TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23.1: teasing the cat

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

Editor: VIVI 🙂 🙂


Recently, the atmosphere in the imperial military was very tense. Originally there had been a deal that whoever was the first to find the person behind the unknown username ‘Guyan’, who had been hanging onto the second place in the leaderboards, then that regiment would get him. Except for the Seventh Regiment in the Army, all the other heads had tacitly agreed that whoever was the first find him, then this person would belong to whose division.


Because the commander of the Seventh regiment was a candidate for the throne and would often do things independently from them, thus, such private agreements, the army heads naturally did not include him.


While the Elder’s trial for every candidate had always been an imperial tradition, the seventh imperial commander had always been excellent such that no one had ever thought that he might fail.


So how could they make a private pact with their future emperor? However, more than half a month later, the entire military could not find even the slightest trace of information of their target.


The only new information they had was that their target had risen up in the rankings once again and had scored nearly double the points from before, emerging at the top of the leaderboards.


The commanders of the regiments in the army finally could not sit still anymore.


Generally speaking, the normal procedure of taking part in the examination of the battle ship simulator required the person to report to a specific location for registration. There would then be relevant personnels in charge of the supervision of the holographic equipment for the examination. Under such circumstances, the person’s identity would be very easy to find.

There was also the possibility that the person they were trying to find truly regarded the simulator as a game. In this case, they would only need to input their nickname before starting.


This was not uncommon, but wanting to squeeze into the top of the list was an entirely different matter.


After all, in the Imperial Military Academy, those undergoing professional training were usually heading towards the path of becoming an official warship pilot. Entering the army of the Empire was their goal and of course, would undergo the formal procedures to participate in the assessment.


This was already a concept, but now, the reality in front of everyone was a slap to their faces.

“Search for information regarding the location of the device’s user …?” Unprepared to receive a call from the Imperial Army and facing numerous heavyweight people that often appeared on the news, the technician was somewhat trembling: “The volume of data is too large, the process will take a little more time.”


In reality, for those who did not participate in the official assessment, there was no recorded personal data. Data like location had the highest form of privacy encryption and strictly speaking, could not be shared.


However, now that all of his superiors had already put out a request, how could this subordinate still refuse?

“So what’s the result now, eh? Whose division will this person belong to when we do find him?”


A red-hair officer knocked on the table. Her curly crimson hair hung behind her like flames, looking extremely eye-catching. She was also the only woman in the combat room.

In the beginning, all the military leaders in this conference room had agreed to not use any methods that went against the rules. However, right now they were truly unable to find even a single person and could only tacitly go against their agreement.


Military officials had also already released information for a search for a long time and had even increased the reward for any relevant information by three times. However in the end, after a long time their target still did not appear, as if he had no interest at all.


Somebody had raised this concern that had been in everybody’s hearts. The discussion in the conference room quickly heated up while every plan that was proposed was quickly rejected. In the end, they reluctantly came to a solution–

They would let the person choose for himself.


And at this time, as the imperial Army colonel’s actual ‘target’, Gu Yan had just withdrawn from the holographic game as he refreshed the list of records and was completely unaware of the extent of the battle he had set off in the military.


Seeing the youth take off the holographic devices, the silver tabby cat which has been quietly lying on the young man’s leg started purring, intending to attract the attention of the youth.

“Don’t you need to go to the military office today?”


Extremely sensitive to the Heidis’s purrs, Gu Yan reached towards the direction of the sound to touch out of reflex and unsurprisingly touched the tuft of soft fur.


The planet he was currently in had officially welcomed the winter season. The daily average temperature was less than three degrees causing Gu Yan who had been living in the south in his original world to feel the hardships of life …


And it is said that his current location already had the highest temperature on the planet during the winter. For the Heidis race, this temperature change had no effect on them and naturally there was no such thing as heating.


Gu Yan was now almost wrapped up like a dumpling, but still felt cold.


I want to go back to Earth for the winter!


He can’t help but stroke the big and warm fur ball that was on his legs.Originally, it had just been a casual thought, however, since the temperature had plummeted in recent days, the urge to take a trip back to his world had grown much stronger.

Hearing the youth’s question, the Heidis in its feline form laying on the youth’s leg narrowed his eyes and let out an affirmative ‘meow’.


After the Battle of Pandora ended, it would be strange if Eli still did not know who the cause of the uproar happening back in the military was.

He had already issued a silent order on all those who had participated in the recent battle.

Towards the military’s search for the person, Eli did not have any reaction at all.


Even if they do find their way here, he was sure they would not dare to take his people away.


Thinking of this, the big cat lying on the youth’s lap continued to purr softly.


When the hand on his spine finally moved to caress its head, the big cat which had been laying motionlessly and quietly, looked up at the youth and gently licked his fingertips.


Feeling the temperature of his fingertips gradually rising, he stopped licking.


Even if they came, he will not give …


The pet cat form of the Heidis gently swung its tail, rubbing against the youth’s wrist and finally hooking around it.


Hooking it for a while, he probably felt dissatisfied and suddenly stood up.


Just like before, he raised his front paws to press down on his hands. This time, it was to press his(GY) two hands together before he laid his belly on them.


Although he did not understand the reason, Gu Yan still allowed the big cat to press his hands under its belly.


After a moment, Gu Yan saw this big cat tilt its head upwards and started purring softly, as if expecting a reward …


Does that mean that the Heidis was trying to warm him up?

“Qiuqiu is a good boy.”


As though an arrow had struck his heart, Gu Yan unconsciously softened his voice.

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