TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 22.2

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

Editor: VIVI:) 🙂

Chapter 22.2: Earth


Fanart by Luzu ❤


The little girl had ran over to hug his leg, causing Gu Yan to be a bit stunned. However, looking at the little girl who was clenching her teeth and holding back her tears, Gu Yan who had all along been especially kind towards children reached out to pat the child’s back.


  In the end, on the entire journey back to Pandora, the little girl continued to cling tightly onto him and refused to let go.


  The silver-haired officer maintained his cold and stoic expression as usual. Except that his gaze kept landing on the young child in his lap. He did not say anything but his vertical pupils was slightly narrowed up.


This … Do you have to be jealous of a kid?


  Noticing the slight abnormality in the Heidis, Gu Yan doubtfully thought.


  Despite noticing the warning scent of a powerful Heidis from the youth, the young Heidis who could be considered a child continued to cling tightly on to him .


  Presumably, it was also because of her intuition that the youth himself was weak and did not pose a threat to her. The higher races had a certain extent of perceiving a lower race’s level of threat to them.


“Be good, we are bringing you back to Pandora.”


  Touching the little girl’s head, Gu Yan got the feeling as if he was coaxing a small animal.


  Gu Yan did not notice that when he uttered the words ‘be good’, a cold and handsome silver-hair officer beside him narrowed his eyes up even more.


  Until they reached Pandora, a familiar place, the child was finally willing to release her hold on the youth leg.


  The whole mission finally came to a wrap when the dispatched sergeant brought the child to an old man who had been waiting for her. The consul, who promised to confess his guilt, cooperatively entered their ship after making ample arrangements for his sole relative.


  Like any other captured criminal, he also needed to be escorted back to the empire’s capital to be tried in a trial. “Moles will not be punished too severely.”


  Trapping the black-hair youth with every intention to escape in his lap, Eli took the initiative to answer Gu Yan’s thoughts.


  They were in the mansion of the silver hair Heidis. The ship had sailed a relatively long distance before they finally returned to the Imperial Star capital.


  Although the youth did not speak, the Heidis who had kept his eyes on him was certainly aware. What he said was true, surrendering can make his sentence lighter. Moreover, he had been acting under the threat of the Sarian Army and could be considered a victim too.


  While they could not let him go completely free, it would at most be relieving him of official duties for the time being.


It was this embarrassing position again… Gu Yan had just wanted to get up when the hand on his waist tightened its hold. Hearing the cold voice from behind him, Gu Yan figured it was best to just nod along.


However, the silver-haired officer who held onto him tightly did not do anything this time, merely clinging to him and resting his jaw on the shoulders of youth. He even dealt with several simple paperwork right in front of him.


Gu Yan now had the feeling of being treated as a human pillow. He tried to struggle again and unsurprisingly, was still unable to move.


  Fine. He had already thrown away all his moral integrity anyway. Gu Yan relaxed his body and leaned back with closed eyes.


  Not moving. Not moving. Anyway this big ‘cushion’ was also very comfortable and coincidentally, he was starting to feel sleepy.


  Earlier, he had played on the battleship too much and maintaining a high concentration for a long time made him exhausted. Although he had already withdrawn from that state, Gu Yan still felt that these days, the lack of sleep was getting to him.


  This can only be blamed on the physical differences between the races. Human beings, after all, are unlike the Heidis race which did not require sleep.


For some reason, lately it feels like the extent of the Heidis’s clinginess to him had somehow increased.


  Closing his eyes as he leaned against the Heidis behind him, this was the last fuzzy thought in his mind as he drifted off to sleep.


  In the past, the Heidis would at most take on a domestic cat appearance before coming to him for rubs and kisses. But now, this Heidis not only kept his previous habits, but maintained his human form like now, holding him in his arms and refusing to let go.


  But even if he was so clingy, Gu Yan had no way to get annoyed. Because he knows that the Heidis sticking to him was a cold person that was extremely lacking in emotions. Being loved by such a Heidis with his limited affection … How could he hate it?


  ”Just a little while more, Ah[1] Yan will be able to get a legitimate imperial Heidis citizenship soon.”


[1]Ah: Affectionate way of calling somebody close to you.


  As the youth leaned his body against himself, the hand working on the file stopped. Putting the pen in his hand down,he adjusted their positions so Gu Yan could be more comfortable.


The Citizenship Embassy in their kingdom was extremely strict. If the other races wanted to obtain a citizenship in the Empire, it would be extremely difficult unless they had made a significant contribution to the Empire.


  There was no second alternative, not even using the power of connections to open a back door.


 However, the Imperial Emperor had the power to amend the law.


  He had already passed the trial set by the group of elders. Although in the second stage, someone had violated the rules, but because it only served to increase the difficulty of the test, the final verdict was that he had still passed.


  So he just had to wait a little while longer …

T/n: So I noticed a misconception some of you have. The imperial trial was actually taken by Eli, not GY. GY did not undergo any trial… :p

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