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Chapter 14

Because the two bodies were pressed very closely to each other, Gu Yan could easily feel the changes in a certain part of the other person’s body.


In this kind of situation that all men understand, Gu Yan stiffened his body. No matter what, he wouldn’t dare to move rashly again.


“I also … like Ah Yan[1].” Watching the youth that was being suppressed under him, the cold voice of the adult Heidis suddenly seemed to be stuck in his throat.


[1] You should probably know if you read other CN novels but if you don’t it’s just an affectionate term.


The pair of light vertical pupils staring at the youth was filled with a sense of desire and carried a hint of possessiveness.


This human …




If you change the word order it will become, his human.


This phrase left the Imperial Seventh Regiment commander[2] adult Heidis feeling satisfied. He even slightly narrowed its pupil, the cold look in his eyes seemingly became softer.


[2] SUper long title whew


As an elite race at the top of the food chain in the interstellar space, when looking at other races, they will invariantly adopt a gaze of a hunter looking at their prey


However, for some reason, he felt an indescribable longing towards this weak and fragile human…


Not wanting this human to fear him, the adult Heidis will deliberately adopt a docile and harmless image of a cat to appear in front of the youth.


Also? Gu Yan was only able to catch this word and haven’t had time to respond when his earlobe was kissed again, causing Gu Yan to shiver unconsciously.


However, at this very moment, the cold voice lowered gently beside and let out a low ‘meow’, as if begging for a reward.


Taking advantage of the moment Gu Yan was stunned, the owner of this voice had silently undid the first button of the youth’s collar.


Marking one’s belongings had always been a common occurrence among the Heidis race. However, in practice, it was still the first time for this adult Heidis and it was inevitable that his actions would be a little clumsy.


As a normal adult man, no matter if he was straight or bent if the other party was this good-looking … and provocative, it was impossible for Gu Yan to not have the slightest bit of reaction.


Hearing the youth under his body become breathless, the adult Heidis tilted his head and started thinking. He realized that the ears of this youth seem… Very sensitive.


However, when this adult Heidis once again kissed Gu Yan’s earlobes, wanting to continue to unbutton his clothes, he found his hands being stopped by the youth.


His strength was weak enough to be shrugged off. Due to the great disparity in the human’s physical strength compared to the Heidis race, the adult Heidis that was kissing the youth’s ears did not consider the actions of the youth to be rejecting him.


Another button was undone. Being suppressed by absolute strength, Gu Yan could only feel weak. He tightly shut his mouth for fear that he would accidentally let out any strange sounds as he fervently started to rack his brains on how to restore any of his last bits of moral integrity.


Gu Yan now understood that the Heidis also liked him. Also liked him… Also?


A spark flashed through his mind as he suddenly seem to recall something. Gu Yan turned his head a little to avoid the adult Heidis that was still leaving little kisses by his ear. Depressed, he tentatively called out lowly, “Qiuqiu……?”


The adult Heidis who has been misled by this term abruptly paused to gaze back into the youth’s eyes. In his mind, this was the name the youth had given him when he had lost his memories. It was extremely intimate and he actually  … liked it very much.


“En.”  The cold voice very quickly answered him.


Gu Yan: “…”


It seems like there was a motherf*cking huge misunderstanding.


In the beginning, Gu Yan remembered that he seemed to have called the adult Heidis this way before. Moreover, he also knows that he is a person that sometimes sleep-talked. Just that now he did not know whether that day after he had fallen asleep if he had hugged the Heidis while calling ‘Qiuqiu’.


Seeing the Heidis’s intention of resuming what they had been doing, Gu Yan at the bottom suddenly felt a sense of danger. Both his hands had been pinned down and he could only allow himself to repeat his previous mistakes–


“Ah… Qiuqiu! “The was the only line that could let the Heidis pause temporarily. Gu Yan didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.


He did not know what kind of strange sounds he had let out just now but he saw the pair of light vertical pupils darken further. Gu Yan decisively threw away his last shred of dignity: “Qiuqiu be good…”


The look in the pair of Heidis pupils changed very quickly. By the time Gu Yan could react, his hands had regained their freedom.


This was a refusal. Eli finally realized this because when the youth had said these words, he had tried to push him away. However, he furrowed his brows as he hugged the youth’s waist with an unwilling expression.


Gu Yan tried to regain his even breathing. As a healthy male, after being aroused, wanting to suppress his desire was no easy task. Moreover, the two bodies were still pasted together tightly, he could feel the Heidis’s aroused lower parts poking himself.


“How about… Finishing this by hand? “Gu Yan wanted to give the Heidis a sincere suggestion. He had never done such a thing before, but this kind of basic things he still knows how to.


However after saying this, the very next second, Gu Yan saw the pair of vertical pupil narrowed up again. Afterward, the owner of this pair of vertical pupil reached his hands into his belt.


Gu Yan was shocked. He wanted to help the Heidis solve this problem, not let the Heidis help him solve it!


…… The things that happened shortly after are better left untold. In short, the next day when Gu Yan recalls the things that were done, he wanted to cover his eyes. He really did not have any face left.


In the military, Evan who was currently dealing with the difficult pile of B-class documents once again received a call from his own boss. He was one of the few to enter his boss’s private office and was thus exceptionally careful. However, this caution disappeared after hearing the other Heidis’s questions.


“Why did he refuse?” After repeating this line through his mind, Eli finally asked his own subordinate.


Since he likes him, why refuse? The adult Heidis who had always been lacking in the affection department did not understand the reason. He only knew that he wanted to mark the youth more thoroughly and possess him completely.


Evan did not know how to react. When did this subordinate become a part-time love counselor? His superior data analysis ability should not be used like this ah??


“This subordinate needs some time to carry out a more detailed analysis.” Pushing his glasses up, Evan said another thing: “Today we receive a help signal from Pandora and this subordinate has already dispatched a force to provide support. Since it was only a level three signal, this subordinate did not notify you immediately.”


A level-three help signal was usually not a big deal, most of it consisted of foreign trade by star thieves’ harassments and so on. Sending regular troops was enough to maintain the law and order, stabilizing the situation.


The adult Heidis seated in the chair did not nod, but only looked questioningly as he saw his adjutant turn pale.


“Help signal … increased to level two.” Just as he had finished saying, there was a sudden change and Evan was caught off guard.


A level two was no longer simply harassment but a help signal for a planet under attack.


The planet that had released the signal for help was a distance from the Aisers of the imperial capital. However, it falls within the jurisdiction of their commander.


“Will you be personally taking a trip there?”


End of chapter 14

T/n: I think I love the ML even more. He’s obviously in love with his human yet he’s trying his best not to jump him cuz GY still not ready. Half of me just wants Eli to respect GY wishes while the other half is just like go claim him, he’s yours bro(Sooner or later) :’D

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  1. …… The things that happened shortly after are better left untold.” Says who? I personally want to be informed of every little detail. Making assumptions like this is detrimental….author, be professional, ok? :3 😉

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