TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 23.2

Translator: Vivi from Dummytranslation

Editor: Lola

Chapter 23.2: Teasing the cat

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Adorable gif by Aeli in honor of my love for cats and sharks ❤


A Heidis-shaped handwarmer ah


Moving a bit, Gu Yan did not pull his hands away but instead, started rubbing the soft belly.


He did not know when it started but now, whenever he said the word “Qiuqiu”, he was actually calling the Heidis in front of him.


Hearing the youth’s words, the Heidis disguised as a domestic cat narrowed its eyes and started making a purring sound.


The Heidis liked hearing the youth say these words the most, especially when he used a gentle tone to coax him. If it were before, this Heidis would have already been satisfied. However, it now wanted a more substantial reward.


Hence, Gu Yan saw the big cat in his lap raised its head to look straight at him, while its tail … swung back and forth.


“Qiuqiu is a good boy.”


Saying this, Gu Yan lowered his head towards the cat and gently pecked the corner of his mouth, the entire process was very natural.


Having received a reward completely out of his expectations made the Heidis a little stunned. At this moment, it was as if it had completely lowered its guard, seeming a little vulnerable.


Of course, it was merely a look.


On this side, the atmosphere between the two people was very comfortable. In contrast, the atmosphere in the military was extremely tense.


“This target’s location is pointing towards Commander Eli’s mansion.” After repeatedly confirming that the results were correct, the most serious person in the conference room announced this conclusion. In a moment, the whole room turned silent.


So in the end, the reality was that the person they were looking for was actually hidden by their future emperor–?! But even knowing this, how could they go and rob their own future monarch?


When the other person ascended the throne, how will they continue to live?


One should know that the Imperial Emperor was powerful enough to be able to directly appoint and dismiss any regiment commander to his whims.


Even if they can’t have him, they can at least take a look, right?


With that in mind, they asked Evan, this aide to convey the message the very next day.


Evan originally thought that his boss would never agree. However, after he conveyed the message, he unexpectedly heard his commander neither consent nor refuse.


“We’ll see when we get back.”  


The cold voice was very familiar, but for a moment, from the cold and handsome face of the Heidis, he saw a trace of tenderness flash by. Evan almost thought he had gone blind.


Remembering that his commander had just applied for New Year’s annual leave, Evan asked, “Do you need an entourage on your trip to the blue planet?”


These perfunctory questions still needed to be asked even though Evan did not believe that there would be anything on that planet, which was still a level four civilization, capable of harming him.


“No need.” The silver-haired officer answered in a low voice. Then, seeming to think of something, he narrowed his eyes.


Yesterday, he had received an unexpected reward and thus, Eli wanted to do something that would make the youth happy again …


Moreover, he wanted to see what kind of planet Gu Yan had lived in before.


“This subordinate will prepare for your trip,” he said.


Finishing this sentence, he waited for the silver-haired Officer’s nod of approval before quickly leaving the mansion.


In fact, he had not yet spoken of this matter with the youth. The silver-haired Heidis frowned, thinking of how to let the youth to accept his other requests.


Today’s weather was colder than yesterday’s. Wrapping himself into a dumpling under the thick quilt, Gu Yan had no desire to get out of bed to do anything.


After a while, he heard footsteps approaching. Although the person had attempted to deliberately lighten his footsteps, Gu Yan could still hear the military boots treading on the floor.


The footsteps stopped beside his bed.




The youth with his head under the quilt even scrimped on the questioning tone and directly called his name.


The voice from under the quilt was muffled, sounding different from usual.


Knowing that the current temperature was too cold for the youth, Eli certainly did not have the intention of lifting the quilt and dragging him out.


In fact, ever since the temperature had plummeted, he had taken on his original form every day, burrowing himself under the blanket. He would then drill into the bosom of the youth to allow him to hold himself for warmth.


This time, the one that came under the blanket was not a cat. Gu Yan found himself being hugged from behind.


