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Chapter 63.2

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“Meow.” The little cat with two small horns on its head tilted its head to the side with a look of innocence.




Stretching out his hand to touch the two small horns, Gu Yan no longer pursued this problem.


If it was seven minutes, so be it. With the current party’s members, seven minutes is enough to clear it. Pulling out the damage ranking list to take a look, Gu Yan unsurprisingly found himself in the bottom of the list. When they were clearing the mobs, he had spent some time patting Qiuqiu.


“Let the two tanks attack first. In phase 1, the two tanks can take turns to tank the damage so that there won’t be any problems.” Zhi Yi shook his head and rejected the suggestion to add another tank. Although it will make it a lot easier for the other two tanks as they did not need to suffer so many layers of debuffs, using another tank would put too much pressure on the damage dealers, and now they also had a magician in their team…


Thinking of the magician, he looked up at the youth standing in the corner of the team. He had privately messaged the other person before the team gathered. He had sent out a stratagem for defeating the boss in phase 1 and explained in detail what he needed to do. His crowd control skill was of utmost importance.


They had discussed this before, the other person had also explicitly responded with an ‘understood’, and now that the other person did not ask, Zhi Yi thought that he already understood. It’s okay to run this dungeon a few times, but if he continued to make the same mistakes after running it a few times, and still did not ask despite not knowing, then he will start to discipline him like a member of his own guild.


The rules of the party were the same for everyone. If he started to scold, it will not be too nice.


“Qiuqiu can just wait here.” The small ball on his left shoulder was not put back into the pet space because he thought that the place might be lonely. Gu Yan took the little cat on his shoulder and put it down beside the stone door at the entrance of the temple.


In this position, it will not be affected by the battle. The pet had a neutral attribute, even if the mobs respawned after four hours, his pet would not be attacked.


“Meow.” A pair of deep purple irises reflected the figure of the magician. This furry creature obediently laid down in the position where the youth had put him and mewed lowly before quietly watching the youth walk towards the reincarnation pool.


After hearing the countdown, 3, 2, 1, the black-haired knight waved his sword and cast a holy light spell toward the black figure next to the reincarnation pool. He faced the pool and at the same time, successfully blocked the sickle that the black figure swung at him.


“A successful block still made me lose nearly two-thirds of my blood, where is the humanity in this?!” Executing a perfect block, Silver crow still felt his intestines hurt. Naturally, he knew that the clerics in his party had suffered more than him.


Blocking, parry, and dodging. Although the paladin who was holding the BOSS back had been cursing at the black figure in front of him, he still religiously took on every attack that the BOSS dealt.


Their blood bar was falling at a relatively stable rate. There was not a single instance where their health rapidly dropped. This fact alone greatly reduced the pressure on the clerics in the party.


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Seven minutes in seven minutes, with the current team configuration, seven minutes can pass. Pulling out the output statistics and taking a look, Gu did not accidentally find himself in the position of the bottom. When he was clearing the mobs, he had some time to hold his own ball.

“The first two t-hooks, p1 two t turns to eat killing skills without any problem.” Stop squatting and shaking the head to negate the proposal to cut out a tank, this really makes the two tanks a lot easier, not so much The layer is vulnerable to debuff. But then cut a t to put too much pressure on dps, and now they have a magician in their team…

When I think of the magician, I look up and look at the youth standing in the corner of the team. He talked to the other party privately before the team gathered. He sent out a strategy of the p1 stage of death, detailing what the other party needs to do, and dispelling is the most important thing.

What has already been said, the other side also explicitly responded to ‘understand’, and now the other party does not take the initiative to ask, the singer will default to the other party. It’s okay to run a few times, but if you continue to make the same mistakes if you run it a few times, if you don’t understand and don’t ask, then he will start to spray like a member of his own guild team.

The rules of the team are the same for everyone. If you squirt people, it will not be too good.

“The ball is here.” The young group on the left shoulder was not taken back into the pet space, because it felt that the place might be empty. Gu Yan took the milk cat on his shoulder and put it down at the stone door at the entrance to the temple.

This position will not be affected by the battle, and the pet has a neutral attribute, even if the mobs refresh after four hours, it will not attack the pet.

“Oh.” Deep purple 瞳眸 reflects the figure of the magician. This stuffed creature crouched down in the position where the young man put it down, snorted, and then quietly watched the youth walking in the direction of the reincarnation pool. Going back.

After listening to the countdown 3, 2, 1, the black-haired human knight waved a holy light trial toward the black figure holding the sword standing next to the reincarnation pool, and the posture was positively welcoming, while the shield blocked the The sickle that traversed the black figure representing death.

“Successful blockade has lost nearly two-thirds of the blood, humanity?!” To make a perfect block, the silver crow still feels his stomach hurts, of course, he knows that the treatment in the group is more painful than him.

Blocking, parry, dangerous and dodge, although the paladin who is holding the boss has been screaming at the black figure in front of him, but he did take every attack of the boss firmly and securely.

The amount of blood loss was relatively stable, and a sudden bloody collapse did not occur. This light greatly reduced the pressure of blood treatment in the regiment.

Because it is a joint pioneering group, people who are not used to the tanks in this group are so noisy and arrogant, they can’t help but open their mouths. They are in the process of pioneering a boring boss, and the tanks in the group are like outings. ……

“No, no, no, I will be distracted. When I talk to the commander, I will shut up immediately.” When he said this, the human knight keenly noticed that the black figure in front of his eyes had moved and grabbed Before the black figure swung the sickle again, the silver crow first opened the skill of the ‘sacred defender’.

The holy shield was offset by a flash of bloody dark mans, and at this time the deputy saw the dark man and immediately mocked the boss.

“How did you find out…” One of the treatments in the group couldn’t help but whisper.

The dark man was just using the killing skills of the boss, but the blood loss of the human knight is still stable. I didn’t let the boss feel the treatment feeling before I hit the boss. I need to watch the bloody brush over the tank.

However, the killing skill is completely cast by the boss at random time. How can the other party predict the use of damage reduction skills? ?

It’s impossible to guess.

“You pay attention to his wrist.” The silver crow said this to the deputy t who was holding the boss.

The two are different guilds. If they were in the joint land reclamation, the details of the techniques discovered will certainly not be told to other guilds. But since it is now cooperating, he will not hide, and everything is based on team progress.

The soldier who served as the deputy t was also the elite person who served as the main t position in the original team. Of course, I could understand the skill of this skill. After practicing several times, I quickly grasped the key points.


The lyrics haven’t been spoken yet. I saw that the debuff on the top of the priest he watched was gone. The magician on the side was sitting on the broom and holding the magic book in his left hand. The black water and fire on the ground. The circle of still rotating ice beads is completely out of the magician’s robe.

Compared to other members who have tightened their nerves to avoid skills and run the line, the relaxed look of the magician sitting on the broom is clearly incompatible with this intense and tense atmosphere.

“The first time to turn the fire, the last round of the ice cubes slowed down for at least 3 seconds, how long has it been open, and the dps of the boss.” Looking at the ice cubes that are still running on the field, I immediately unscrewed my eyebrows. This is for him to check the output statistics.

3 seconds is not too much, it has little impact on the team and can make up for it.

However, from this point, it can be seen that the degree of execution of the instructions by the team members, the higher the degree, the more the number of unnecessary missions can be reduced, and it is considered necessary to spray a spray.

However, when the team commanded a glimpse of the output statistics, he could not help but squat.

The horizontal position of the first place in the output statistics is the dark purple background color –

This is the color that represents the profession of the magician.

Chapter 63.2: