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When he went online again and called out the little cat who had become drunk after one sip out of his space, Gu Yan discovered the other person was already sober. It no longer tried to snuggle in his arms, but rather jumped onto his shoulders with extreme accuracy.


“Awake?” There was additional weight on his right shoulder. Gu Yan stood up and left the bar, thinking to himself that the Qiuqiu that had gotten drunk and dizzy earlier, was extremely cute.


Purring for a while, the little cat approached his neck and gently licked it a bit. In this body, it did not use its highest powers, if not, he would not have gotten drunk.


Earlier, it was said that the magician class had a chain quest that could be completed in the Netherworld dungeon. The ultimate reward for this task was the magician’s legendary weapon: The God’s Twilight.


The weapon in Gu Yan’s hand was called ‘Destiny’s choice’ and strictly speaking, it was something that only the first generation of players had. This could be considered a magician’s best weapon, right below the legendary weapon, that could be obtained from the quest.


There was still some time before 1 o’clock. Gu Yan prepared to upgrade his weapon and had already gathered all the necessary materials. Now, he only needed to make a trip to the Magic Academy in the city to do his upgrade.


Gu Yan arrived at the entrance of the dungeon before one. As he arrived, he immediately saw many familiar people who he had noticed earlier on the party member list.


“Great God, we’re here.” A heavily armoured paladin beckoned the magician who was not too far away and had a furry creature on his shoulders. His eyes curved into a smile.


Knowing someone was always better than not knowing anybody at all. Gu Yan walked towards him and returned a smile.


“I knew the Guild Leader of Wings of Dawn would definitely come to find you. Great god, recently you haven’t been as cold ah, even willing to participate in team battles.” And also smiling at him now, but Silver Raven did not dare to say the last sentence out.


The magician in front of him was very han

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“The ball is smashing.” Raising his hand, Gu Yan found that the milk cat on his shoulder had a bow on his back, and he smiled and touched twice.

The young man squatted on his hand, and the milk cat relaxed the arched back, but it still squinted at the back of the ghost swordsman.

Set a certain data to 0, the duration is one day, this highest existence adds a hidden, black-handed aura debuff to the ghost swordsman in front of the player.

“Asa, the big god, your pet name is also very cute.” Although it is a big man, the silver crow has no resistance to this cute plush creature, so he just went to the left shoulder of the youth. Stared for a few seconds.

Gu Yan paused the action and then responded to ‘um’.

Think of the player’s name for the light brain is the word ‘light brain’, know that the code name of the light brain is ‘Asa’ is very few, and even if someone finds this, it will only be regarded as the coincidence of the system random name. ……

I haven’t been able to talk for a long time. A little time, the commander of the joint pioneering group sent a speech: “All in this.”

It is necessary to have a unified command to carry out land reclamation. There is no doubt that this is the same as that of the scorpion who lost the trouble. The command of the team is also decided by the president of the three major guilds. The final elected commander was the president of the Silver Crusaders.

The world of the Nether is a death zone filled with countless undead and lichs. There is only one end to the birth of the living, that is to become the same kind of undead creatures, and the god of death is the master of this field.

“Death… The first time I saw the ball is the way the god of death is repairing.” Just entering the copy, the team is still preparing for the mixture, brushing buff, and eating food. Gu Yan takes a bite to increase the rapid properties of the squid. Row, then the voice is lowered, and the milk cat on his lap is so slow.

For the first time in the world, seeing his own lover is the form of the current copy of the boss. At that time, he still could not recognize it. At that time, there was no conversation with the ball in the form of death, but Gu Yan still clearly remembered what the other party was at the time.

Although I know that my lover is not in control of the body of the bottom boss, Gu Dawei is inevitably a bit strange.

He is going to push down the god of death now…


Chapter 62.2: