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Chapter 63.1



The dungeoning team decided to use the Silver Cross Crusader’s battle plan. As per the plan, they did not have to start from the beginning and could directly travel to the Final boss by a portal from three different points after entering the dungeon.


But because of the time lapse, the surrounding mobs had already respawned and needed to be cleared again.


“It’s okay, it’s really okay… I’ve already gotten used to it already after seeing it so many times.” The player dressed in a priest’s robe waved a hand towards the person who had asked her if she was okay and smiled.


Undeads, lichs, ghouls, zombies… all kinds of undead creatures were scattered in this dark and secluded land, and when they saw any living being, they would swarm towards the living as if having smelt food.


Given that the appearance of these monsters adhered to the original, it was quite frightening for some players with lower psychological tolerance.


It almost had the feeling of being immersed in a horror movie.


Like the priest, Orange Fu, who had just spoken, the first time she entered the Netherworld dungeon, she was basically frightened pale. She nearly could not hold onto her own staff, no need to mention casting spells.


However, as one of the elites of the guild, the rapid adaptation of mental state was a must-have skill. Now, whenever she faced these monsters, her back would only stiffen slightly, and the healing spells will continue to be cast.


Apart from the allocation of the boss’s drops, the loots from mobs were taken in turn.


At this time, a furry creature sporting two horns on its head ran to the side of the body of a lich who had the word ‘Sen Luo’ above its head and quickly picked up the drops.


“Meow.” Running back to the magician amidst the team, the little cat looked up and mewed at the youth. Its voice was not clear, probably because it wanted to prevent the thing in its mouth from falling out.


At this time, the surrounding mobs had just been settled. The people who had been watching the magician hold the little cat in his arms and noticed the cat much earlier on were now looking at the magician with envy.


A pet that will help its owner pick up dropped items, they also wanted one. But they heard that it was obtained from a wild treasure chest. Just thinking about it, everyone knew how difficult it was to get.


“It is very afraid of strangers.” Looking down at the little cat that had buried its face in his arms, Gu Yan silently refused the teammates who wanted to touch it. He had a feeling that this scene was rather familiar.


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Chapter 63

Into the use of the progress of the Silver Crusade, that is to say they do not have to start from the beginning, can be directly transmitted to the bottom of the boss by a portal at 3 o’clock after entering the copy.

But because of the time interval, the surrounding mobs have already been refreshed and need to be cleared again.

“It’s okay, it’s really okay… I’ve been used to it for so many times.” The priest dressed in a priest’s robe put his hand on the person who asked her about her face, with a smile on her face.

Undead, lich, ghoul, stitching blame… all kinds of undead creatures are scattered in this dark and secluded secluded land, and when they see the living, they will swarm like the smell of food.

Given that these monster models are not in any harmonious version, this is quite unfriendly for some players with lower psychological tolerance.

It’s almost like this feeling when you are immersed in a horror movie.

Like the human priest, Orange, who had just spoken, the first time he entered the group of the Netherland, he was basically scared and pale. The staff is getting unstable, so don’t talk about the treatment.

However, as the elite of the guild, the rapid adjustment of mental state is a must-have skill. Now she faces these monsters basically because the back is stiff, and the healing spells will continue to read under the body reflection.

In addition to the drop of the boss will open the captain allocation mode, the mob’s picking mode is taken in turn.

At this time, a group of stuffed creatures at the top of the head ran to the side of a lich who wrote the ‘Senro’ on the picker, and quickly picked up the items.

“Hey.” Run back to the magician in the back of the team. The milk cat looked up and snorted at the youth. The voice was not clear, probably to prevent the things on the mouth from falling.

At this time, the peripheral mobs were just finished, watching the magician hold the milk cat in his arms, and noticed that the team members of the pets are now casting their eyes to the magician.

They will help the owner pick up the pets of the dropped items, and they also want one. But I heard that this is the other party from the wild treasure chest, I also know that it is very difficult to get.

“It is very afraid of life.” Looking down at the milk cat who had buried his face in his arms, Gu Yan silently refused to tell him the teammates who wanted to hug. I always feel that this scene is familiar.

And just like affirming the magician’s statement, this small and small milk cat arched to the magician, leaving only a back view for others.

With the pets, they all have their own personalities. The teammates have no regrets to look at the magician’s arms again, but they are no longer strong.

After the mobs were cleared, the rest time was short. After completing all kinds of gain buffs, the team officially passed through the icy palace gate and stepped into the dead and repressed hall.

The vast hall is so quiet that the living people who are here can hear their breathing, or have a heartbeat.

Without the throne, the pool of reincarnation with a faint gloom is in front of a huge statue.

On the side of the two, a figure wearing a black cloak is standing there, dark black eyes, dark black hair, including the weapon used to harvest life in the hand is also this cold color.

It seems to be integrated with the darkness.

Although the black-skinned man’s skin color is gray without signs of life, it does not detract from his appearance. His face is only handsome and impeccable.

In particular, compared with the undead creatures outside the hall, the black robes in this hall are more and more beautiful.

But it is also God…

grim Reaper.

The members of the three guilds present, at least in front of the eyes, this looks very handsome and the black robes are dead for six or seven hundred times. This is the average. The land reclamation has been particularly hard-working, such as the Silver Crusader Guild. The members of the elite group have been killed thousands of times under the black figure in front of them.

Since the equipment of the tanks in the regiment has reached the passing line, it has been grinding for nearly a dozen hours every day. It has been more than a month since it was built, and it is only today that p1 is played.

In the words of the people in their group, this copy of them will go with their eyes closed, the boss before death, they can play with their eyes closed.

“It’s really going to vomit for more than a month.” Orange Fu raised her hand and rubbed her eyes. As a few female players on the team, she also admired the first time when she saw the boss of death. This boss model is designed to be too foul, she must not be able to play if it is dps.

just now……


After destroying the group for more than a month, it only laid the psychological shadow of the p1 stage. Even if the boss looks good again, the rescue will not come back.

“But if you can push it off, you have a sense of accomplishment.” The female thief with a dagger next to her own dagger is a dwarf race, a pocket figure and a pretty little round face that makes it cute. The thief looks like a weak little girl.

If you ignore the name that she hangs in the first position in the output statistics.

Orange Fu nodded, but still frowned: “The seven-minute violent mechanism is simply mad, and I would like to be happy with the p1 today.”

“Balls…” Gu Yan stood in a place not far from the two, and the other party did not press the low volume. He would hear it even if he didn’t listen to it. By the time he heard the violent seven minutes, he called the name of the plush squad on his shoulder.

In fact, he had thought about this problem before. According to his memory, the unified violent time of the boss should be ten minutes. This is the setting he wrote when he wrote the article.

In the original plot, the first killing should be the Silver Crusader Guild, but looking at the current situation, this plot is probably about to change, and it will become the first killing by their joint pioneering group.

The only thing that can change the game mechanics is the light brain. Gu can’t help but wonder to see the milk cat on his shoulder.

“Hey.” The milk cat with two small horns on his head squinted at the young man and looked very innocent.


Stretching his fingers to touch the two small horns, Gu Yan no longer tangled this problem.

Seven minutes in seven minutes, with the current team configuration, seven minutes can pass. Pulling out the output statistics and taking a look, Gu did not accidentally find himself in the position of the bottom. When he was clearing the mobs, he had some time to hold his own ball.

“The first two t-hooks, p1 two t turns to eat killing skills without any problem.” Stop squatting and shaking the head to negate the proposal to cut out a tank, this really makes the two tanks a lot easier, not so much The layer is vulnerable to debuff. But then cut a t to put too much pressure on dps, and now they have a magician in their team…

When I think of the magician, I look up and look at the youth standing in the corner of the team. He talked to the other party privately before the team gathered. He sent out a strategy of the p1 stage of death, detailing what the other party needs to do, and dispelling is the most important thing.

What has already been said, the other side also explicitly responded to ‘understand’, and now the other party does not take the initiative to ask, the singer will default to the other party. It’s okay to run a few times, but if you continue to make the same mistakes if you run it a few times, if you don’t understand and don’t ask, then he will start to spray like a member of his own guild team.

The rules of the team are the same for everyone. If you squirt people, it will not be too good.

“The ball is here.” The young group on the left shoulder was not taken back into the pet space, because it felt that the place might be empty. Gu Yan took the milk cat on his shoulder and put it down at the stone door at the entrance to the temple.

This position will not be affected by the battle, and the pet has a neutral attribute, even if the mobs refresh after four hours, it will not attack the pet.

“Oh.” Deep purple 瞳眸 reflects the figure of the magician. This stuffed creature crouched down in the position where the young man put it down, snorted, and then quietly watched the youth walking in the direction of the reincarnation pool. Going back.

Listening to the command countdown 3, 2, 1, the black man’s knight standing toward the wheel


Chapter 63: