TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 22.3


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Chapter 22.3: Earth

Lying very comfortably, Gu Yan was in a state of semi-consciousness… Hearing the cold voice of the Heidis gently whisper in his ear, Gu Yan blanked out for several moments before he remembered–


That’s right… he was in the Heidis Empire, and right now he would generally be considered an illegal immigrant.

“…… En.”


The brain lag Gu Yan who took a few moments to respond had been leaning on the person behind him and almost falling asleep. When he replied, his voice was a little hoarse.

The blurry eyed youth at this moment seemed to be easily swayed. Eli lowered his eyebrow before bringing his thin lips close to the youth, lightly brushing past his ear and said in a low and gentle voice: “There’s no need to go back, the Heidis Empire have many things that the blue planet does not have.”


“…… En.”


He did not think about what the cold voice had said at all. Gu Yan had not registered the words in his mind and merely gave a perfunctory reply like before.

Hearing the answer he wanted to hear, the cold and handsome silver-hair officer narrowed his vertical pupils as his heartbeat sped up. He moved his lips downwards, towards the youth’s earlobe and continued in his low and gentle tone: “Ah Yan likes me the most.”

Gu Yan was still thinking about the other person’s previous sentence and responded in an even huskier voice: “… En. “

Wait a minute, the Heidis said, blue …


Blue Planet …?


He finally realised what these words represented and instantly sobered up.


The Heidis actually knows ‘ Earth ‘ this planet?!


He had all along been trying his hardest to avoid mentioning any information about the Earth while in the Heidis Empire. Gu Yan did not want the tragic fate of Earth that he had written of in his novel to happen in here.


However, what the other person said to him just now meant that the existence of the Earth had already been discovered.


Feeling the originally relaxed body laying on him suddenly stiffen and opened his eyes, Eli silently hugged the youth even tighter…


It was the youth who gave him an affirmative answer, he did not force him….

“Earth …”

Gu Yan just opened his mouth to speak when the person behind him suddenly interrupted in a low voice: “Ah Yan already promised not to go back.”


Gu Yan: “…”


They seemed to be on different wavelengths. Aware of this, Gu Yan carefully recalled what the other person had just said to him.


The Heidis only told him, there’s no need to go back …


While saying this to him, his voice had been very gentle. It was only a request and held no intention of attacking the planet.


No one spoke for awhile and the room gradually quietened. Gu Yan turned his head and unexpectedly saw that the Heidis was frowning slightly.


He had to appease this big cat first.

“Qiuqiu, be good …” Putting one hand on the Heidis’s head as usual, Gu Yan said in a pacifying tone: “I won’t go somewhere where you can’t see me.”


Gu Yan did not have any intention of changing his words. He had silently acknowledged the pair of eyes that was fixated on him as he continued to stroke the Heidis.


The short silver hair quality was very good to the touch. Although it was not the first time touching, Gu Yan still did not want to stop.


However, as long as he did not hear an affirmative answer, Gu Yan would not be able to relax. After all, this world was supposed to develop according to the storyline he had written.

Hesitating for a while, Gu Yan decided to ask the main person directly.


Since the location of the Earth had been found, instead of guessing, it was better to ask the other person what he thought.

“I’ve already ordered them not to leak out any information.”

The silver-hair officer lightly pursed his lips. Although he still had an expressionless face, his gaze was fixed on the youth as he spoke in a deep and earnest tone: “I will not do anything to make Ah Yan unhappy.”


The Blue Planet is rich in resources– Yes, the people on the planet are also very weak and easy to conquer…


However, when he remembered that this planet was the place where this dark hair youth once lived in, the first thought that came to his mind was to protect the planet and never let it be invaded.

I will never do anything to make you sad …


Caught off guard, Gu Yan lightly touched the head full of short silver hair before retracting his hand. He quickly turned his head to the side to cover up with a few low coughs.


These words were obviously more touching than just a simple confession of ‘like’. This was especially so when the other person was using an extremely serious tone to say it.


Knowing that the Heidis had no interest in conquering the Human Planet, Gu Yan’s originally tensed heart could finally be at ease.


In fact, Gu Yan had really wanted to see what this world’s Earth looked like, except the Heidis behind him did not want him to go back. In reality, the Heidis just didn’t want him to leave his side …

“The Earth is nice.” Gu Yan opened his mouth to speak. Before the Heidis behind him could frown, he quickly finished the second half of his sentence: “But since I have promised to not leave your side, so whenever you are interested, we can go together.”


Since the person was not interested in overtaking Earth, he could actually take the Heidis on a trip to this world’s planet ‘Earth’.


It did not matter even if he did not go. He was merely curious of this world’s Earth and had no feelings of attachment. Gu Yan leaned back once more.

In this world, if he were to speak of feelings of attachment…

He probably felt a lot more attachment to the place where this Heidis was rather than to anything else.


Maybe it was because he had been with this Heidis ever since he first came to this strange world. Apart from the first time when the beast tried to attack him, the Heidis had always been carefully protecting him.

…… It was impossible to not be touched.

End of chapter 22

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