Chapter 15

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When Gu Yan woke up in the afternoon, he was stunned to find himself in an unfamiliar place.

“We have just received a rescue signal from Pandora.” Seeing the youth awaken, the silver-haired commander who had been silently standing by the side explained.

Noticing the youth’s lingering doubts, the adult Heidis that was not used to explaining himself could only look at the youth and gently promised: “I will protect you here.”

He could not stand letting the dark hair youth stay somewhere where he could not see. If the youth was out of his sight for too long, he would even start to feel anxious…

If only he could tie him up and chain him to his side. This way, he can see the youth every single moment.

Gu Yan could keenly feel the pair of pupils that was staring at him darken slightly. Sensing something awry, his first instincts was to simply nod his head.

Afterwards he hesitated awhile before he raised his hands to stroke the silver hair… just as usual.

Although when facing the commander standing in front of him, he can’t help but recall what happened yesterday. He felt embarrassed but not to the point of wanting to escape.

As he stroked, Gu Yan saw that the commander’s eyelids twitched a little. The previous feeling of danger he had earlier had seemingly receded. Right now, the quiet and docile Heidis caused Gu Yan to feel even a little ‘warmth’.

“The ship has arrived at the Esso Galaxy, Comman…der.” The last word was squeezed out of his throat as a communication request was made to the command room to report their status. Upon seeing the holographic image in front of him, the soldier was shocked stiff.

At this moment, the officer who had accepted the distress call was resting his chin on his hands while the youth beside him was ignorantly touching his commander’s head.

Gu Yan did not wear the communication equipment and thus could not hear any sound. Moreover, the holographic image was one-way so he did not know that there were people looking over from the other side.

After a nod, Eli cut off the communication line. They had arrived in the Esso galaxy, not far from Pandora. Since it was only a level two rescue signal, they only used one mothership while the rest were destroyer-level ships.

For the average level two disaster, this support lineup was more than sufficient.

At this time in an office on Pandora, the throne of the highest position of the planet currently sat a young man, the corner of his lips turned up in a slight smile.

Instead, standing at one side was the actual chief executive of this planet who the seat belonged to. The elderly man looked a little anxious: “Your highness, I have done as you told me, now can we…”

“Don’t be so nervous, Moles.” The young man lightly interrupted the person opposite him then smiled and said, “Little yiqiao is very safe at my place, I have already told my people to take good care of her. Rest assured, not a single hair on her will be missing.”

The old man, who was called Moles had no way of answering. He could not rebuke the other for breaking his promise for his granddaughter was still in their hands.

For most of his career in politics, Moles had been sitting at the top of the Archon’s seat for more than 40 years. However, his only son did not want to follow in his footsteps and the moment he reached adulthood, he ran away from home to join the military.

In the beginning, Moles was so furious with his disobedience he almost wanted to sever their relations. However, his late wife had only left a son for him. He can’t wait to care for this son and love him so there was really no way he would bring himself to disown this son.

As a soldier, his son was also exceptional. Although he was stubborn and refused to send a single letter, Moles still did send some people to find out about his son. During the war, his rank rose rapidly and was quickly promoted to a colonel in just a few years.

These two people with the same temper and stubbornness did not contact each other for many years, until one day, moles opened his door to see a somewhat familiar yet unfamiliar figure holding a baby. Moles still remember, the figure dressed in the Imperial Army Black uniform looked at him for a long time before he called softly, ‘ father ‘.

Having not seen his son for such a long time, he had already become so big. His initial fury towards his son had long diminished and he even somewhat regretted his initial actions of forcing his son into the world of politics.

The man had came back to give him the baby to raise. Moles of course agreed but never expected that this would be the last time he saw his son.

The father of his granddaughter of his suffered the same fate as her mother, sacrificing his life in the war against the enemy of the Empire

In the face of such tragedy, Moles couldn’t do anything but shower his granddaughter with even more love.

“How about this, wait until my senior brother arrives here then I’ll let you see little Yiqiao.” The young man seated in the consul’s seat raised his jaw and said with a relaxed tone. His rather handsome countenance had no other expression.

“Yes … Thank you, your Highness.” Moles finally nodded. Although it was a remote planet, as an Archon of a planet, he knew that the trials for the next heir had begun and the people in front of him were interested in the throne of the highest power.

Strictly speaking, Moles really did not care about the future of the Empire’s supreme power. However, he was now forced to become involved.

The ship’s fleet, which was sailing toward Pandora was nearing the periphery of the planet and the ship’s commanding officer was visiting the command room with the dark-haired youth.

Gu Yan looked at the ship’s console which was being operated by a soldier that had a variety of buttons and small levers, looking very complex and difficult to understand.

However, Gu Yan’s eyes can’t help but light up and his hands were also itching since this console and the battleship he used in the holographic game were exactly the same.

If the method of operation was the same, does it mean that he can actually fly a ship?

All right…… he had to first have a ship.

The young commander who was observing this scene remembered that the youth had great interest in the game that was a complete simulation of the control of a warship. However, this ‘ game ‘ was not entirely a game in nature but also an assessment that every warship manipulator had to undergo.

3000 points was the passing grade and anyone who did not meet this criteria was unable to get their license while those with higher rankings were greatly favoured by the military

Speaking of recently … A nickname ‘guyan’ suddenly sprang out of nowhere and this unknown figure sat high in the second place.However, the military had been unable to locate this person.

This caused a great celebration in the Heidis’s Empire Army. Almost everybody already agreed that whoever was the first to find this person, this person would belong to their division.

“…… You like it?” The young commander’s cold eyes and handsome face did not match the tone of his question, the light color pupils were entirely focused on the youth.

Still staring at the console, Gu Yan did not think and and simply nodded, completely unaware that the expression of the adult Heidis beside him became thoughtful.

Standing at one side, Evan’s eyelids twitched. After gifting such a powerful war machine, he never expected his commander would still think of giving him a battleship to… Play?

His commander’s love was really difficult to understand, Evan silently pushed up his glasses.

End Of Chapter 15

T/n: Can’t help but feel sorry for GY since he could actually get first place but was interupted. Wouldn’t that have made him even more wanted compared to 2nd place. Who knew our GY was actually this amazing? xD

[edit] I wonder how Eli feels about having more rivals…

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