“After coming back from this trip to the blue planet with Ah Yan…” While saying this, Eli used a low and gentle voice, “Let’s not leave anymore, OK?”


This meant that the Heidis had agreed to go back to Earth this winter.


Hearing this sentence, Gu Yan nodded without any hesitation. Although the other person said “Let’s not leave any more”, he will still aim to leave at least once a year.


The answer probably made the Heidis very happy, Gu Yan felt that the hold on him tightened as the Heidis leaned his head closer to his neck and rubbed gently.


As an aide, Evan had always been very efficient. He was quick to prepare the ship for the trip as described. Thinking that once they arrived on Earth, they might face money problems, Gu Yan touched his long useless space bag, which the original body had been wearing before.


There was a sizable amount of cash in it and a couple of things that looked like credit cards.


According to his own system, the moment he was thrown into this novel world, ‘the rules’ had already made ample changes.


For example, the most obvious one was that the physical appearance of this body was exactly the same as his original self.


The credit card’s password was also most likely the one that he usually used before.


As the ship continued sailing, Gu Yan maintained his calm attitude as he stroked the cat. This ship had an autopilot function and the GPS location of their destination had already been imported in. Their ship was currently unmanned.


But when they finally crossed the Stargate and saw the familiar blue planet, Gu Yan’s heartbeat unconsciously quickened.


Landing on this planet, Gu Yan was holding onto what could be called the original destroyer of this world as he strolled down the street. Then, thinking of his original cannon fodder role according to the plot…


Gu Yan now had a particularly mysterious feeling.


If the plot did not progress according to the storyline, it was hard to say whether or not this planet might become a high-level civilization in the future too.


Without thinking, they had already landed within the perimeter of his country. Feeling the drastically warmer temperature, Gu Yan let out a breath of relief.


At this time, the streets were filled with people, extremely lively and even a little crowded. The Heidis in its domestic cat form in Gu Yan’s arms had been quiet and did not move. Occasionally, its light color vertical pupils would sweep a glance at the crowd before quickly withdrawing his line of sight.


Clearly, all these people smelled like food, yet they seem to hold no enticement to the Heidis.

At this time, the big cat tilted its head to look into the eyes of the youth holding it in his slender and good-looking fingers. The more he stared, the more his eyes narrowed up…


After a moment, the big cat began to lick his fingertips from the nearest index finger until the youth removed his finger. Only then, it began purring…


It was completely different. Only the scent of this youth would let it feel such an uncontrollable attraction to completely possess him, and …


Voluntarily be tamed.


In consideration that the human form of the Heidis in his arms was extremely eye-catching in all aspects, whether it was its appearance or the color of its hair and eyes. Not to mention that pair of vertical pupils…


Unwilling to make any change such as dyeing the silver hair in order to let the Heidis blend in, Gu Yan let him take on his ordinary domestic cat appearance. Moreover, he was also eager to hold the cat.


In this future world, the difference between the Earth and his original world was not too great, at least in this country, Gu Yan could see that the surrounding buildings were the same similar Chinese style buildings, giving him a sense of familiarity.


Some places of interest were also well preserved. It was true that the technology in this era had progressed a lot.


After browsing through the latest news of this planet on the internet briefly, Gu Yan put back the notebook he had just taken out from his space.


On Earth, the gadget had automatically received and connected to common network signals.


“Shall we go to that shop?”


Holding the Heidis around the shopping mall for a while, Gu Yan caught a glimpse of a shop name from the corner of his eyes. Suddenly, his legs did not want to move anymore.




Letting out a rare sound of confusion, the Heidis disguised as a domestic cat, followed the youth’s line of sight–


It was a different language. The Heidis was unable to identify the words, but could only see a shape behind those unfamiliar fonts, and it actually looked …


Similar to his current form.


However, after asking this question, the big cat in his arms soon gave a low meow in agreement.


Since it was what the youth wanted, he will naturally not refuse.


So today, a cat café in Z city’s busiest commercial street welcomed a guest with a cat.

— — —

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