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Chapter 25: Ring finger

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On the silent and expansive Starfield, a ship bearing the Sarian logo was sailing around the blue planet outside the Stargate. The Heidis Empire’s currently most wanted criminal, the ex-third prince, Ivy Osrian was on this ship.


He was playing with a small tube of dark red liquid in his hands. It was said that the Sarians had recently studied and developed it specifically for the use of the Heidis race. According to the Sarian who brought it with him, this thing was extremely lethal to the Heidis race.


If you let the liquid inside come into contact with the air, all the Heidis within the range of a dozen meters would die from the toxin. The Sarians were unwilling to give Ivy too much support because of the failure of his last mission.


The stars outside the Stargate were all unknown and they could not fully trust the intelligence given by a Heidis. If there was an ambush, they would risk suffering a large impairment in their forces.


This was not an accident to Ivy, Sarians were originally known as a greedy but timid race. It was only due to their ability to produce biological chemical weapons that they were able to be considered as a level six civilization.


But with the evolutionary power of the Heidis race, this kind of thing can only be used a few times before it started to lose its potency…


But once was enough. The young politician, the Empire’s most wanted man, furrowed his brow. He was going to give his brother a present.


While the ship sailed to Earth, the two people on Earth continued with their daily lives. Brushing the Heidis in his lap with one hand, Gu Yan used his chopsticks to pick up a piece of meat to feed him.


Although the appearance was that of a cat, the Heidis was still originally of a higher race and towards human food, naturally would not have the same liking.


The Heidis lying on his lap was very docile and obedient while he allowed the youth to feed him. After eating each piece, he would purr in satisfaction.


Feeding play. Clearly, in this room, the Heidis can turn back into his human form. However, ever since this Heidis had been fed by the youth once, he was no longer willing to eat by himself…


Instead, he would use his domesticated cat appearance to lie on the youth’s legs, gently swinging his tail while waiting for the youth to feed him.


But the person who was feeding was also enjoying this very much.


After a round of feeding, the Heidis found the youth’s hand reached out towards his mouth.


His fingers were very slender and beautiful, the pale skin looks …


He slightly narrowed his eyes, wondering how to describe it. The Heidis had already given in to his **, sticking closer to the youth and licking his fingers.


Just like that time when they were in bed, if the youth did not resist, he will want to completely lick him over, starting from his fingers.


However, after licking the long and pretty fingers for a while, the fingers did not stop at its mouth …


Feeling the youth’s fingers touching his fangs, the Heidis froze.


Heidis’ fangs were usually used to bite and tear apart their preys. Even the most advanced protective clothing of their enemies could not completely withstand its power and the degree of sharpness does not need mentioning.


So even in the face of a Heidis that had been badly wounded and returned to its original form, their enemies would never take them lightly until they are sure that they are completely wiped out. The reason for the ‘freezing’ was because this Heidis knew that the youth that was suddenly interested in his fangs had little to no protection on his outer body.


Just like this, even though the touch on its fangs was very soft, this layer of skin can still be easily scratched.


Daring to touch the teeth of a Heidis in its original form, there was really no one else. However, the Heidis whose teeth was being touched was looking extremely willing.


Gu Yan was, in fact, a little curious about the difference between the structures of the teeth of ordinary cats and this Heidis. When he had first set the role, he had of course not been meticulous to this extent. Now that the Lord was lying on his lap, he could not help but want to test.


It seems to be just a little bit sharper?


Although he was the one who had set the details of the Heidis race, but completely oblivious to the terror and strength, Gu Yan’s simple line of thought was like this. He only touched a little while before withdrawing his hand.


“Meow.” The Heidis continued to gently sway its tail, lying on the youth’s chest as if asking, where else do you want to touch?


If you were talking about where felt the best to touch, it would of course be the soft belly. Gu Yan put his hands onto the tummy of the Heidis lying on his leg, giving a soft belly rub.


The Heidis completely did not mind the fact that his weakest spot was being touched by the youth. Recalling what he saw in that room that day…


“Ah?” Gu Yan was a little stunned. The Heidis who had been lazing in his lap suddenly rolled over, exposing his soft belly.


Although it was very similar to the form of the cat, this was not a real cat. Rolling over and laying on its back, exposing its belly, this kind of trick–


This Heidis couldn’t have learned it that day in the cat cafe, could it?


Gu Yan had an inexplicable feeling that he might really have found the answer. With a complicated feeling, he continued to rub the soft belly of the Heidis.


The Heidis race had a strong ability to learn, Gu Yan remembered this setup very clearly. However, to use it in such an area…


“Cough.” With a low cough, Gu Yan picked up the big cat into his arms. It was time for them to leave.


If they still did not leave, they would definitely miss the opening of the movie.




Being picked up by the youth so suddenly, the Heidis keenly caught a glimpse of the slight curve on the youth’s lips. After the low cough, the grin was forcefully suppressed down.


Not understanding the reason behind the youth’s action, the gentle touch on his back distracted the Heidis from further analyzing the answer. Leaning into the youth’s embrace, the Heidis very quickly started to let out a soft purr.


Having returned to Earth for some time, Gu Yan had led the life of a normal everyday person with only the addition of a cat from another star.


The cinema that he had chosen did not prohibit pets and thus, Gu Yan who was holding the domestic cat form Heidis in his arms entered without any obstructions. When he was choosing a movie, he did so without looking at the synopsis. In the end, he chose one with the most sci-fi-ish name: ‘ Star xxx ‘.


Who knows that after entering the cinema for merely 10 minutes, Gu Yan was a little stunned.


Where was the promised science fiction movie, why did it look more like a literary love film instead…?


And this male lead that had specially brought the female protagonist to this foreign planet, after being completely surrounded by enemies did not hurry to bring the heroine to escape but rather kneeled down to propose… What was this nonsense??


It seems like he was unable to fully comprehend the thoughts of his future compatriots.


Compared to the already frozen stiffed face of Gu Yan, the Heidis hanging on his shoulder was staring at the huge screen in full seriousness.


Carefully watching for a while, this Heidis lowered his head towards the youth’s left hand and slightly-narrowed his vertical pupils.


His left index finger–


On his left index finger was the ring which contained the spatial dimension that he had gifted the youth not long ago.


Within the space, there existed a “silver winged”armor. This machine was extremely famous within the Empire and was comparable to the military assault machine armor that was used by the Empire’s tenth Emperor showcased in the seven-story exhibition hall.


But that was not the point. The Heidis somehow felt that the position of this space ring on the youth’s fingers should be change…


It should be changed to the ring finger on his left hand instead.


End of Chapter 25


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