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Chapter 21: Jealousy


It was hard to imagine that a Heidis could actually be appeased after completely entering a full combat state. Moreover, this was merely a technical possibility.


  Strictly speaking, it should be almost impossible because in this extreme state of consciousness, Heidis(es) would unconsciously block off all external interference.

However, the young man in front of him had actually did it and even succeeded in bringing the Heidis in the black machine back to the mothership.


 The only thing was that when Evan looked at his commanding officer, he seemed to appear a little bit hungover…?


  He had always felt that the weak human being would be constantly overwhelmed by his own commander and watching the youth being held tightly by his own commander, Evan was at a loss.

They were in the command room of the ship and only three people were currently present. After reporting the state of the troops and receiving a response from his boss, this young aide quickly evacuated the place.


  He still had a lot of work to do as an adjutant and anyway, the commander, no matter what, would not hurt this puny human…

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  From behind, a warm breath briefly brushed past his ear, causing Gu Yan to feel a little ticklish. To his chagrin, the moment he moved, he found himself held even tighter.

“Eli…”, Towards their compromising positions, Gu Yan was too embarrassed and really couldn’t bear to look anymore.


  The handsome and aloof silver-haired officer sat on a high back leather throne. Having just come out of combat state, the adult Heidis was clearly emitting an aura full of warning and threat.


 However, in stark contrast, the Heidis was embracing the black-haired youth in his lap. His left hand was tightly hooked around the youth’s waist in a prison like grip, as though he wanted to completely possess him.

After uttering that, Gu Yan found that the warm breath had moved slightly away from him. Following that, the man behind him used his fingertips to touch the back of his neck, exerting a light pressure as he rubbed back and forth.


 Unsurprisingly, there was a bruise there. However, the person rubbing him was extremely gentle and did not make him feel any pain.

In fact, it was quite comfortable. Under such circumstances, Gu Yan unconsciously relaxed his body and slowly leaned towards the neither soft nor hard, cool ‘cushion’ for support.


  However, the very next second, Gu Yan was frozen stiff. The fingers that had been lightly caressing his neck was replaced by a cool and light touch.

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  Gu Yan did not even need to think to know what that was. The feeling of his neck being kissed caused him, who had originally relaxed his body to straighten his back instantly. He quickly covered it with a few low coughs.


Unlike in the past, the youth did not show any signs of refusal towards the Heidis’s intimacy.

Previously, Gu Yan had used a tone that he would usually use to coax his own cat in order to successfully lure the Heidis back to the mothership. After they had finally come face-to-face, the pair of vertical pupils has been staring at him and had not moved away since.

In particular, when this pair of pupils landed on him, it would constrict slightly, as though …


 Entering a state of combat.


 However the other person’s hostility was not directed at him, but rather, at those who had gotten close to him.


 Startled, Gu Yan did not know how he came up with this idea, but by the time he reacted, his hand was already stroking the Heidis’s head.


  At this time, the stoic faced Heidis slightly lowered his eyebrows while he remained motionless, seemingly docile. However, the pair of vertical pupils was still narrowed into thin slits, looking extremely gloomy.


  It was a little scary …


  It was due to this reason, Gu Yan who was stuck in the Heidis embrace with a kind of imprisoning posture did not move and continued to sit in his lap. Even now, when the back of his neck was being kissed, he tried to keep his reflexes to a minimum and did not evade the Heidis’s touch at all.

“There won’t be a next time.” The low voice sounded coldly.


  Although being the dominant one between the two, however, when the silver-haired Heidis who had currently trapped the human youth in his arms spoke, his attitude carried a hint of reliance towards the youth, as if wanting to be even closer.


  But in reality, they couldn’t be any closer than they already were.

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  Hearing this, Gu Yan faced some difficult turning to the side. The person behind him was hugging him too tightly, just wanting to turn was not easy.


  Facing the pair of pale green pupils, Gu Yan got the feeling of looking at a big cat that was climbing onto his body. Such actions that kept him from moving away was a sign that it was extremely restless, thus it will not be easy to appease it.


  If the other person was in his feline form, Gu Yan certainly had the skill to extend his hands and stroke him in a variety of ways. However, how was he supposed to stroke this human form?


  Only hesitating for a while, Gu Yan’s hands reached to touch the cold-faced Heidis’s head.


  The feel of the short silver hair’s quality was very good, the more he touched, the more addicted he became.


  The feeling of stroking the silver hair, compared to its fur in his feline form was not lacking in the slightest bit. Feeling the warmth of the palm under the youth’s gentle touch, the Heidis slightly narrowed his vertical pupils.


  There was no doubt that he enjoyed it, but he still did not relax the hand that was on the waist of youth. As long as the youth did not make a clear refusal, Eli did not want to change their current positions at all.


 Like now, keeping this man in a place where only he can touch him, carefully protecting him so no one can snatch him away was very good.


  Speaking of ‘ other people ‘ …


  At this extremely close proximity, Eli could easily smell the scent left by another Heidis on the youth, directly at the back of his neck.


 It was clearly left by the other Heidis on purpose.


  At this time Gu Yan heard a cold snort, it was like an extremely short ‘heng’. This short hum revealed the rare feelings of its owner. Hearing this, Gu Yan felt that the Heidis behind seems to be …




  Though the smell would dissipate in just a few days after the brief marking, Eli did not want to wait at all.


  He just had to erase this smell and replace it with his own. Thinking of this, the cold faced, beautiful silver-haired officers once again lowered his head, his thin lips lightly pressing against the youth’s neck.

At this time, he heard the youth suddenly say: “The suppressor I was wearing before was taken away by Ivy, is it necessary to wear another one?”


  Hearing the word ‘ Ivy ‘ in the sentence made the Heidis pause. He looked up and stared silently at the young man he was clinging to.


Why did he seem even more unhappy now?


  Just having said this, Gu Yan noticed this anomaly. He hesitated slightly, unable to figure out what he had said wrongly. Repeating his own words in his mind several more times, Gu Yan still failed to find the problem.


  But being stared at by that pair of gloomy eyes, Gu Yan suddenly thought of something else.

He remembered that his cat had ever used such a gaze to look at him when he had gone and hugged another cat.

Looking especially… Wronged?

Gu Yan who had originally been trapped suddenly regained his freedom.


 Before he could react, the one sitting on the leather throne had become him and in front of him was a table with a silver-tabby cat crouched on top of it, continuing to stare silently at him with the same expression.


  If he still did not hug the cat, Gu Yan will not be able to bear it much longer.


  Gu Yan pulled the domestic feline form of the Heidis into a hug and placed him on his lap. He willingly reached his hand out to let this Heidis hook his tail onto his wrist.

It seems like this Heidis was still very easy to coax.


  Hearing the big cat lying on his lap let out a low purr, Gu Yan skillfully stroked the big cat’s fur.


  Every time Gu Yan moved his hand away slightly, the big cat lying in his lap would give a low meow and tilt its head slightly to look at him.


  Very clingy, Gu Yan thought silently as he returned his hand.


  After a while, Gu Yan’s hand could no longer move anymore because the big cat lying on his lap had stood up, lifted its front paws to press his hand down and then laid on it.

So sticky, still don’t allow him to move …

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  Gu Yan had an urge to laugh as he looked at his hand that was being trapped by the Heidis’s soft belly.


  Once again, he used his other hand to stroke the cat’s fur. Unsurprisingly, it met the same fate.


  It was not impossible to pull his hand back since the Heidis in its feline form was not too heavy.


 However, Gu Yan did not move because he saw the cat that was lying on his hands was swaying its tail happily, the purring from its throat did not cease.


  Finally appeased it, he quietly thought.


  At this time, Gu Yan finally had the leisure to think again. The reason why the big cat in his lap had used the kind of gloomy expression to look at him was because–


  It couldn’t be because he mentioned another man’s name, could it?


  The more he thought of this possibility, the more sure he became. In the end, he was almost completely sure that this was definitely the case. His eyes couldn’t help but twitch and at the same time, he also had an urge to laugh.

This jealousy…

End of Chapter 21

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  1. At last in the novel.. When ML jealous., he just turn back to original cat..and look to be pamper…. Pretty docile in my opinion for possessive ML… That is why it’s so cute..
    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. I don’t really see any mistakes in your translation though…. It looks ok to me but I’m terrible at grammar so there might be some. If you want to check if you have any grammar mistakes, just reread it or, change it to a different font and read over it. I think I read somewhere before that changing the font can help you notice different things than before and you can just change it back. Also, Eli is so cute and adorable! 😍 I love this moment and I wonder what kind of reaction Eli would have if the MC laughed? Also, I wish I had a cat like that but it’s probably not gonna happen since cats just hate for some reason. Well, more like most animals like dogs and monkeys just hate me even though I didn’t do anything to them. Anyways, thank you for the chapter!!!!!! 😆

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    1. That’s a great suggestion actually because I tend to miss out alot of things for some reason. I’ve never had much interactions with animals so I don’t really know if they hate me or not :’)


  3. Hahah I was halfway through this chapter (the part where he says his original cat got salty when he held a different cat) when I just turned and looked real hard at my cat who also does that. 😂 then I went and pampered him for a bit cause I felt bad.
    But wait there’s more!
    I then got to the part where if he stopped petting Eli then he would turn his head and meow – then my cat literally did that exact thing!
    Hahha the author has a good grasp on how to portray spoiled cats!
    Thanks so much for the chappy! I love this story so much!!☺️

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  4. I am a 100% a dog person and usually have a hard time dealing with cats… But that story really makes me want to adopt one and cuddle with!

    Thank you for this new chapter.

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