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Chapter 24: Mine

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Being intently scrutinized at by a pair of slightly narrowed eyes, with a kind of gaze that seemed to see through everything, Gu Yan finally had an inkling of what he had just promised.

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“If I catch it, it’s mine?”


He seemed to have nodded just now.


The cat stick that he had been holding earlier in his right hand had landed on the ground. Gu Yan suddenly found his Adam apple was being licked and sucked, making his breath erratic.


This time, the Heidis was unsatisfied with merely pressing the youth under him. The button on Gu Yan’s collar was not buttoned up properly, it seems like he did not even need to do anything to undress him.




The young man desperately suppressed his heavy breathing as he felt a hand went under his clothes…


“Qiuqiu, ah …” The moment he opened his mouth, he was unable to hold back the breathless gasp that escaped. Although Gu Yan struggled to keep his eyes opened, it was filled with confusion.


He wasn’t able to say the words ‘ be good ‘ when he quickly clamped his mouth shut after hearing his own voice.


“I caught Ah Yan.”


Seeing the youth’s lips tightly pursed, the cold and beautiful silver-haired officer then continuously rained kisses on the young man’s lips, using his tongue to hesitantly lick his thin lips.


Seeing that he was not rejected, he then pried open the young man’s originally clenched teeth, invading deeper into his mouth.


The tip of the tongue swept over the young man’s sensitive palate and his tongue curled around the youth’s obediently quiet…or it should be called confused and unsure of what to do tongue.


Deeply kissing the youth until he was almost breathless and became frantic, his(GY) eyes were dazed before he was released.


“So Ah Yan is mine now.”


The cold voice, because of **, deepened until it became hoarse. The owner of the voice had now narrowed his eyes, just like when he was in his domestic cat form, revealing an expression of great satisfaction.


(T/n: ** It was like this in the raws, gonna leave it up to your imagination)


The foreplay was long, until the moment he was entered, the youth under him opened his eyes widely.


Every single bit of moral integrity, even the smallest residue, was all lost …


Finally able to completely mark this person, the adult Heidis pupil narrowed as he moved his lower waist. Following this, he heard the breathless pants that were being forcefully suppressed, causing his gaze to darken.


As far as Gu Yan’s physique was concerned, his original weak and slag-like body had no way of comparing to the Heidis race.


Despite the fact that this situation had completely thrown away any face[1] he had, but the reality was that as a weak and useless human, after crying and begging under the Heidis’s body for a whole night …


Had been done until he fainted.


[1]T/n: You may or may not know this but it’s just a saying that his image/reputation had been utterly crushed and he no can no longer show his face.


The next day when he woke up, Gu Yan saw the culprit in his domestic cat form lying quietly on the pillow next to him. His vertical pupils were narrowed and staring at him intently while his tail was gently swaying, looking extremely satisfied.


The next second, the big cat rubbed his head into his bosom, then gently licked the youth’s lower jaws all the way up to his lips as he let out a low purr.

If you’re not reading this at dummytranslations then it has been stolen. Support the translator by reading at their original site:)

The Heidis race did not need sleep. In reality, after the youth had fainted from excessive sobbing, the Heidis currently looking extremely obedient as of now had pressed the youth under him and continued several more rounds.


However, this was already after putting his emotions and lust under extreme restraints. Eli would never have stopped if it had not been for the sake of the physical differences between his own race and Gu Yan.


He would have at least gone on for three days and three nights.


Gu Yan: “…”


Gu Yan now had a feeling that the other side had grasped his weakness, a feeling of having been caught.


Say, it doesn’t make sense right …?




The Heidis in its domestic cat form laid down on his chest, its tail lightly sweeping over the youth, purring softly to attract his attention.


He rubbed and licked incessantly, lying on his body and refusing to leave.


Being clung onto by such a sticky cat, Gu Yan’s body reacted very honestly. Before he knew it, his hands were already touching its head.


Now it was too late to take back his hands. Gu Yan had to force himself to remain expressionless.


“Next time, you need to hold back.”


To be done until he fainted–


Wait a minute …


Hearing the words ‘ next time ‘, the Heidis lying on the youth narrowed his vertical pupils, staring at his face. The purring in his throat suddenly died down.


When he finally realized what he had just said and seeing the big cat on his body narrow his eyes, Gu Yan inexplicable felt a sense of danger. He quickly added in: “Not now!”


“Meow.” The Heidis mewed softly and although somewhat disappointed, this Heidis was still very pleased.


Because after that thorough marking, the youth now completely had his scent …


From the inside to the outside.


Pushing the big cat lying on his body to one side, Gu Yan sat up.


The bed under his body was not only messy, some places were even stained with some suspicious looking traces …


Gu Yan silently removed the gaze. He was clean and tidy, his clothes had all been changed to a new set. There was no need to guess who was it that helped him.


In retrospect, from the very beginning, Gu Yan had the consciousness as a food reserve for this Heidis. However, at that time he never imagined that he would be completely eaten in this manner!


In fact, strictly speaking, he had allowed yesterday’s round of  ** to happen willingly. It was just that it happened too suddenly, causing him to be unsure of how to react.


As for the later part where he fainted …


Gu Yan’s eyes started twitching violently. Suddenly a little glad that his system was still dormant and thus, did not know about his loss of moral integrity and the disgraceful things that he had done.


[The system has already recovered its energy and has exited the hibernation state.]


The familiar mechanical voice, devoid of any emotional fluctuations rang through Gu Yan’s brain.


Gu Yan: “…”


He was finished. In his system’s eyes, his image as a serious author was gone.


The host did not hide his inner thoughts and as a system, 037 easily heard the message. For a moment, the system sunk into silence, not knowing what to say. 037 actually wanted to explain that it actually never …But thinking hard about it, it felt that it was better if he just did not say anything.


Sitting on the bedside, Gu Yan leaned over to pick up the cat stick that had fallen to the ground. His eyes flickered as he put the stick back on the bedside table.


In the future, where would he have the guts to tease the cat again?


Just now while sitting up, Gu Yan had pushed the cat that was on his chest aside. When he sat properly, the big cat had quickly returned to his lap, purring non-stop.


Was he that happy?


Gu Yan could not resist the urge and reached a hand out to scratch the Heidis’s jaws. In response, he felt the wet tongue licking his fingers move over to his palm.


After licking, the cat-like Heidis stood up as he went to the bedside table and picked up the cat stick. Walking back, he put the stick back into the youth’s hands.


Afterward, he returned to youth’s legs to lie down again, swinging his tail and staring at the youth with an expression of anticipation.


If this can make the youth happy, he would definitely cooperate and play with him.


Glancing at the cat stick placed in his lap and then at the big cat on his legs whose body language seemed to be saying ‘ come play with me ‘ …


Gu Yan could only persevere for a moment before he gave up any resistance.


If you looked at them as a pair of lovers, these two people who had come to Earth were probably on a passionate honeymoon.


And at this time, on a distant planet on the other side of the Stargate.


“Earth huh…?” His both hands were folded under his chin as the handsome young man whispered. On his face was a faint and mysterious grin.


End of chapter 24

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