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Chapter 58



A companion robot. As an omnipotent light brain, Asa certainly understood what type of robot it was.


Suppressing the urge to destroy the microchip of the companion robot, Asa waited until the moment the youth entered the game to immediately hug him.


Sitting on the Demon King’s throne, he pressed his lips against the youth’s earlobe. His voice was low and hoarse, “Qiuqiu can satisfy you better than him.”


The heat from the warm tongue that lingered on his earlobe was different from what it seemed. Sucking on the youth’s earlobe, the highest existence that dominated the ‘World’ clearly felt the slight tremor of the body he was holding.


He was obviously better than a mere companion robot. The omnipotence of the light brain was not only for show. In its vast knowledge, it was clear on every sensitive part of the human body.


Although it may vary between people, as long as he was given a little time, he would soon be able to remember every erogenous zone of the youth’s body.


Moreover, in this world, he had the ability to control —


“Ah…” A current ran down Gu Yan’s spine like a shock that left him feeling numb, spreading across his entire body. The black-haired youth, whose eyes were originally clear, misted over under the sweet pleasure he felt. His body had gone soft until he was completely leaning against the Demon King.


It was not his first time being kissed, but this time, the feeling was completely different.


Every time the Demon King behind him used his warm tongue to lick his neck, Gu Yan found himself unable to breathe, yet his body would respond each time.


Compared to dual cultivating in the last world, this was even more…


“Haah–” When his neck was lightly bitten, Gu Yan’s entire body tightened for a moment and his lower body actually released even without being touched.


Panting heavily, the youth’s eyes were unfocused and filled with tears. He was unable to think straight. The demon behind him merely placed a finger to his lips but the places he touched seemed to send electricity through them. This unusual pleasure was currently the only thing he could think about.


“Qiuqiu can satisfy you better than him.” Repeating this sentence, the demon’s pale and slender fingers touched his dry lips. The snow white fingers repeatedly caressed the pair of pale and soft lips until it turned into a gorgeous color.


Carefully monitoring the youth’s physical response and observing the data, the highest existence in the ‘World’  increased the sensitivity of the youth’s body while the pain factor became less than 10%.


The reason why the pain was not adjusted to zero was because he believed that an appropriate amount of pain could stimulate an even greater pleasure.


His sensitivity was increased by four times. Currently, even if it was just ordinary physical contact, the black-haired youth that was being held by the demon would feel extreme pleasure.


Gu Yan’s intuition told him that the other person had misunderstood something, and the last shred of consciousness that he had struggled to retain made him try to explain, “Qiu, ah—–hahh…”


Hearing the first syllable, the Demon King narrowed his deep purple eyes and pulled open the belt of Gu Yan’s magician robe. The demon’s pale and slender fingers reached in to explore the youth’s lower body.


What did an increase in sensitivity by four times represent? At the very least, the private place that the demon’s pale fingers had penetrated was already soaked.


“No, ah– Qiuqiu…” His body had been penetrated by something foreign but Gu Yan did not feel uncomfortable. Instead, his sensitive parts were stimulated until he could only feel a destructive sense of pleasure.


From the moment he came online, the demons in the great hall had disappeared to god knows where. However, doing this kind of thing on the throne at the top of the palace hall, even if there was no one else in the hall, Gu Yan was still nervous.


The sound of something wet and sticky echoed clearly throughout the empty and quiet palace hall, making Gu Yan desperate to escape.


“No one will come in here.” Gently biting on the youth’s pale earlobe, the Abyss Demon King used a low and hoarse voice to whisper into his ear. As his words fell, the demon’s hot and hard ** entered the youth’s body, inch by inch.


The parted lips let out a soft moan. The earth-shattering pleasure brought about by an increase in sensitivity by four times had long made Gu Yan unable to suppress his voice.


Too deep…

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As a companion robot, as a omnipotent light brain, Asa certainly knows what type of robot this is.

Patience does not allow me to destroy the chip of the companion robot. Asa will hold it in the moment when the young man enters the game world again.

Sitting on the devil’s throne, he rubbed his lips against the young man’s earlobe, his voice low and hoarse: “The ball can do better than it.”

The warm tongue that sticks out of the temperature of the lips lingers on the earlobe of the youth. When the youth’s earlobe is scorned, the highest existence that dominates the ‘world’ easily feels the slight tremor of the body that he is holding. The next.

It can of course be done better than a companion robot. The omnipotence of the brain is not to talk about it. In its knowledge reserve, it can clearly grasp every sensitive point of the human body.

Although there will be differences between individuals, as long as it is given a little time, it will soon be able to record all the sensitive points on the body of the youth.

And this is in the world it controls –

“Well…” The thrill of an extremely numbness ran over the back as a current, and then spread across the body. The young black-haired youth was originally clear-eyed and became loose under the impact of sweet pleasure, and the body leaned softly behind. On the devil.

It’s not that I’ve been kissed by my neck, but this time I’m feeling different.

Whenever the demon behind him licked his warm tongue on his throat, Gu Yan caught his breath, and his body had already responded.

This is more than when the double world is being practiced in the last world…

“Hah–” to the throat was bitten a bit, Gu Yan’s entire body was tightened for a moment, and the lower body was actually vented without being comforted.

Breathing, the young black-eyed eyes are scattered. He can’t think about it now. The Mozu behind him just touches his finger on his lips. The places he touches seem to have currents. This unusual pleasure. Almost invaded his thinking.

“The ball can be made better than it.” Repeated this sentence, the demon’s pale and slender fingers touched the youth’s pale lips, and the pale fingers repeatedly licked on the soft lips, which soon came. The light-colored lips are made into another gorgeous color.

Precision and careful monitoring of the youth’s physical response, observing the data, this highest existence has increased the sensitivity of the young body, and the pain is less than 10%.

The reason why the pain is not adjusted to 0 is because the appropriate mild pain can stimulate more pleasure.

Sensitivity is four times higher. Now, even if it is just ordinary physical contact, the young black-haired youth held by the Demon Lord will feel clear and happy.

Intuitively, the other party misunderstood what it was, and the last conscious sense of reluctance to keep Gu Yan wanted to explain: “Gomm———-”

When he heard the first syllable, the demon king picked up his deep purple enamel. He opened the belt of the magician’s robe in the youth. The demon had a pale complexion but a slender and good-looking hand to explore the lower body of the youth.

What is the concept of four times the sensitivity increase? At least the hidden position that the Mozu’s pale fingers have penetrated is already soaked.

“Don’t, the ball…” The body was invaded by foreign objects, but Gu Yan did not feel uncomfortable. Instead, the sensitive points were rubbed and rubbed up for a moment of near-destructive pleasure.

The demon in the hall disappeared from the time he got on the line. However, he did this kind of thing on the throne at the top of the palace hall. Even if there were no other people in the hall, Gu Yan would still be in a nervous state. status.

Some kind of sticky water sounded clearly in the empty and quiet palace hall, which made Gu greatly both care and want to escape.

“No one will come in here.” Lightly biting on the white earlobe of the youth, the demon king who led the abyss said this in the ears of the young people with a low, hoarse voice. The lower body was hot and hard, and the words fell into the youth with words. in vivo.

The open lips whispered and the sensitivity was increased four times. The resulting ruin of pleasure has long made Gu Yan unable to suppress his voice.

So deep…

There is even a feeling of being penetrated. The young black-eyed youth who is surrounded by the pale and beautiful Mozu is holding her eyes slightly, but the light in the black eyes is already scattered.

In this position, I made a fortune for a while, and the abyss demon with the iconic horns on the head turned the young man in the direction and turned into a face-to-face look.

When the line of sight moved to the corner of the young man’s dizzy eyes, he suddenly remembered something that he was very concerned about.

“A Yan is like this size?” Slowed down the speed and strength, the devil pulled up the young man’s hand and put it on his horns, picking up the deep purple 瞳眸, he squatted at the young man.

Gu Yan: “…”

At present, I am sitting on the posture of the Mozu. I heard this question and Gu is very silent. He leaned his head against the neck of the Mozu, and the two who were doing the most intimate things suddenly became a kind of mutual dependence.

Realizing that this problem seems too shameful for humans, Asa no longer asks this question. After all, it can rely on monitoring the physical response of the youth to get an accurate answer to this question.

The feeling of being swayed by the youth was very good, and I narrowed my eyes. Asa began to use the most appropriate force calculated by it to put the hot and hard ** into the youth.

It used to say ‘no one will come here’, except to let the youth relax and resist. On the other hand, this is also a psychological suggestion.

There is knowledge about this in its knowledge base. In this place that is not hidden and private, humans seem to have a sense of excitement.


Chapter 58: