creature, his eyes curved downwards: “Found you.”

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The devil’s pale but knuckled fingers touched the young face he was holding, especially on the pale lips that had spurred him out of control.

The pale fingers touched there, and the movements could almost be described with care, so that all the devils in the abyss feared and feared the abyss demon now holding a weak human, the dark purple enamel of the lacquer ink quietly reflects the name The face of human youth.

Not human, it has no such thing as a heart. The people who made it didn’t load it with a system module that mimics human feelings. In theory, it has no feelings.


Where is the ball going…

Looking for my lovely ball.

It is here. One time, it was stronger than once. When I heard the youth whispering the two syllables of the ‘ball,’ the third time, I felt that I was called by the other party, and the strong eagerness to respond was no longer restrained.

“The ball is here…”

Carefully holding the precious treasures in your arms, sending half of the spirits is equivalent to the half-body magic sword, and the devil is free to let go.

The sound is low and has a hoarse tone. Although it is not a succubus, the higher Mozu is born with a devilish beauty. This kind of character is not only expressed in the skin, but also in the sound.

Emotional module –

Originally not, but it is now. In the face of the youth in front of him, there are more things in the setup procedure that were not available.

The time to set the sense of loss is 60 seconds, and the precious treasures in my arms are about to wake up, which makes the cold and cruel abyss demon appear at a loss.

The palace is very dark, all the cool-colored brick jade makes the palace look depressed and cold. When the youth wakes up and sees his words, will it be scared…

Although the higher Mozu looks good, it is a heterogeneous force for human beings.

Thinking, the devil quickly came up with a solution, and he used camouflage.

After 60 seconds, the regaining consciousness gradually opened his eyes, and the prospect of the eye was the same as that he saw before he lost his consciousness. It was a different angle, which made him have many doubts in his heart.

He doesn’t remember that he has set such a skill for the boss, depriving him of consciousness… He doesn’t know how long he has lost consciousness.

The people in the team are missing, and the bosses are not traced. It is reasonable to say that they should be destroyed.

And he is not in the team yet, but still in the copy.

I don’t know how I survived. Gu Yan wanted to raise her hand and rub her eyes. Just lifted her hand and he suddenly froze.

Wait, he is sitting now, sitting in the position –


The left hand is also placed on the thorn print on the armrest of the throne, leaning against the cold and cold demon throne, Gu is really a little reaction.

All the demons in the abyss need to surrender to the master of this throne, but the devil does not know where to go, but he sits on it instead?

Careful feeling, there is more weight on the leg…

Here is the place where the fallen abyss, all over the ferocious demon, knows what will happen on his own legs.

It’s a big man to come out of the rebirth. If you want to finish it calmly, Gu will look down.

“Hey.” The low-pitched, low-pitched voice, crouching on the young legs is a small round of stuffed creatures, deep purple, close to black, and fur is a beautiful silver tabby. color.

In addition to the ears, the milk cat’s head is also bearing the devil’s signature horns, which makes this seemingly threatening young creature suddenly raise countless danger levels.

In the midst of confrontation, Gu Yan smashed.

“Oh.” Faced with the squatting youth, this milk cat with a horn on his head leaned close to the slender fingers of the young man. Until the young man’s fingers moved slightly, it stopped the squatting movement, and the instinctively hooked the tail half to the youth’s wrist.

This little action…

“Ball ball…” Confirmed that the two syllables were low, Gu Yan raised his hand and touched the two small horns of the milk cat. He bent his eyes on the stuffed creature: “Found you.” .”

Or is it better for him to be found by the other party?

Chapter 55: